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Amanda Kennedy

Human Female

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Lieutenant Kennedy


Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Neptune


Despite her sometimes deceiving southern drawl and deep accent, Amanda, or Tex as she is called by friends, is an extremely intuitive and intelligent individual. She loves reading and when she’s not stationed at her console on the bridge, she can often be found buried in a good book. She is generally of a calm and easy going demeanor and prefers to think before she speaks. She is not one to “chew her cabbage twice” as she so eloquently puts it, and is a woman of few words. Yet when she does choose to get riled up over something, her excitement is genuinely contagious, and she can be the life of the party if she’s in the right mood.


Amanda Kennedy was born and raised on the dry plains of Texas. Her parents were in the beef industry, and although over time the cattle business had evolved to something entirely different then the cowboy days of old, Amanda had grown up reading the historic cowboy lore. She idolized such historic figures as Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone, and hoped to someday follow in their footsteps by exploring vast, new lands. Working for her parents in their thriving cattle business, she gained many useful skills. She learned to calm the stormy look of fearful eyes as she helped heifers and calves through difficult births. She developed leadership as she managed a crew, honing the skill of finding a balance between being firm yet encouraging with hired hands. She acquired knowledge of money management as she assisted her mother in balancing the business books and planning the yearly budget. She gained the nickname Andy as a shortening of Amanda, and her parent’s employees grew to respect her as a young woman who was not afraid of hard labor and could keep up with the best of them. 

    Her parents were strongly supportive of their daughter’s fervent desire to explore other worlds, although it almost broke her mother’s heart the day she saw her only child leave home and head for the StarFleet academy. Amanda dove into her studies at the Academy with the usual vigor and excitement she used to approach most tasks in life. Having learned how to manage a business at a young age, she excelled at cessing out the most tactical approach to solving a problem, and after managing herds of roving cattle, she had gleaned some knowledge in how to keep things penned up tight. A concentration in security and tactics seemed the most logical approach for her, and so she focused on that track with the same dedication she committed to anything she attempted in life. 

    Amanda graduated from the Academy with high marks, and excelled in all her classes as well as various extracurricular activities. She quickly earned the moniker of “Tex” among her peers, who didn’t take long to notice her frequent use of cowboy slang and antiquated sayings. She was posted aboard the Jupiter Station under Rodbert Sgoc, who ran his station and lived his life according to the code of his ancestors from the air force, “Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in everything you do.” While aboard the Jupiter Station, Amanda reported to the Chief of Security, Michael Ryder. 

Amanda was immediately impressed by Michael’s command and the way he treated his staff. On multiple occasions she messed up, but Michael showed her what she needed to do instead of tearing her down. She wasn’t bothered about her rank instead she wanted to learn how to better herself. Amanda learned more about security from Michael than she did when she was training in the Academy. As an Ensign she earned more respect from her superiors than officers who had been there for years. Amanda loved being who she was and her personality was infectious. Even the head of Jupiter Station once said “If you see Amanda you can’t help but to stop and smile. She is a joy to have on this station.” Amanda received multiple commendations due to her work. She was offered Lieutenant Junior Grade but politely refused it as she enjoyed what she was doing. 

Amanda was upset to see Michael leave and move onto higher things. She was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made the Assistant Chief of the Station, which was one of her proudest moments. She was happy to show what she had learned from Michael. Amanda shined for a few months in her position before she was sent a surprise like no other. She was asked to join Michael’s newest command, the USS Tesla as the Chief of Security and Tactical. Amanda had taken multiple simulations with Michael on Tactical matters. Amanda was excited for the opportunity though she did not know what to expect. 

As the first encounter of the Tesla was about to happen Amanda prepped for any situation that was going to occur. 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2397 Security Officer Jupiter Station
2397 - 2399 Assistant Chief of Security Jupiter Station
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Chief of Security and Tactical USS Tesla