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Cardassian Male

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Lieutenant Gomo


Hazard Team Bravo Weapons
Starbase 415





Gomo is not most typical Cardassians. He didn’t join the Cardassian Military, instead, he joined Starfleet. He enjoys a good meal, basking in the hot sun on a beach, and explosives… lots and lots of explosives. What he doesn’t like is being bored to death, not getting to test out the latest weapons, and being on a cold planet. By request of his former Leader of the Delta Squad of Task Force 93’s Hazard Team, he has undergone extensive training to be elevated from a Non-Commissioned Officer to a Commissioned Officer. He served as an Ensign on board the USS Centaur. He was then promoted and transferred to the Sovereign. After Captain Henry Maxwell took command of the Sovereign, he was transferred to the Hazard Team as the Team’s Weapons, along with a promotion to Lieutenant. He now retains the same position and serves at Starbase 415.


Gomo was born on April 8th, 2373 in a colony world at the edge of Federation space near the Cardassian border. He was the only child in the family. The colony along the border was one of the few colonies that had Cardassian residents that lived in Federation Space. Although some of the Cardassians were not too sympathetic to the Federation, they still lived there. His parents served in the Cardassian Empire when they were fighting the Federation, and when the order came from Legate Damar to fight back against the ‘Dominion Oppressors’, they were there when the entire Cardassian Fleet switched sides and fought alongside the Federation, to drive the Dominion out. Unfortunately, they were also there to witness the horrors that the Dominion had done to their home world, to Cardassia.

After the war, his parents wanted to live a simple life. They no longer wanted to serve a military power that was not only crushed and weakened by who was supposed to be their ally, the Dominion, but they also no longer wanted to serve a corrupted government that allowed the Dominion to manipulate it in the first place, to make them believe that the Dominion were friends when truly, they were the enemy all along. His parents knew that the Federation did and continue to do so, everything that they could to not only convince the Cardassian Empire that the Dominion were enemies, but also aided Cardassia in repairing the damage the Dominion had caused before the war ended. But that did not convince his parents enough to believe that the Federation were allies. No. In fact, this infuriated his parents even more, and so they wanted nothing to do with the Federation.

This was one of the lessons that Gomo had to endure when he grew up. His parents burned it into his head that it was the old Cardassian Government’s fault for the destruction of Cardassia. That if the Cardassian Empire had simply listened, rather than been selfish and egotistical, they would not have suffered so greatly as it did. Of course, they knew that if the Cardassian Empire had not sided with the Dominion, the Klingon Empire would not have ceased their own war against them. But his parents believed that it was because of the Dominion that the Klingons raged war against the Cardassians, that the Dominion had been influencing chaos in the Alpha Quadrant ever since they made themselves known. But without evidence, his parents simply kept it to themselves and told Gomo everything they knew, from facts to theories.

When Gomo became of age, his parents encouraged him to join the Cardassian Military, convinced that the new government will do everything in its power to reclaim the colonies that rightfully belonged to the Cardassian Empire. But Gomo was not at all confident in what his parents were saying, he heard similar stories from Cardassians who were sympathetic to the Federation, but they believed that their lives were far better under the banner of the United Federation of Planets, and not under the banner of the Cardassian Empire. So instead of joining the Cardassian Military, he went against his parents and chose to enlist in Starfleet in their enlistment program. That was when he grew very fond and very much in love with hand weapons and explosives. When he graduated from enlistment training, he took on an extra course training for the Hazard Team Program before he was assigned to a starship as a Security Officer. He very much would have preferred Tactical Officer, but the vessel was in more need of Security than anything, and he didn’t complain about it, since he got to walk around with a weapon on his belt and got to optimize and recalibrate the other weapons from the armory every now and then.

It was when the Hunters of D’Ghor started to become a threat to Starfleet and the Federation that he was activated as a Hazard Team member and assigned to Delta Squad under the Command of Ensign Vakai, a Romulan Starfleet Officer. During the course of their missions, crossing into The Triangle, destroying a camp and an outpost to gather intelligence data for Starfleet Command, along with stealing a D12 B’Rel Class Bird of Prey and defending the Haydorian system from the D’Ghor assault, Gomo had been promoted several times, reaching the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class.

When the conflict with the D’Ghor was over and that the team was disbanded, to be sent back to their normal duties as Starfleet, Vakai pulled the team aside and spoke to them about an extensive training program that would get them commissioned. Vakai’s own words were, “I’ve grown to trust every one of you with my life. I absolutely plan to become Captain someday and have command of my very own starship. At that time, I would want all of you to be a part of my crew, but not just any crew. I want you all to be part of my Senior Staff. So I put in a request, a big request, to have the four of you go through this extensive training program, and become Commissioned Officers.” And there, Gomo, and the rest of the Non-Commissioned Officers of the Team, took the program together and graduated as Ensigns of Starfleet.

What little did Gomo, and the rest of the team knew, was that there was another Captain out there, who had been keeping an eye on their careers and had requested that they all serve on board their ship, including Ryker and Vakai themselves. So as of this moment, Ensign Gomo is serving as Tactical Officer on board the USS Centaur. Later he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned to the Sovereign. When Captain Henry Maxwell took command, he was then promoted to full Lieutenant and reassigned to Hazard Team Weapons. After the incident on the Sovereign‘s last mission during the Blood Dilithium crisis, he retains the same position but is now at Starbase 415.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2392 Tactical/Security Starfleet Academy - Enlistment
Crewman Recruit
2392 - 2394 Security Officer - Enlisted Border Patrol
Crewman Recruit
2394 - 2396 Security Officer - Enlisted Border Patrol
Crewman Apprentice
2396 - 2398 Security Officer - Enlisted Border Patrol
2398 - 2399 Security Officer - Enlisted Border Patrol
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2399 Squad Heavy Weapons Hazard Team - Delta Squad
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2399 Squad Heavy Weapons Hazard Team - Delta Squad
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2399 Squad Heavy Weapons Hazard Team - Delta Squad
Petty Officer 1st Class
2399 Starfleet Extensive Training Program Starfleet Extensive Training Program
Petty Officer 1st Class
2399 Tactical Officer USS Centaur
2399 - 2400 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Centaur
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - 2401 Chief Tactical Officer USS Sovereign
2401 Hazard Team - Weapons USS Sovereign
2401 - Present Hazard Team - Weapons Starbase 415