Part of USS Odyssey: Best Served Cold and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

Pest Control

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Haydorian System, Archanis Sector, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76333.221
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Trying to lay down some phaser fire at the Klingon intruders, Tobias was certain that neither he or Lukiz would get out of this situation alive. The Hunters of D’Ghor’s conviction were strong that they were going to hold their position. Looking above the fallen bulkhead they were hiding from, Tobias raised his phaser and fired it twice down the corridor. It smacked one of the Klingons twice but their suits appeared to absorb the fire as if they were Borg drones with their own personal shields.

“This is ridiculous, we can’t get out of this.” Tobias muttered to the Trill officer.

Jen was firing his phaser while playing with his tricorder too. “Those helmut suits have an impressive absorptive rate. I think we need to change our phaser settings to maximum, we’re not going to get anywhere with the stun setting.”

“I’m happy to do that as long as I don’t get busted down in rank.” Tobias replied as he fiddled with the settings on his phaser and upped it to the maximum level. If the Klingons survived the vaporising setting, then he knew they were both as good as dead.

Nodding to Lukiz that he was done, the two of them popped their weapons out and fired at the Klingons. Both of them scored a direct hit at two of the intruders and both vapourised in an instant. The surviving members of their boarding party screamed in horror and began to run down the corridor. Before either Starfleet officer had a chance to aim their weapons again the last two Klingons fell to the ground as they were hit by a barrage of phaser bolts coming from the side junction they had just ran past. Dropping like dead weights, the Klingons were out and coming through the smoke with a smug look on his face, flanked by a whole team of security officers was Lieutenant Commander Cline Lenjir. The Tiburon security chief lowered his phaser rifle and indicated for the others to do the same.

“You took your time.” Lukiz remarked from the crouched position he and Tobias were in.

“You’re welcome.” Cline said with a smirk. “I thought you said there was a whole boarding party? Where are the others?”

“Blown to bits.” Tobias answered. “Their suits were able to absorb the stun settings from our handheld phasers, so I would suggest we either get these goons unarmed and into the brig before they come back around.”

Cline ordered his team to do that as he joined Tobias and Lukiz to rescue the trapped teenagers in the classroom.

After redirecting the emergency force fields and repairing the environmental controls and life support for the section, the three men were able to reach the door to classroom twenty one. Crouching down onto the deck floor again, Lukiz tore off the nearby wall bracket to reveal the emergency manual release circuitry.

The computer then beeped at him before speaking up. “Manual release is on-line.”

Pulling the handle out of its locked position the gentle hiss from the door behind the Trill operations officer indicated that the locks were disengaged. Straight away Tobias pulled out the magnetic lever and stuck it on the door. Using it to push one side of the parted door away, Lukiz and Cline pushed on the other side. Gaining entrance to the dark room, the three men shone their wrist torches into the room. Straight away they were surrounded by the teenagers and before Tobias could do anything else, he was hugged tightly by his godsons.

“Uncle Tobi, I’m so pleased you’re here. Where’s dad?” Alfie asked after letting go of his godfather.

Pulling the three McCallister boys to one side while the other two dealt with the other teenagers, Tobias explained what had happened to their parents. “Listen your dad is going to be fine, so is your mum. You guys know that Doctor Slyvexs is one of the best doctors, she will make sure they are comfortable and looked after.”

“I want to see mum and dad now.” Henri said, doing his best to hold back tears of worry and concern for his parents.

“Me too.” Theodore said in agreement.

“Listen guys, we’ve got a lot of injured souls right now. I’m not sure sickbay is the best place for you.” Tobias said assuring them. “We need to get you out of here first and then when it is safe and okay for you to see them, then we will go and see them.”

“You can’t stop us from seeing our parents!” Henri said stubbornly as he turned around to head to the door, but Tobias pulled him back with one swift room.

“Henri, I get it that you’re worried and scared but I need you to do as you’re told and trust me.” Tobias said in a firm and parental manner. “You need to give the medical staff their chance to help your parents as well as others.”

“Uncle Tobi is right guys.” Alfie admitted.

Frustrated at his brother and godfather, Henri sighed out. “Fine.”

“Right come on, we’re taking you all to the auditorium for now.” Court said as he encouraged them to leave the classroom.

On the bridge of the Odyssey, Counsellor Max Duncan was aiding those that were left in trying to restore control of the ship. T’Rani had insisted on staying on the bridge, even though her husband was in sickbay. She had said it would be illogical for her to leave her post and pester the medical team. If she was needed then she would go when she was called. Deciding not to argue with Vulcan logic for now, Max had taken over at the operations console after Lukiz and Tobias had left to save the captain’s sons along with their classmates.

Trying to bring the internal sensors back online, the counsellor was relying on his engineering extension course from Starfleet Academy and the odd things he had learnt from Tremt over the year to be helpful. Tapping one more sequence into the console, he got a positive beep from the computer saying that the internal sensors were back online.

“Finally!” He said as he got up and made his way over to the tactical station.

“I assume you have got internal sensors back online?” T’Rani asked him.

“You assume correctly T’Rani.” Duncan remarked as he approached his destination and activated the intruder alert system. He wanted to see if there was anyone else on board that shouldn’t be…the computer beeped back in response and announced that his worst fears were proven. He was no longer reading the intruders near classroom twenty one, but at least eighty-six Klingon life signs all dotted around the ship.

“Bloody hell,” He cursed as he opened a shipwide communication channel. “All hands intruder alert, we have Hunters of D’Ghor on board in multiple sections. Implement defence procedure omega.” The intruder alarm then sounded across the ship as Duncan started to activate internal defences, those that he could power up. “T’Rani, start handing out phaser rifles to everyone here.”

The Vulcan pilot nodded in acknowledgement as she went over to the weapon lockers and tapped a button that allowed them to be revealed by a simple twist around from where they were in the walls. Straight away she started to hand out the rifles.

“Court to the bridge.” spoke Tobias over the bridge’s intercom speaker.

Tapping his combadge to answer, Duncan answered the call. “Go ahead Tobi, please tell me you have those kids.”

“We do Max and we’re heading to the auditorium now, but you need to be aware those Klingons we repelled took a lot to take down. They’re wearing some sort of body protection suit that can absorb our standard stun settings. It took Cline’s entire team to hit them multiple times from their phaser rifles for them to go down. Lukiz and I had to result in setting our handheld phasers to the top setting to take them out.”

Hearing that, Duncan was taking back a bit. “Understood. I’ll inform the crew. Is Cline with you Tobias?”

“I’m here sir.” replied the Tiburon man. “Do you want me to take teams to repel our uninvited guests?”

Duncan nodded, even though Lenjir couldn’t see him. “You read my mind, Cline. And use whatever force is necessary, you have my authorisation to do whatever it takes to remove the threat. Is that understood?”

“Perfectly sir. Lenjir out.” 

As T’Rani came over and handed a rifle to the counsellor, he took it from her hands and brought it to its highest power level before placing the lock on it. “You heard the chief, set your weapons to high.” He ordered everyone on the bridge.

“We should secure the bridge from anyone trying to beam in. I could create a scattering field using a few tricorders.” T’Rani offered.

“Do it. We don’t know what these hunters have with them.” Duncan said as he looked down the security console to see that the Hunters were slowly making their way through the Odyssey. Thankfully they weren’t near to anyone else for the moment.

  • Max Duncan-Court

    Executive Officer

  • Tobias Duncan-Court

    Chief Administrative Officer
    Senior Officer of the Watch

  • Lukiz Jen

    Chief Operations Officer

  • T'Rani

    USS Themis
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Second Officer
    Former Chief Flight Control Officer

  • Cline Lenjir

    USS Themis
    Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    Third Officer
    Former Chief Security & Tactical Officer