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Eagle, Take Two

USS Eagle
September 2401
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Ready Room

Captain Matt Kirby was finishing going over the files and records of the crew rotations and transfers to the Eagle.  It could be tedious work, but he was always glad to see fresh, young, new people starting their Starfleet careers.  It reminded him of how excited and eager he was on his first assignment.

The door chime rang.


The XO, Roger Allen entered, a PADD in hand.

“What’s up, Rog?”  Kirby was curious after seeing the PADD.

“We have one more,” said Allen.

“Now?  We’re leaving space dock in two hours,” said Kirby.

“It was last minute,” said Allen.  “It’s also a special case that needs your personal approval before it goes through.”  He offered the PADD.

Taking it, Kirby read the name on the file, his eyes widening in surprise.  “Is this for real?”

“It seems so,” said Allen.


“What do you think?” said Allen.

“There’s got to be a story behind this I’d love to hear.”  Kirby set the PADD on his desk and leaned back in his chair.

“I agree,” said Allen.

Kirby thought for a few moments.  “Call Lieutenant Iziraa and have her meet our new arrival in the transporter room.”

Allen smiled.  “I hoped you would say that.”

Transporter Room

Iziraa stood with her hands behind her back.  She nodded to the transporter operator.  “Energize.”

When the new crew member materialized, Iziraa’s jaw dropped and her antennae were erect like a letter V.

“Hello, Lieutenant.”

Iziraa’s antennae were bouncing, a broad smile on her face.  “Welcome home, Hok.”