Part of USS Neptune: Secretum Fuit Proditor and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

An Unlikely Ally

Praxis III System
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Savik continued to fire on the advancing Klingon commander, but her skilled opponent seemed to effortlessly dodge the phaser fire as he charged towards her position behind the broken down bar. He was shorter than most Klingon’s she had encountered, but perhaps that’s what enabled him to possess amazingly quick reflexes for a Klingon. Savik spun to her left as his heavy Bat’leth crashed down to sink deep into the rotted wood of the bar where her head had just been.

“You missed,” she dryly taunted him.

Krassix snarled as he pulled the Bat’leth out of the bar to prepare to strike his enemy yet again, but as he was about to attack he saw something that he did not expect to occur. He stopped for a moment taken aback by the quick transition of his enemy. He narrowed his eyes and prepared for a vicious attack.

Leaping over the bar and switching her phaser to her left hand she unseathed her katana and prepared to battle her enemy. A flurry of blows from the heavy bat’leth rained down on Savik. Savik used a changing height approach to offset her enemy’s superior strength. One minute she was spinning across the floor on her knees striking at her opponent’s legs, while the next she used fallen tables and chairs to leap from, raining down blows on the Klingon’s head as she flew by him. She wisely attempted to dodge most of strikes from the heavy bat’leth and return fire with her phaser, using her katana to deflect a few blows but not willing to take a direct hit to the weapon, knowing that the smaller blade could easily break with one hard strike from the larger bat’leth. The vicious bat’leth seemed to have a mind of its own, thirsty for the blood of its opponent, roaring down upon her without mercy.

“You are weak! This fight is mine are you ready to lose” Krassix rasped in a cocky tone.

“I fight to win,” she informed him on no uncertain terms.

The Klingon was quick with his blade, knocking her phaser to the side any time she attempted to fire at him, blocking any strike with her katana. Savik deflected a blow with her katana and saw an opening, so resting her left hand with her phaser on the ground for balance, she slid in on one knee to deliver a powerful kick to the side of her opponent’s knee. The Klingon faltered and she took full advantage of the opening to spin around on her knee while using her phaser to distract him with a shot directed at his head. With quick reflexes he struck the phaser to keep the shot from meeting flesh, and with the force of the blow he stripped the phaser from her, the weapon clattering to the floor with a deafening thud. But his victory was short lived as the distraction she had planned fulfilled its purpose.

Savik continued on past her opponent, striking low with her katana as she whirled beneath his feet. The enemy commander stumbled forward to catch himself on one of the few still standing chairs, blood streaming from a deep cut in his right calf. When he straightened and turned back to face his assailant, she was already flying through the air towards him. He was quick enough to sidestep, but as soon as her feet hit the ground she had reversed directions to spin and roll back towards him, retrieving her phaser from where it had fallen as she advanced back towards her opponent. Suddenly a voice crackled over Savik’s comm.

“The two enemy combatants are down!” the master chief’s tone was one of jubilation. “The doc can shoot,” he added with a mixture of surprise and admiration. John was one to give credit where credit was due, and the doctor had been of great assistance in drawing out the Klingons and taking them down with some long range shots.

The Klingon leader snarled at this news, and Savik took a moment to respond.

“Just one left to go then.”

The opposing Klingon was less certain with his attacks now, taking a more defensive stance. It was when he stumbled back on his wounded leg that Savik saw her opportunity. The roof above where the Klingon stood sagged low, barely hanging from a few rotting rafters. Savik’s phaser rained down a barrage of plasma beams on the disintegrating trusses. The wounded Klingon looked up just in time to see the center of the joist snap and the roof began to cave in on him. By that time, Savik was headed for the door. The collapsing roof pulled the walls inward and the entire structure swallowed itself in a cloud of dust as Savik dove out the door.

Coughing up the dusty air from her lungs, Savik rose to her feet just as the Master Chief settled the craft down in the street next to the Klingon vessel. Savik warily eyed the two Klingon’s whose twisted figures lay close to their ship, but the distorted manner in which they lay and the lack of movement betrayed that they were indeed deceased.

The shuttle door slid open and the doctor greeted her at the door, a TR116a still in his hands. Savik nodded to him as she stepped aboard the shuttle, and the Master Chief immediately spoke up to give the doctor kudos.

“Glad to see you’re all good, Commander.” John gave her an easy grin as he swiveled his chair away from the console to face her. “Don’t know if I could have backed you up myself if it hadn’t been for some sharp shooting from the Doc there.” John nodded in the doctor’s direction.

“Thank you for that, Doctor,” Savik said with genuine appreciation. “I would have been hard pressed to take all three of them on my own.”

The doctor, a rather massive figure of a man with rippling muscles that were not hidden well beneath his uniform, responded with a short nod. “Just doing my job,” he stated in a deep bass voice.

Savik wondered for a moment what had brought such a figure of a man who seemed to have combat experience to become a doctor, but before she could dwell on it more she was being hailed over the comms.


(On the Tesla)


Michael had begun to weigh every decision of what to do next after thanking his crew for their exceptional work; he decided he wasn’t going to let Michelle get away with her treacherous actions against the Federation. He knew he needed to call an emergency meeting, but he needed to check up on his first officer who had been gone a concerning amount of time.

“Ryder to Savik is everything ok down there?”

“The signal admittor was located and secured, Captain,” the response came back across the airways. “No survivors in distress were found, so we believe it to be a ruse by the enemy. We ran into a little trouble, an attack from three Klingons who were laying in wait, but with my team’s assistance we were able to put them down.”

“He tried to kill you? Well seems as though they had a plan all along. I am glad to hear you are ok. If you could return to the ship with all possible haste. I need you back on the Tesla.”

“Departing now, Captain.”

“Excellent! Great work XO!”

Michael couldn’t help but smile because Savik had surpassed all expectations on her away mission. He was glad to see she was getting more comfortable and that helped him believe in her abilities. He now had no doubt she would be a valuable addition to the Tesla.

Michael snapped back to reality and began to weigh the option of attacking the Klingon ship hiding in the darkness like a thief in the night.

There was a slight upturn at the corners of Savik’s lips as Captain Ryder’s compliment came in over the comms, but with a quick intake of breath she turned to the Master Chief with a short nod.

“Let’s head back to the Tesla Chief,” she ordered as she took the seat next to him in front of the controls.

The First Officer kept her composure well, but John’s observant gaze did not fail to pick up the slightly higher tilt to her chin as she wore their CO’s compliment with a new found pride and confidence. And well she should, the Chief thought. She had handled herself well in combat and had proven herself to be a worthy Commander of the crew. As the shuttlecraft took off with a whir, John grinned at the light feeling in his chest. He was looking forward to everything his new posting aboard the Tesla had to offer.


(Meanwhile on the D’Kara)


Vilk’on was on the bridge looking at the image of the Tesla unmoving, not scared of what may be hiding holding a blockade that it was way too small to handle. Vilk’on smirked as he thought of the idea of just giving the order and wiping the miserable ship out of existence, but he had been told differently by Michelle. He was not to fight the Tesla unless necessary.

She thinks she can tell me what to do? Ha if only she knew we’re using her for a means to an end.

Vilk’on was interrupted by a message request he growled as the officer appeared on the screen.  It was Commander Vorchata, head of attack wing yakh. The man’s face showed anger, but not enough to try and speak before he was spoken too.

“Vorchata why are you breaking silence do you realize those Federation P’takhs could intercept the message.”

“I do not care Vilk’on I am tired of hiding when we can destroy this ship and move in for the kill.” Vorchata hissed as he took a handful of Gagh and shoved it in his mouth.

Vilk’on looked at the Commander and pulled out his D’k tahg. He pointed it at Vorchata. “If you want to try and undermine my authority go ahead but remember I have the authority of the fleet.”

Vorchata laughed “I am not scared of your idle threats Vilk’on. I will do as I please.”

Vilk’on smiled and snapped his fingers, as he did the crew behind Vorchata drew their weapons and pointed them towards him. “Think again Ekur the honor is yours.”


(On Vorchata’s Flagship)


Ekur had been under appreciated by Vorchata since she had joined the ship. Ekur had been placed on the ship under Vilk’on’s command, as he knew that Vorchata would try to overturn his authority. Ekur pulled her Bat’leth up to guard as Vorchata lunged at her. She grinned she loved fighting especially for honor.

Ekur slashed the Bat’leth across Vorchatas shoulder. He hissed and lunged again as Ekur dodged the lunge and Vorchata was pushed to the ground by Ekurs Bat’leth. She ran the Bat’leth into his back and it was over. Ekur was now the Captain of the A’kurta. She sit in her seat as the crew began chanting. She looked up at Vilk’on who had been watching the event.

“General what do you command?”

Vilk’on smiled “We wait to strike. Make sure and let the fleet know that.”

Ekur nodded and disconnected the comms.


(On the D’Kara)


(Michelle’s Quarters)


Michelle felt something was off but it was hard for her to try and discover what while being watched on every turn. She had finally been given some freedom as the crew began to trust her. She was in her quarters trying to access the files of the ship. She was starving but she wouldn’t dare eat the food that Klingons ate. The smell of the ship alone made her stomach roll.

She was cracking the codes slowly when she came across a message from someone on Qo’noS. She accessed the message.

“General Vilk’on you have served the D’Ghor proud, but we have one of your most dangerous assignments ahead. We need you to go along with the plans of Michelle Oliver, a Commander in Starfleet who has decided to betray them. Make her happy, but when the time comes eliminate her as we cannot trust her.”

Michelle stopped and blinked. She didn’t want to believe it but secretly she knew that was what they wanted to do. She couldn’t go back to Starfleet and she couldn’t ask Michael for help. She had to escape and make a new life. She would have her revenge, but not now.

Should I tell Mike what they have waiting?

She shook the thought out of her head for now she had to keep appearances up and that meant to act like she knew nothing was going on, but she would wait to be called on. Angering Vilk’on was not a great idea she had heard he enjoyed hurting those who displeased him. As she was not a Klingon she had to walk a very thin line regardless and that made her watch herself at every turn.


(The bridge)


Vilk’on hadn’t heard from Krassik or the away team. He was sure they would have been back by now, but he never could understand Krassik’s way of doing things. His thought was broken by the Klingon Shuttle returning to the ship.

He could hear that only the pilot survived as the Federation eliminated the Klingons. He wasn’t surprised the D’Ghor had really added to the frustration of Starfleet’s current situation and the fact the Starfleet requested the fourth fleet to come in and help said a lot.

The fourth fleet had a reputation for being loyal to each other, but also to get the job done no matter what the cost. Vilk’on grimaced at the loss of Krassik, but hoped he died with honor. Vilk’on had waited long enough there was no way that the Federation ship would be able to call in allies. It was time to spring the trap which had been quietly set. Vilk’on ordered the message to be sent, as he did the ships began to uncloak one by one.

Now they will see the full might of the D’Ghor, but they will not be able to tell anyone about it. Stranded and all along this will be the end of Captain Ryder and his crew.

Vilk’on couldn’t help but smile as he thought of the reaction of the crew on the Tesla. He could only imagine the fear that had to be in that ship. He would give them a little time before making the offer to let them go. He grabbed the glass of bloodwine beside him and took a long drink. This would be a day that he could fight with honor the D’Ghor way.


(On the USS Tesla)


Michael had been weighing his options and had decided on one of two he was about to announce a senior meeting to his crew when he heard Ruvok speak up.

“Captain multiple D’Ghor ships uncloaking.”

Michael stayed calm and asked for the event to be shown on the view screen as the screen began to capture the moment Michael’s eyes got wide. He saw around 35 ships ahead of him. The D’Ghor had amassed a fleet here. The goal probably being to provide backup to the forces attacking the rest of the fleet. Michael had cut them off and now they were going to force his hand.

The situation was dire and if he didn’t change things to his favor the Tesla could be very short lived. He smirked and looked at Kra’vaak.

“It’s time to call in the secret weapon. Are things sit for the surprise Kra’vaak?”

The Klingon looked at Michael and nodded “Everything should be set, we just need to notify the contact and we need to do it on encrypted channels otherwise General Vilk’on might hear what we say.”

Michael nodded and looked at the crew on the bridge. “I think it’s time we explain what’s going to happen. As you all know we are in a predicament, but I want to say I couldn’t be happier than to be with the crew I’m with. Kra’vaak and I have been preparing for an eventuality like this when we first heard about the D’Ghor and after some tight negotiations we have a few of the Klingon houses as backup. The D’Ghor are not fans of the actual honorable Klingon houses. We will be calling in the fleet for this fight. This will not be an easy one nor will it be simple but I believe in this crew. Prepare your stations and stand up to Red Alert.”

Michael looked at Kra’vaak and nodded “It’s time let’s spring the surprise.”

Kra’vaak went to his station and prepared an encrypted channel once he had set it up he nodded at Michael standing beside him.

Michael paused for a second and spoke “This is Captain Ryder calling the Klingon Fleet it is time. I have forwarded our coordinates with this message please respond.”

After a moment of silence a voice came through the Comms “Ryder this is General Grok we have acknowledged your message and are on our way to your location. Prepare for an honorable battle.”

Michael smiled and went to his chair sitting down watching Savik enter the bridge and take her seat.

“Welcome back XO let’s catch you up to speed on what’s going on.”

“Glad to be back in one piece, CO,” Savik responded with grin. She seemed to have a new found confidence with her recent victorious encounter with the Klingons.

After a short explanation of what had happened and what was coming Michael saw a twinkle in Saviks eyes as she seemed to understand what his plan was.

Michael was about to see if she had any response when he heard Ruvok’s calm voice yet again, but with a small inflection of excitement.

“Multiple warp signatures inbound it looks like friends are here.”

Michael looked to see multiple Klingon ships warp around the view screen in front of him. He couldn’t help but smile slightly as he tried to imagine Vilk’on’s face at this surprise.


(On the D’Kara)


“General we have incoming warp signals to many to give an accurate count.” The operations officer said in surprise.

Vilk’on stood up and swung around to look at the officer “What?!”

Vilk’on looked out of the view screen to see a whole fleet of Klingon ships warping all around the Tesla.

How did they manage that it’s impossible? That fleet is formidable, but how did they ally with the Federation.

Vilk’on regrouped his thoughts and sat back down slamming his fist down on the chair. “They want a fight, we will give them one. Get Commander Oliver up here now.” He growled.

“Yes General!” The aide replied leaving the bridge.

Vilk’on looked at the force in front of him and couldn’t help, but shake his head. How Ryder amassed a fleet for this he would never understand, but as much as he hated the man already he had to admit he was impressed at the resourcefulness.

Vilk’on did not have a first officer and though most ships would have a second officer Vilk’on saw that as a weakness. He would deal with that matter when the time came, but he could hope that the Tesla’s first officer also died in battle.

His thoughts were interrupted as Michelle walked up next to him.

“You called for me General.” She replied cautiously.

Vilk’on nodded “Was you aware of Captain Ryder’s reinforcements? He said pointing to the view screen in front of him.

Michelle stopped and looked in utter disbelief. She shook her head “No General I did not in fact I do not know how he would have rallied the Klingons.” She lied only to protect herself though she was angry because Michael had complicated things more than they needed to be currently.

Vilk’on paused and shook his head. “Well, we shall prepare for battle. Make sure and keep yourself out of the way. I will call for you if needed, but for now you are confined to your quarters.” He snapped his fingers and watched her being escorted off the bridge.


(On Ekurs Flagship)


Ekur looked at the scene in front of her and was beyond speechless the fact that the Klingons had amassed wasn’t surprising, but coming to the aid of a Federation vessel confused her.

Ekur had left a noble house because of her disagreement in even trying to be friends with the Federation. They were a waste of time and most of them had little to no honor.

She had joined the D’Ghor as she had been promised a chance to make the Federation pay for the things they had done to the Klingons. Her heart burned with pure hatred for any member of the Federation, even the turncoat on Vilk’on’s ship she did not trust because the Federation always had two agendas to anything they did and she felt this traitor was no different.

Ekur had a group of ships under her and now that they had exposed themselves she did not understand why Vilk’on had not attacked, but it was not for her to question him as he had just handed her this command. Vorchata’s body gone but the blood still there as a reminder to the crew.

Ekur messaged her ships to prepare to fight, but not to engage until the General gave the signal to the fleet. Ekur opened comms with the D’Kara.

“Ekur to Vilk’on, Sir why have we not attacked these worthless curs? We could have already crushed the Tesla.”

The response back brought a chill up her spine.

“Are you questioning my authority Ekur?”

“No Sir just wondering why you didn’t take the tactical advantage.”

“Very well if you must know the Tesla not only blocked the path, but also the area could not be cleared for us to warp too. So I need to confirm the point before attacking.”

Ekur understood now it wasn’t that he didn’t want to attack, it’s that he wasn’t sure about what would happen after the fight.

“I understand General well the wing is ready to attack on your orders.” She concluded.

“Very good, be prepared for a fight soon. Vilk’on out.”


(On the Tesla)


Michael was uneasy to the fact that Vilk’on hadn’t attacked yet, but was prepared for when he did. He had ordered the crew to take stations and the bridge was bathed in red lights for red alert. He looked at Amanda

“What’s the status of our weapons?”

“Phaser banks are full and we have a full load of torpedoes set to fire at the next command.”

Michael nodded and looked at Kra’vaak “Open a channel.” If Vilk’on didn’t want to start he would push his hand. “Make sure our allies hear the channel as well.” Kra’vaak nodded and signaled the channel was open.

“General Vilk’on this is Captain Ryder as you can see you are now outnumbered. If you surrender now we will make sure that you are treated properly, but if you refuse we will open fire, as you openly attacked a Federation vessel.”

Michael heard laughter over the comms and knew that Vilk’on would never surrender. He was sure of that fact before he had even suggested it, but he was doing as he had been trained.

The harsh laughter of the enemy Klingon grated against Savik’s ears and sent a chill down her spine, but she found strength in their fearless captain’s undaunted expression as he calmly handled the situation.

Michael looked down to see a notification that Grok and the Klingons were prepared and ready to fight the D’Ghor fleet. Michael quietly acknowledged the notification. He then heard Vilk’on reply.

“Captain Ryder, your offer is ridiculous and we will not be surrendering. Prepare to fight and die. We are prepared to give no quarter.

The response was no surprise as the D’Ghor were not honorable though they thought they were. Michael immediately cut comms as he knew that the conversation was over.

He looked at the crew “Target the nearest vessel and prepare for a fight. We are about to see what the Tesla can do.”

Michael had been in many skirmishes, but this would be one for the records. He was nervous to push his crew to their limits, but it had to be done.

Savik watched in silence, prepared to jump to the ready when needed but wisely accessing that at the moment she would be most useful as an observant student, learning from their capable and experienced Captain as he handled the battle.

He was thinking about his crew when he was lurched from his seat as a torpedo hit the ship’s shields.

“Damage report?” Michael inquired.

“Shields to 70% but they’re holding currently sir.” Ruvok answered calmly as always.

Michael nodded “Concentrate fire on the D’Kara we can’t let Vilk’on get away.”

The Tesla exterior erupted with phaser fire from the banks of the ship all targeting the D’Kara.


(On the D’Kara)


(In Michelle’s Quarters)


Michelle felt the Klingon ship lurch and lost her balance hitting her head off the hull of the ship. As the blood trickled down her cheek she shook off the confusion. She had to enact her plan now before she was taken out by the Klingons.

She had been working on the plan for weeks and now it was time. She pulled out the Klingon Disruptor Rifle she had swiped from the armory awhile ago. She knew the protocols to get a shuttle and it was time to escape.

She yelled out in distress and the Klingon guarding her ran in to see what happened. She whacked the Klingon over the head with the rifle. She quickly left the room and sealed the door. She had been down every corridor of this ship and knew the route of any patrols, but with the ship on alert the way should be an easy task. As she began to traverse the corridor another lurch of the ship almost tossed her to the ground but she used the wall as support. This lurch was bigger and alarms were blaring all around the ship. It seemed as though Michael and his reinforcements were fighting back harder than expected.


(On the D’Kara’s Bridge)


Vilk’on was determined to break the battle line in front of him, but was surprised at the tenacity of the fight especially from the Tesla for such a small ship it was a tough opponent. He had already lost one wing to a foolish attack made by its commander. The whole wing was slaughtered with no survivors.

He looked at his tactical officer “Converge all of our firepower on the Tesla! It must be destroyed.”

“As you command General.” The officer replied.

Vilk’on watched as the ship was about to fire when all the sudden two ships converged in front of the Tesla like a shield.

“Ghuy! What are they doing? Fire on those ships! Destroy the Tesla at all cost.”

The fire in Vilk’on’s eyes burned with pure hatred, as his ship was fired upon. His ship was being battered and all fire concentrated on it caused the shields to fail, as they did he knew his death was at hand.


(On the Tesla)


Michael had strategically made sure that this battle was fought smart and tactically sound. He had sent all the information he had to the Klingon allies and they had used it to their advantage. The ships in the D’Ghor fleet were beginning to disappear like a raindrop once it hits the ground.

Vilk’on was a smart man and was putting up a valiant fight, but Michael knew Vilk’on had to realize he was defeated. The sheer amount of his fleet that had been crushed by the Klingon fleet was insurmountable compared to the damage inflicted to the Klingon vessels.

Michael thought about Michelle as the D’Kara began to come closer and closer to its demise. He wished he could change her mind, but he knew her and he knew that there was no way she would change her mind. He did not want to kill her, but she had chosen her fate and to Michael that was all that could be done.

Michael was brought back to reality, as Ruvok determined the D’Kara’s shields were down and that the ships protecting the Tesla were waiting for their orders.

Michael peered out of the view screen as the two Klingon vessels opened the way for him to see the D’Kara it’s hull battered and apparent damage visible. Michael looked at Kra’vaak “Send a message to the Klingons tell them it’s time to end this.”

Kra’vaak nodded and proceeded to send the message the only response he got was a coded message containing the word Qapla’

Amanda was waiting for the order to fire the torpedoes to destroy the D’Kara. She saw the Captain look back at her and give a singular nod, which was all she needed.

She pressed the button and two torpedoes made there way to the D’Kara as they impacted a brilliant flash of light appeared and then was gone.

That was the end of Vilk’on and his fleet had been destroyed due to some help from the unlikely allies the Tesla kept an entire fleet from being in reinforcements during a decisive day for Starfleet. It had been a day like no other and Michael did not know what to expect, but he was proud of his crew and the professional manner in such a difficult situation.

Michael was about to turn and address his crew when he heard “Someone is hailing us.” Michael spun around giving his usual hand signal to put it on screen.

What he saw was shocking, but not impossible. Michelle was on the screen with a smile on her face, as she was in a Klingon shuttle.

“Michael, well fought you almost killed me, but I got out just as the D’Kara was finished. Vilk’on was a fool and a means to an end. You have foiled this plan, but there will be more in fact there will always be more.”

Michael stopped and chose his words carefully before speaking “Michelle give up this madness and turn yourself in. I will do what I can to try and help you. Please don’t throw your life away.”

All he got in return was a laugh of pure defiance and a smug reply “There is nothing in this world that would make me change my mind…in fact it’s because of what I lost that made me do this. Everyone thinks the Federation is your friend until they kill your entire family in what they are calling an accident. I have no family and I have nothing in the Federation to live for. I won’t forget what you did here today ruining a plan to finally give the Federation what they deserved. Mark my words Michael you will see me again and I promise you that you won’t want too.”

The screen cut to black and Michael realized he had an enemy who used to be one of his closest friends was not his biggest enemy.

Michael pushed that out of his mind and looked back to his crew, as well as his XO who had stepped up and helped the crew in any way she could during the combat. He opened a ship wide channel and looked at the officer on the bridge. He smiled and began to speak “Brave crew of the USS Tesla you have made me proud today and you have brought honor to the Federation. I am happy to be your Captain and I thank you for your hard work in such a trying battle. The Tesla proved one thing she is up for a fight. A brand new ship and we need repairs well if this is any indication of the future then buckle up for a wild ride. Thank you for everything you did and know we were victorious this day.”

Michael saw a profound look of pride on his crew and he couldn’t ask for better. He looked at Kra’vaak “Send our Klingon allies the thank you and praise they deserve.”

Kra’vaak looked at Michael and smiled “You have made more friends today than you will ever guess. As always a great job Captain.”

Michael smiled and looked at his XO who was dirty from her engagement on the ground. He leaned over and whispered in her ear “Great job Savik you made me proud today and I am thankful to have you on my ship.”

Michael pulled away and smiled nodding to show his appreciation.

Savik tried to maintain a professional demeanor but she was beaming at the compliment. She returned the nod.

“Shall I take a round and gather a complete assessment of the damage to the ship?” she asked.

Michael nodded his head and looked at Dorner “Plot a course to Fleet headquarters. Let’s do it.”

As he did the ship was heading for repairs needed from a battle that had not been planned or even imagined. The Klingons had already warped out before he plotted course, but he was thankful for the help they gave if not for them the Tesla would not have survived.

Michael marked in his PADD a note




The Battle of Praxis III


A battle we shall never forget and a battle that shows just what you can do when you use the right methods of command.


This fight we learned that we have an enemy closer to home and because of that we must follow the motto trust no one.




The End


A joint post between:

DarthCrusader – Captain Ryder

Suz – Commander Savik