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Part of USS Gilroy: Under-Space and Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

Underspace Hours 1 and 2

Alpha/Gamma Quadrant.
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Stardate 240106.14 – Time Index 1400 hours – The start of something new.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the crew of the USS Gilroy has been home from the Delta Quadrant and in that time they have had a few missions to settle themself back into the way of the Alpha Quadrant. The Gilroy is en route to Starbase 310 and resupply to drop off equipment on the planet Tagra IV and provide replacement parts to the barystatic filters. Even though Amanda Rogers, the female Q, fixed these filters in 2369. The Tagrans decided to keep their barystatic filters running, though they no longer needed them. 

“Helm Estimated time to Starbase 310,” asked Commander Danvers.

A few seconds passed and Ensign Pemberton replied, “We will arrive within the next hour, commander, at our current speed of warp 4”

“Thank you helm increase our speed by a factor of one, please,” replied the commander

And with that, you hear the ensign hitting buttons on the console to increase their speed and replies, “Speed increased. We will be there in 15 mins now at our new speed”. Said Ensign Pemberton. 

“Upon arriving, put the station on the viewscreen and reduce us to one-half impulse,” said the commander. And with that, the commander sat back in her chair and waited for the Starbase to appear on the screen.

Moments later the Starbase appeared on the viewscreen like the commander had asked as it had come into scanner range. But then, as the commander had said, the ship reduced its speed to a one-half impulse.

“Commander, the Starbase has requested us to dock at upper pylon 4 as soon as possible, as they are ready to start transporting the equipment and supplies on board,” said Lieutenant Hill. And with that, the commander turned to look at him and nodded. Sitting back in the command chair, she said,

 “Helm take us to Upper Pylon 4 then and Mr Hill inform the relevant departments that we will be docking in a minute and prepare to take on board the supplies. I want to be underway within the hour.” Replied Commander Danvers

And with that, the ensign and the lieutenant replied, “Yes, Commander,” simultaneously. “Mr Hill, you have the bridge.” With that, the Danvers got up and headed to the captain’s ready room to inform him of what was happening.

Half an hour had soon passed and both the commander and the captain were back on the bridge when they received a hail from the commander of the station 

“Captain, we have an incoming message from the station commander,” said Lieutenant Hill. And with that, the Lieutenant put the call on the screen.

“Captain, I have just been informed by Starfleet via a Priority One message that Starbases all over the quadrant are picking up Subspace apertures opening up all over the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Our sensors are picking one up to 5.6 light years away. We have dispatched ships to the locations where the detected openings are located, but we are uncertain whether it is the Borg or something else causing them. As you are the closest starship, I need you to stop collecting the supplies and head to the location now.” with that the View screen went back to an image of space not giving the captain or any of his senior crew a chance to react to the information.

“Well, you heard what the commander said. Lieutenant Hill inform all departments that we are stopping the supply transports and to secure everything for immediate departure. Ensign Pemberton. Do you have the coordinates of the subspace apertures?” asked the captain.

“Yes, captain laid in and ready to engage as soon as we clear the Starbase.” Moments later, the USS Gilroy left Starbase 310 and was en route to the set of coordinates provided by the commander of the Starbase.

“Ensign how long till we arrive at the subspace aperture?” asked the commander.

“We will arrive in 10 minutes, commander,” replied the young ensign.

Those 10 minutes felt like 20 minutes getting there, for the young Lieutenant Junior Grade Batootil as he sat there looking between his console, the viewscreen and Ensign Pemberton. They finally arrived at the coordinates, but at first glance at the sensors, there was nothing out of the ordinary. 

“Helm keep the ship 2000 meters from the coordinates just in case whatever we here for happens again,” said Commander Danvers. With that, the ensign moved the ship to 2000 meters from the coordinates. Well, at first glance, like the sensors were displaying, there was nothing out of order, just space out there, no tachyon particles or anything like that on the sensors to indicate any kind of transwarp corridor. Just as the captain was about to inform Mr Hill to contact Starbase 310, the sensors started picking up strange readings and, out of nowhere, the ship started to shake as if it was being spun out of control. But before anyone could inform the Helm to reverse engines or inform Mr Hill to send a message to the starbase to inform them they had encountered the anomaly, the Gilroy was pulled into the Under-space Corridor.


– – – – – – – – – – 


Time Index 1500 hours – What just happened? Where are we now?

What seemed like a while since this whole mess started had only been seconds since the Gilroy had stopped shaking and the ship was not where it began. Everyone on the bridge, probably on the ship, was picking themselves off the floor once the senior crew had finally grasped what had happened and returned to their feet and stations. 

Captain Telkir tapped his comb’s button on his chair, opening a channel to the entire ship “Department heads report in, senior crew to your stations” and then pushed the same button to close the channel. Moments later Lieutenant Commander Sharpe appeared on the bridge doing up her uniform and with that Lieutenant Hill took a position at the back of the bridge, staying ready to offer any advice if the captain was to ask or call all senior crew to the conference room enabling him to just resume his post at the tactical station.

“That was quick Lt Commander,” said Hill. In reply the Lt Commander said “I was already on my way here when I noticed that we had left the Starbase earlier than was meant to, so I took the hunch there was a problem and made my way here, and it’s a good thing I did.” replied the Lt commander.

Taking her station, she then turned her attention to the viewscreen and said “Captain, commander what have we got ourselves into now” 

“We have no idea. We were told to come to these coordinates and then this happened, so now you are all caught up,” explained Danvers.

“Viewscreen on” asked Telkir.

And with that, the Lt commander put the viewscreen on. Everyone was amazed by what they saw. It was like a transwarp conduit that the Borg used but it was of different colours it was more brown and beige design to the multi-blue and white design from the Borg conduits and a lot smaller and looked more violent than the calm ones of the Borg. looking around on the viewscreen there was loads of debris from destroyed ships. Moments after being in the conduit, the proximity alarm started going.

With that, you could see Debri floating towards the ship from different directions, almost surrounding the ship not leaving much room to escape.

“Helm get us out of here now before we start getting bombarded and our shields take a big hit” said Danvers. And with that, the helmsman engaged the impulse engines to the maximum to get them out of the way before they were truly hit.

But what no one knew was that moving themself into the centre of the conduit would bring whole new cattle of problems to deal with. Once the Gilroy made it into the centre of the conduit, they were pulled into a higher rate of velocity. Something they didn’t realise until the helmsman tried to disengage the engines.

“Captain, the engines won’t disengage and our speed has increased past full impulse reaching warp one, now warp two.” And with that, the young Lt Jr Grade Batootil stationed at the Operations station spoke up hoping that he didn’t get a look at for butting in with Ensign Pemberton talking and said “Sir we have been pulled into some kind of slipstream like if we were being tractor beamed to a location.” 

And with that Ensign Pemberton started talking again saying “We levelled out at warp 7.5 captain on a heading of 683-mark-41 but due to the interference from the conduit and all the debris in here I can’t tell you where we will end out being till we get there but from what I can tell it won’t take us long till we get there.”

10 minutes later, the Gilroy started to slow down and somehow they were kicked out of this different kind of trans warp conduit back into normal space. With that, the captain sat back in his chair and said “Report” With that, the Ensign at help replied “If I’m reading this right captain we are doing a USS Voyager as we travelled over 70,000 light years from our last known coordinates and are now in the Gamma quadrant. Further than any ship has been since we started exploring that part of space.” And with that, the Ensign turned to the captain with a worrying look on her face.

With that, the captain said in reply, “I want any information ready for a debrief in the conference room in half an hour. And Ensign, confirm your findings and join us in the conference room” With that the captain got off his seat and made his way to the conference room to contemplate what had happened and how they got there so quickly.

Half an hour soon came around and the senior crew and the young Ensign Pemberton made their way to the conference room. With everyone taking their place at the table and the young Ensign never having been told to join them at the senior briefings not too sure where to sit and seeing this in her face the nice but charming Lieutenant Commander Carlos Ramsey smiled and invited the young Ensign to sit in the seat next to him.

“So what’s going on? Can anyone tell me what’s happened and how we got this far from Federation space and our last known coordinates?” asked Telkir, looking around at everyone at the table.

Eager to impress the captain, the young Ensign quickly said, “Well captain my readings were correct. We are 70,000 light years from home and we are in the Gamma Quadrant. I can also say that we got here not via a transwarp conduit that we were all thinking of in the first place but actually in something called UNDERSPACE. It’s been seen before by the crew of the USS Voyager when they were travelling home from the Delta Quadrant sir.” looking very surprised on his face to hear the young Ensign speak first he sat there and just simply said “Continue Ensign” and with that, the young ensign got up from her seat and made her way over to the computer screen on the wall to the right of the senior crew and tapped a few buttons.

As you can see from the brief reports I have found in the database from the senior crew of Voyager and the scans they took while in this Under-space, it is a fast network of tunnels much like those used by the Borg in their Trans-warp conduits. But due to the way, these conduits are natural and not man or machine-built they coexist with space but on a whole different level. They form what I understand live on the underside of space in a different dimension of space and time. But I’m only going by what I have learned from the records of the senior crew on board Voyager and what the Vaadwaur told them. They used the under-space conduits to travel fast distances in a blink of an eye. It was later found out by the crew of Voyager the under-space was used as a way for the Vaadwaur to attack other races in the Delta Quadrant and get away in the blink of an eye.

And with that, the young ensign turned off the screen and made her way to her seat, continuing her report. “Captain Janeway and the crew had no idea how they got into the Under-space or how to get back in. All they knew according to one of the Vaadwaur people was that the under-space walls must have been damaged somehow and it had caused a breach that pulled Voyager in without them even knowing, like what happened to us captain.” with this she sat back in her chair as to signal that was the end of her report.

Again surprised at how in-depth the Ensign had gone to report her findings, the captain sat forward, leaning on the desk saying “Thank you Ensign that was more than I expected and more than we all knew a short while ago. Has anyone else got anything to add? Maybe how we could get home and report back to Starfleet about what happened and where we have been.”

With no one else having much to say about how they got there or anything new about the under-space conduits. Lt. Commander Ramsey started his report on the state of the engines and the ship itself.

“Well, captain first off the ship is in good condition. The shields are fine and ready when you need them, and any of the serious velocities we were travelling when in this under-space did not affect the warp engine. How we got over 70,000 light-years so quickly at the speed we were going I have no idea captain, speed as we perceive, must work differently in the Under-space. Warp 7.5 to us must have been a lot faster in under-space and our systems could not recognise that we were travelling a lot faster than we were. But the engines are in working order and we can move when you are ready,” reported Lt Commander Ramsey.

“Tactical systems are fully working and set on standby. Shield emitters are primed and ready and the deflector dish is primed and active.” Lt Commander Sharpe.

“Thank you, so what do we know about where we are? How do we get back? Has anyone come up with any ideas? I don’t want to do what our helmsman said and have our own Voyager stunt and get sent halfway across the galaxy with no way home. Our little Gilroy is not like the USS Voyager and we can’t stand half the events or danger that Voyager was able to withstand.” 

And with that, the crew all get up and make their way out of the conference room.


  • You kicked this off with a whizzbang! I enjoyed the abruptness with which the Gilroy got dragged into Underspace. One minute, they were taking ever precaution to study it from afar and then you practically smash-cut to them zipping through Underspace. You've written the crew responding to the emergency in a very efficient and professional manner. And they're big Voyager fans to boot. The danger is much higher, of course, as a California-class isn't quite as resilient as the Intrepid-class was. Your crew will have to be very very clever to survive the dangers of the Gamma Quadrant alone!

    June 22, 2024
  • This started like a bag a pop rocks. It was bringing anticipation then the snap and crackle started giving another bit of excitement. The way the ship got pulled into Underspace with no warning was such a cool detail. It was out of nowhere and I really enjoyed the way you just jumped there so quickly. The crew of the Gilroy are professional or at least the way they responded here really shows that. The fact that a California-class ship is going through this is intriguing given the resilience is lower. I am sure the crew will have to stay on their toes to survive whatever is to come! Awesome post!

    June 25, 2024
  • I loved the idea that they get sent out to investigate an anomaly that isn't immediately there when they arrive. With how abrupt the station commander was about their orders it gives that immediate thought of is this a wild goose before all hell breaks lose and they get ripped across the galaxy. I really enjoyed the ensigns report making use of Voyagers notes and references to the Underspace. It added that really nice touch that while this is a known phenomenon, it still leaves a lot of unknown to figure out how and why it works. Can't wait to get more about where they go from here!

    June 26, 2024