Part of USS Odyssey: Best Served Cold and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

The Next Move

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Haydorian System, Archanis Sector, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76333.7
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Having the chance to finally take a break from everything, Commander Max Duncan was making his way down the corridor towards his quarters to take a shower, put on a fresh clean uniform and grab something to eat. The Odyssey was finally docked in at the Haydorian repair yard and thankfully the engineers and repair teams were a lot more welcoming than Governor Thelis had been. After being informed that he had two hours before Captain Bennet wanted to speak to him and Endeavour’s captain, Max felt that taking the opportunity to return home after being on duty for almost seventeen hours was definitely needed.

“Max!” came a familiar voice from behind.

Stopping in his tracks and turning on his heel, the counsellor/acting captain turned to see Senior Chief Petty Officer Tobias Court jogging down the corridor down towards him. “What’s up Tobi?”

Court slowed down and matched his friend’s pace as they carried on walking. “I’ve just spoken with the Starfleet liaison on Haydorian, they’ve offered for our civilian population to be evacuated while repairs are undertaken. They’ll provide full accommodation for everyone.”

Surprised to hear that, Max looked at Tobias. “Seriously? Who is our liaison with the Thelis administration?”

“A lovely bubbly Bolian woman who goes by the name of Lieutenant Commander Jesp.” Tobias answered. “Apparently the Starfleet base down there has the room for everyone. They’ve also offered to take on any of our injured as well.”

“Have you spoken to Slyvexs yet about it?” Max asked as they turned down a junction.

Shaking his head, Tobias answered. “No, not yet. I wanted to get your permission.”

“Well Tremt believes we will be at the yard for at least three days, if not four while repairs take place.” Max remarked as he considered the idea of moving the entire civilian population off the ship for a while. It would be such a bad thing for them all, especially the children, to have a break from the disaster that remained on the ship. “Make it happen Tobi and speak with Slyvexs. Where we can safely transport those in recovery or who are injured down to the planet then let’s do it.”

“Will do.” Tobias responded and gave Max a PADD, “I just need your authority to go ahead with it.”

Scribbling his authorisation onto the tablet that contained the orders already written, Max saw that under his name it said: ACTING CAPTAIN. Knowing that he’d be in this position for a little bit longer, he smiled at seeing it in writing.

Pleased to have her three sons around her, Commander Reyas was sat up in a private recovery room within Odyssey’s vast sickbay complex. Smiling from ear to ear, the El-Aurian science officer had undergone complete spinal reconstruction after being crushed by a fallen bulkhead on the bridge during the skirmish with the Klingons. Happy she had survived the entire ordeal, the smile she had was being surrounded by her three sons.

“And then Uncle Tobi came in with his phaser drawn and saved us all!” Henri said in an excited tone as he recalled their rescue from the Hunters of D’Ghor. “It was so cool!” He stood re-enacting it while Theo sat on a tall stall and Alfie sat at the end of her bio-bed.

Karyn felt slightly guilty for leaving the boys in such a dangerous situation but her El-Aurian wisdom reminded her that she couldn’t have done anything else about it while she was stuck under a ton of starship debris. Thankful they had survived, Karyn kept on smiling at Henri. He could be the most dramatic out of her sons sometimes. “Well it’s good to hear that we picked the right godfather for you all. Have you been doing as you’re told by Uncle Tobias?”

Theo rolled his eyes at his mother and answered for all three of them. “Yeah of course, but it has been truly boring staying in the auditorium.”

“We got to eat a cargo hold of ice cream Theo, how was that boring?” Henri questioned his brother.

Laughing slightly at Henri’s comment, Karyn stopped herself as she felt a surge of pain from the movement. “Have you guys been able to return to our quarters at all?”

“Uncle Tobi said we won’t be able to go back there for a few days.” Alfie said. “Something to do with the damaged control teams making repairs to the life support systems and environmental controls. But he said we can all sleep in his quarters. He said we can all sleep on his couches and he’d replicate some sheets and pillows for us.”

Grateful for Tobi’s generosity in caring for her sons, Karyn smiled at the news. “Well just make sure you guys don’t get in his way and keep it tidy.”

“We will.” Henri said as he sat back on the spare stall next to Theo’s. “Do you know how much longer you and dad will be in sickbay?”

“A few more days.” answered Doctor Slyvexs as she entered the room.

Turning around to see the Denobulan woman enter, the three McCallister boys all appeared a lot more stiff in the doctor’s presence.

“When will they come home though?” Alfie asked, the concern in his tone was apparent.

Slyvexs walked over and looked over Karyn’s readings. “Well thanks to her super healing powers, your mum’s El-Aurian genes are doing amazing things in her recovery. She should be able to leave sickbay in two-to-three days.”

“That’s good to hear, I’m sure Commander Duncan would appreciate sharing the burden of command with someone else.” Karyn remarked as she made herself comfortable again.

“You won’t be returning to duty for another week or two at least commander. We’re going to have to start therapy for your body to truly come to terms to the surgery we’ve undertaken.” Slyvexs stated as she looked down at her patient before looking at the three teenagers. “So that means you’ll need to help your mum around when she comes home.”

“We will.” Henri said and got the support of his two other brothers.

Grateful that her sons were going to step-up to the challenge of helping her at home, Karyn was eager to get back to duty as well but she knew she couldn’t argue with Slyvexs. “How’s James doing anyway?

“He’s recovering nicely too. I’m hoping to wake him tomorrow morning and see how things go from there.” Slvyexs answered.

“It’s about time!” Theo said. “Can we see him when he wakes up?”

Smiling at his eagerness, Slyvexs agreed to it. “Absolutely, but I must now insist that the visitor’s time is over. Your mother needs to rest and I believe your friends Edon and Leeyum are leaving too. Perhaps you five can return to the auditorium together?”

Reluctant to leave, the three McCallister boys got up and said goodbye to their mother.

Once they had left, Slyvexs looked back at Karyn. “You have three wonderful sons.”

“I do.” Reyas answered proudly. “Tell me Slyvexs, how is James doing? Truthfully?”

“I keep forgetting you El-Aurians are listeners, you can hear when something isn’t completely right.” Slyvexs remarked as she sat on the vacated stall that Henri was sitting on a moment ago. “It has been touch and go if I am completely honest. We almost lost him, but he isn’t giving up and neither should you.”

“Is he going to be okay as he comes around?” Karyn asked, concerned for her husband’s welfare.

“I’m expecting some memory loss and he may need some physical therapy to manage his injuries but nothing that’s going to stop him from being a father, a husband and sitting back in the captain’s chair.” Slyvexs said.

“Good.” Karyn said with a smile as she got herself comfortable, glad to hear that her family was safe…for now.

Hendor (Haydorian IXb)
Haydorian System 

Shaniath, daughter of Jorpemk and sister of Kargarth, shoved the shuttle’s door off from its hinges as she exited her damaged craft. Behind her, three of her fellow crewmates from the Druvanna, followed her out. She pushed her long hair back.

Looking around their surroundings, an almost M-class atmosphere on one of the small moons that belonged to the last gas giant in the Federation system. After leaving her brother’s side to begin their back-up plan, Shaniath wondered just how long they would be using this moon’s large mountains to hide in before plotting their attack against Starfleet.

“It will do.” She grunted. “The kelobonite in the terrain will assist in masking our lifesigns from the Starfleet ships while we make repairs.”

Her companions all agreed as they surveyed their whereabouts with similar grunts.

“I want that shuttle up and running by sunrise. In the meantime, I smell the scent of a beast who could be tasty.” She pulled out her almost broken and rusty bat’leth as she walked into the nearby wooded area to hunt for her and her companions’ meal for the evening.