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The Golden Years of Vausees "Vax" Ves

The Academy years of Vausees "Vax" Ves

Chapter One: The Decision

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388

The Decision 

Vausees looked down at the flowing fields before her. Her brunette hair flowed around her face as she stood there in complete silence. The sun was close to setting, which gave the fields before her a hint of dark gold and green. She closed her eyes and squeezed the hilt of the Phase Rifle that she held in her hands. With her eyes still closed, she could feel the warmth from the sun that kissed her skin cooling. She opened her eyes as she glanced one more time before she blinked and sealed that memory away.

Vausees reached up. She grasped the sling on the rifle and placed it over her head and onto her shoulder. The rifle then nestled onto her back next to the sheath of the Bat’leth that also resided on her back. A soft sigh escaped her lips as a breeze would cut off the field and flow over her skin. This caused her to close her eyes once more, and memories from her past life’s surface from her Symbiont experiences. As the breeze wandered off, her eyes open, and she feels her instincts take over. She would move with a swiftness that most would see as being unnatural, but to her, it was second nature and felt completely natural. She lept overblown down trees that had fallen over an animal trail with simple effort and scurried up a tree and out onto a branch with a grace that she should not have had.

As she knelt on that branch, she looked between its foliage to a settlement tucked away in a valley below her. Her light blue eyes narrowed as she saw the settlers below in the valley. Her eyes darted from one person to the next as she started, instinctively, making notes of how each person walked and what they had on. She even noted which building they entered or from which building they left. She did not know why she did this other than it was part of her life now and she was thankful for this as it had twice saved her from being killed by some wild animal.

As she reaches the settlement, she greets her father, who places a hand on her shoulder and lifts her head. He nods to her, and they both head for a mode of transport off the planet. As they both sit in silence, neither one willing to broach the subject that both knew the other knew about Vausees tilts her head down. She knew where she stood in her parent’s eyes and with the Symbiont Council, but she also knew that both expected so much more from her.

As the transport lands at the ship port, Valul turns to his daughter and lifts her chin to peer into eye light blue eyes. A smile crosses his daughter’s lips as she looks into his own eyes. “May your ventures be as important as the ones you have experienced before this day.”, he states to her as she boards a ship bound for Trill, her homeworld. As she takes a seat next to the window, the ramp lifts off the ground and the hatch of the ship closes, and she looks out the window at her father standing there with his arm waving to her. A single tear slips from the corner of her eye and falls onto her chest.

“Be safe, my child.”, he thinks to himself as he watches the ship lift off into the air and then disappear into the clouds.

Standing before the Symbiont Council, Vausees has her hands behind her back and her head up as she waits for their decision on whether she could pursue the venture that she had informed them of. As she stood there, her mind became flooded with past memories of her Symbiont and its endeavors.

A soft clearing of one of the Council member’s throat brought her instantly back, and her focus was then on the matter at hand.

“We had deliberated and have concluded that you and your Symbiont would benefit from such an endeavor as you have requested,” They pause for a moment to allow what they have said to sink in. “we allow you to head to Earth and enroll within its Academy and learn from the humans there. May you, Vausees Vax, live a long and wonderful life.”, they state to Vausees as the Symbiont Council stand and bow their heads towards her. 


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388

As soon as the shuttle touches down, Vausees’ reaches down and grabs her bag. Lifting it onto her should she exits out of the shuttle and walks towards a group of cadets and civilians that have gathered around a man dressed in grey. As she approaches the group, the man dressed in grey sees her. “Are you here to join Starfleet?” he asks as he holds a PADD out to her.

Taking the PADD, Vausees nods to the man. “Yes, Sir.”

She takes a seat and fills out the forms on the PADD with her basic information. As she finishes the forms, the man in grey walks over and takes her PADD.

“Be at the shipping yard by 0800 hours.” he then hands her a PADD with instructions and directions to where she would be staying. “If you’re late, you will be left behind, and your application will be dropped,” he states to her.

Nodding to him, she picks up her bag and leaves the area. A few minutes later she arrives at the hotel they had instructed her to go to. Vausees walks in and over to the receptionist’s desk.

“Hello, I believe that I have a reservation for me,” she states as she hands over the PADD that was given to her.

The receptionist looks at the PADD as she takes it and then nods. “Ah, a new cadet,” she states. “That will be room 415. Do you need someone to help you with your…” she stops and looks at Vausees. “Oh, nevermind, I see you only have the one bag.” and she hands her back her PADD. “Take the lift to the fourth floor and your room will be halfway down the corridor and on the right.”

Vausees nods and heads to the lift. While she waits for the lift, she’s joined by a young lady.

“Heading to Starfleet?” the woman asks Vausees who turns her head to look at the woman who is looking at her. She nods her head and replies, “You too?”

The woman holds her hand out to Vausees. “Cadet Klair Valdez and you are?” she asks.

Vausees takes Klair’s hand and shakes it. “Cadet Vausees Vax. It’s a pleasure to meet you,“ she states as she releases the woman’s hand.

The lift then opens, and the two women enter. “Floor four,” Vausees announces, which brings a smile to Klair’s lips. Vausees looks at Klair, “Which floor?” she asks her.

“Same floor. I’m in room 410. How about you?” she asks

“415. Right down the corridor, it seems,” Vausees replies.

“Cool. Looks like we’re neighbors.”

“So it seems,” Vausees states as the lift takes them to the fourth floor.

As the doors hiss open on the fourth floor, the women exit out and head down the corridor, idly sharing stories about their childhood and what their favorite things to do. As they approach Klair’s room, they both stop and look at each other.

“Well, if you need anything feels free to come over,” Klair states as she presses a button on the console next to the door which slides open.

Vausees nods and continues down to her room. She presses a button on an identical console next to the door of her room and it opens. Stepping into the room, she speaks out, “Lights,” and the room lights up as the door closes behind her.

The room is spacious, even for her. As she looks around, she sets her bag down at the foot of the bed and heads into the bathroom. Stripping down she steps into the sonic shower and sets it on a high frequency and stands there allowing the shower to soothe her tight muscles. Closing her eyes, she rolls her head in the shower, allowing the day’s stress to fall away. After a few minutes, she steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel, and moves towards a mirror that is in the wall near the sink. Looking herself over she drops her towel and inspects herself even further. Satisfied with how she looks, she dresses in a dark green pair of skin-tight pants and a shirt that leaves nothing to imagine, and heads over to Klair’s room.

Stopping in front of her room, Vausees reaches up and presses a button on the console which chirps in Klair’s room.

“Enter,” Klair says as she lies on her on her back on her bed. The door opens and Vausees walks in and sees Klair laying there.

“Oh, excuse me,” Vausees states as she sees this.

“No, please come in,” Klair retorts as she sees its Vausees. “What can I do for you?”, she asks.

Vausees feeling a little embarrassed looks at Klair and states, “I am feeling like we should go out tonight before we become official Cadets in Starfleet,” she states, “You know a final celebration,” Vausees finishes stating as she looks Klair in the eyes.

“You know that’s not a bad idea,” she states as she turns her head to Vausees. “give me a couple of minutes to get dressed and we can take off.” She slips off of the bed and heads to the adjoining bathroom. A few minutes later she steps out of the bathroom and dressed in a black skirt and a white blouse. 

Painting the City Red

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388

The music was blasting from the open door of a building located downtown when both Vausees and Klair exit out of the shuttle. A grin crosses both of the ladies’ mouths as they look from the club to each other.

“Come on, lets paint this town red,” Klair states as she takes hold of Vausees hand and heads for the open door. A man dressed in solid black from the leather jacket he wore over a black skin tight shirt and what looked to be a rather expensive pair of dress pants. The only thing that seems out of place was the boots he wore. Black with silver studs. As they approach the man, he holds up a hand. “Hold on, you two!” he states with a very deep voice. “I need to see some identification.” His hand then reaches down and brings up a tricorder and a wand.

Vausees looks at Klair how brings out her badge. She looks at Vausees and smirks with a wink. She then lips out the words “StarFleet” and nods to Vausees purse. Vausees nods and reaches into her purse and produces her Cadet identification and shows it to the man at the door. He scans both of the ladies ID’s and nods as the tricorder beeps and shows him that they are valid.

“Have a nice evening ladies,” he states as he steps aside and returns his attention to the line of people that are waiting to enter.

Vausees gently pulls Klair aside. “How?” is all that she states as she looks at her friend.

A mischievous grin creeps back onto Klairs lips. “You don’t know that Fleeters get into almost any club without having to wait in any line,” she states as she leads Vausees to the bar that is in the middle of the club.

The flashing strobe lights and the pounding music melt away the embarrassment that Vausees felt for not knowing that bit of information. Leaning over the bar top slightly, she orders a Stardrifter and a Synthehol as a chaser. Turning to Klair, who had a Starduster in her hands, she raises her Stardrifter up to Klair. “Toast to our last night as civilians and a lustrous career as Officers in Starfleet.” She then gently touches the shots together and down is. She lets out a loud whooping sound as the drink slides down her throat and chases it with a hefty pull of her Synthehol.

Reaching over, Klair takes Vausees drink and takes a pull herself and then hands it back with a grin that reflected on Vausees own mouth. “Oh,

you are a cheeky woman,” Vausees says as she takes Klairs hand and pulls her onto the dance floor.

The pounding of the music mixes with drinks and with the musky smell of the other occupants of the club causes both of the women to feel a sudden euphoria as they move in time with the music and each other’s bodies.

Hours seem to pass before they realize that they have been drinking and dancing for far too long. A grin creases Klairs lips, and she leans over to Vausees and whispers, “Let’s get out of here,” her voice is slurred. Suddenly Vausees feels a slight warmth on the side of her neck as she feels Klair kiss her. A smile crosses her own mouth as her hand slips behind Klairs back and she drags her off the dance floor and out of the club.

Staggering slightly from the coolness of the night they wait on a shuttle to take them back to the hotel. As they stand there Vausees places her hands on Klairs waist as she tries to steady the both of them. Klair leans her head down onto Vausees shoulder with her eyes closed. Vausees slides her hand up Klairs back and rests it there as she tries to focus on their surroundings. 


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388

A thumping noise throbs inside of Vausees skull as she lays in bed. A soft groan escapes her lips as she continues to lay there. Suddenly she feels an arm drape over her and her eyes crack open as she turns her head and follows the arm to the body that it is attached to. A smile creeps over her mouth once more as she sees the soft smooth skin of Klairs. Leaning over she gently peeks her on the lips and whispers, “Morning sweetie.” The sound of her own voice causes the throbbing in her own head to slightly intensify.

Throwing her legs over the edge of the bed she peers up at the console next to the bed and sees that it is 0630. A smile crosses her lips as she leans over and whispers softly, “Wake up sleepy head or we’re going to be late for the Academy.” She once more gently kisses Klairs lips before slipping from the bed and heading to the bathroom.

Klair smiles at the attention that she was getting from Vausees and goes to grab her but comes up short. Her eyes crack open as she sees the fleeting image of the woman that she fell for last night. A soft groan escapes her lips as she sits up in bed. Rolling her shoulders and slips from the bed and joins Vausees in the bathroom

A half an hour later both of them are dressed in their Cadet Greys. Vausees looks Klair over double checking that her uniform is immaculate as Klair does the same for Vausees. Satisfied that they both look perfect they head down the corridor to the lift that takes them down to the lobby. Once there they are greeted by the other Cadets, some of them they had seen at the club and some who they were just meeting for the first time.

As Vausees and Klair chat with some of the Cadets an older woman stands up in front of them.

“ATTENTION!!” is heard booming over the shipyard as a man dressed in grey stands next to the woman dressed in all red. All of the Cadets suddenly stop what they are doing and snap to attention. They then turn their attention to the woman that is standing before them.

“I am the Commandant for Starfleet, Admiral Renee Childs and I will be overseeing your education while you are here in San Francisco. I expect you to hold yourself and your fellow classmates to a standard that is becoming-of-an Officer of our grand Federation of Planets.”

Though her voice sounded soft it held a might to it that told all that heard it that she knew how to manage and lead those that stood with her. “Before I leave you to board the shuttles that are scheduled to depart to the Academy. I have one message for you all. Learn what you can from your instructors and learn who you are from those around you, whether they are your enemies or your friends.”

With that she turns about and disappears into a shuttle that lifts off into the air and banks off towards the Academy. A man dressed in grey steps forwards and looks at the Cadets that are still standing at attention.

“At ease Cadets,” he speaks out to the group. “My name is Master Chief Watson, I am your lead instructor for Combat Survival Training. I am here because the Commandant asked me to be here. Why, you might ask yourself? Because she knows that I am a man that will put the fear of God into you if you step out of line while in my class and also because I am known to see who will succeed and who will fail prior to you even entering onto the Academy grounds.”

As he spoke Vausees could tell that this man meant business and that they would more than likely butt heads from time to time because of her prior training from her own parents. She knew then and there that she would look up to this man and would do whatever it took to learn from him. She also hopes that he might learn something from her as well.

Klair looks at Vausees out of the corner of her eye as she listens to the Master Chief. She could see the look on her face and wondered what it meant. Returning her attention fully to the man before them she made a mental note to ask her if she was ok when they had a moment alone.

“When I say move you board these shuttles as part of your squad, do you understand!” his eyes move from Cadet to Cadet as he speaks.

Everyone acknowledges him as they stand there, “YES CHIEF!!!”, echoes loudly over the shipyard.

He nods and turns to board one of the shuttles. Two Lieutenants turn and face the group, “Well you heard him, move your asses!!”, they bark off to the Cadets.

Vausees and Klair run up into the same shuttle, they had been lucky to have the honor of being part of Alpha Squad. Taking a seat next to each other, Klair turns to Vausees, “Vax, I saw a look on your face a moment ago. Are you ok?”, she asks her.

Vausees turns and looks Klair in the eyes. “I am perfectly fine. I just have a feeling that me and the Master Chief are not going to see eye to eye,” she states as she takes hold of Klair’s hand. “Trust me sweetie I will always tell you how I am and what is bothering me, but right now and here is not the place.” She smiles softly at Klair who returns the smile and nods. Klair then lips out, “tonight then.”, and Vausees, nods and lips back “Promise.” 

Chapter Two : Alpha Barracks – Freshmen Year

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388


Klair leans against the doorframe as Vausees finishes unpacking her bag. “Penny for those thoughts?” she asks as she looks at the woman that is now sitting on the bed next to her’s. Vausees looks up from the grey cotton blanket into the dark brown eyes of the woman that she was falling head of heels for. “Just excited to be here and..” she pauses for a moment as she continues to look at Klair. “Glad to have a partner that I care about in more ways than I should,” she states as she stands up and moves over next to Klair who steps away from the door which closes shut behind her.

“I am so glad to hear you say that Vax.” she states using her Symbiont last name instead of Vausees first name. Upon hearing this Vausees stumbles and is caught by Klair. Who has a sudden look of worry on her face.

Vausees smiles and gently squeezes her forearm. “It’s ok Klair you just caught me off guard by calling me Vax.” She smiles and gently kisses Klair before wrapping her up in her arms.

“You hungry?” Vausees asks Klair as she continues to hold her. “I could order something for us to eat before we turn in for the night,” she states as she places her chin on top of Klairs head.

Klair turns her face up to Vausees’s and kisses her softly, “That would be wonderful.” She then slips from Vausees grasp and moves over to the small table that they would be sharing during their time together. Vausees moves with her but instead of heading to the table she presses a button on the console on her desk and orders dinner for the two of them.

After a wonderful meal the two of them shared together, Klair stood up and began to clear the table. As she moves around Vausees to the replicator she feels a hand on her forearm. “I know this is a bit soon and I want us to get to know each other further but I just want you to know that I care for you deeply Klair Valdez and I am very happy to be your partner.” A smile crosses Klairs lips as she hears Vausees voice. “Vax just say it,” she teases as she gently slips from Vausees grasp, “Just say that you love me,” she states as she places the dishes into the replicator.

She then turns and leans up against the wall next to the replicator. “Because Vax I know we just met but I am in love with you. This time however I am not intoxicated, but I am sober and can see you for who you really are,” she pauses for a second as she looks at Vausees, “A loving and caring woman that I love and care for deeply.” her voice has a slight catch to it as she confesses her feelings for Vausees. “I did not plan on falling in love with anyone, but I can say with a doubt that you Vausees Vax, daughter of Valul and Vera Ves, have captured my heart like no other has before and like no other will ever.”

She moves from her spot over to the chair opposite of Vausees and moves it over next to her. She takes Vausees hand in hers and looks into her eyes. Vausees returns the look and smiles as she fights to hold back the tears in her eyes. She closes her eyes as she feels Klair gently wipe away a tear that had fallen from her eye. “Tears of joy,” she states as she sits there. “I know.” Klair replies as she feathers her thumb over her cheek.

Standing up Vausees takes Klair in here arms and lifts her up and over to the her bed. She kisses her as she cuddles up next to her. “I promise to be the best woman for you,” she declares as she closes her eyes and falls asleep. Klair smiles at this statement and closes her own eyes. “Computer set the alarm for 0630 and shut off the lights.” A soft beep confirms the request and the lights shut off. Klair holds Vausees in her arms and the two women fall asleep in each other’s arms.  


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388

Vausees rounds a corner and her eyes widen at the sight before her. Klair lay on the ground with blood flowing from her mouth. Rushing to her side Vausees kneels down next to her and places a hand on her shoulder, “Klair!”, she yells out. She opens her eyes and looks at Vausees with tears in her eyes. “Baby what happened?” she asks as she gently pulls her into her arms. Klair remains silent as she lays in Vausees arms.

Reaching up Vausees taps the badge on her chest. “This is Cadet Vax, I am near the Alpha Barracks please send a medical team to my position. I have a fellow Cadet that has been injured.”

Holding Klair she gently starts to rock in place as three blue tunic Officers rush up to her. Klair looks from Vausees to the Officer and closes her eyes. She softly whispers, “I was jumped.”, and then passes out.

Vausees’ eyes glue onto the closed eyes of Klair as she hears her love say this. Anger envelopes her as Klair is lifted from her arms. Blood is seen on her grey uniform and one of the Medical Officers places a hand on her shoulder and asks if she is okay. She almost doesn’t hear the female Officer’s voice asking her if she was okay. In a state of numbness she nods her head as she sees Klairs blood on her own tunic. “Someone will pay,” she thinks to herself as she remains on her knees with the Medical Officer’s hand on her shoulder.

Vausees had heard about how other Cadets from the other barracks disliked how Klair and Vausees act around each other and some even knew about how the two of them were in a relationship. She never thought a physical altercation would take place, but now she knew that if the instructors wouldn’t do anything about it after the report that she would place, then she would.

Standing outside of the Office that belonged to the Chief of Security she waits to be escorted in to file her report of the harassment that she and Klair have been subjectacted to. She knew that this was the correct action to take, but she was prepared if necessary to take matters into her own hands if something was not done.

“Enter,” she hears from the other side of the closed door. As she turns towards the door it opens and sitting behind the desk is a stocky man dressed in a gold tunic. She moves towards the desk and comes to attention in front of the Officer.

“Cadet Vax, here to place a report, Sir!” she states as she stands there at attention.

“At ease Cadet.” The Chief of Security states as he looks at her. Vausees slides her feet apart and places her hands in the small of her back. “Report,” he says to her.

Vausees relays how her and Klair have been harassed by several Cadets over the three months since they entered into a relationship. The Chief nods his head as he listens to her. He then looks at the recording and then to Vausees. “Cadet you do know that it is not against the rules to date a fellow Cadet, but I do believe that you both being of the same sex is why you are being targeted.” Vausees nods in confirmations to this. “Yes, Sir,” she states as she stands there. “We have made sure and taken precautions to not be around others or to limit the affection that we show in public, Sir.” The Chief nods once more and looks at the names that she has given. “These are some serious accusations you have leveled on these Cadets, Cadet Vax.” he states as he looks back at her. She nods her head at the Chief, “I wouldn’t have stated any names that I was not 100% certain had any sort of participation in the attack on Cadet Valdez, Sir.” Her voice was calm and collected as she spoke to the Chief. “I will perform an investigation on yours and Klairs behalf, Cadet Vax. However if there is not enough evidence to support these accusations I will have no choice but to dismiss this report,” he warns her. He looks over at the console that is recording the conversations and back at Vausees and sees the anger in her eyes. “If that is all Cadet then this report is concluded at this time.” He then presses an icon on the console and looks back on Vausees who has turned to exit the office

“Cadet.” He looks at Vausees. Who turns her head towards the Chief. “I did not tell you to do this but should I have to close this report and dismiss your accusations I will pretend to not notice if a couple of these Cadets end up in the Medical bay of this Academy,” he states as she turns her head back towards the door, a smile crosses her lips as she exits.

Sitting in the Medical bay next to Klair, she had her fingers interlaced with Klairs and her thumb gently caressing as she held hers, she thinks about the way she looked laying there helpless and she closes her eyes and fights the anger that she feels. Part of her hopes that she gets the chance to enact her anger on the Cadets responsible and the other part hopes that they get punished for this unprovoked attack.

A soft moan brings Vausees back to reality as Klair opens her partly swollen eye. Leaning over Vausees kisses her forehead. “Relax and lay still,” she whispers into Klairs’ forehead.

A nurse walks in and checks Klair’s injuries and Vausees holds her hand. “How is she, nurse?” she asks. The nurse looks at Vausees and smiles. “She will recover but for right now she has to remain here for a couple of days. Don’t worry she is safe, Cadet Vax.” A smile crosses the nurse’s lips as she looks from Vausees to Klair. She then whispers, “I can see the love you two have,” and she then leaves the two alone.

When the door closes Vausees smiles at Klair and lays there with tears in her eyes. Reaching over she gently wiped them away. “I love you Klair and I promise this is being taken care of. Just relax now and get well so that I can take you back to our room.” She then gently places a kiss on Klair’s hand and sits back. Her mind retreats as she thinks about how much she has been hurt by this attack on Klair. 


Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388

Klair looked into the mirror at the scar next to her eye. It had been three weeks since she was released from medical, and had requested that they not remove it. She wanted it to remind her of the actions that others had taken on her and Vausees. She closed her eyes when she felt Vausees place her hand on her waist. She heard a soft sob from her. “It will be ok honey,” she told her as she turned around and looked into her eyes.

Vausees looked a Klair, her eyes were bloodshot from the tears that had fallen from them. “I should have been there. I should have protected you.”, her voice cracked as she spoke.

Klair pushed aside the stray hairs from Vausees face and kissed her forehead. “I don’t blame you,” she stated. “They will get what is coming to them.”

A soft chime at their door announced that someone was at their door.

“Enter,” Vausees stated as she straightened up her appearance.

A soft hiss announced as it opened. There stood the Chief of Security, “Cadet Vausees, Cadet Klair.”

Both Vausees and Klair looked at the Chief. He looked back at them with a look of regret on his face, “I am here personally to inform both of you that no punishment will be given to the cadets that you, Cadet Vausees, gave me.” He looked from Vausees to Klair as he stated this to them.

The Chief apologized to them and then he turned about and departed from their room. Klair closed her eyes and bowed her head. Vausees’ eyes narrowed as she knew then what she was going to have to do.

“Klair, stay here.” Vausees voice had a softer than normal tone to it as she spoke to her.

Klair opened her eyes and looked up to Vausees. She heard a difference in her voice and as she looked at Vausees she could see a difference as well in her eyes.


Vausees looked at Klair as she stood there. “I have to take care of this,” she stated as she moved towards the door. A hand grasped her arm and she stopped. She looked back at Klair.

“Don’t do this,” she stated as she held onto her arm.

“It has to be done.” She shook off Klair’s hand and exited the room.

Two minutes later she stood outside of the room of a Senior Cadet. “Jones!!” She yells out.

The door to the Jones room opens and Vausees made her move and lunges at the other. As she crossed the threshold into his room she landed an elbow straight into his gut. A loud grunt escaped his lips as he crumpled to the ground. Vausees stood over the man, her bright blue eyes looked down at him. She then knelt down over him.

Vausees reached down and grabbed the man’s tunic and brought her up close to her face. “You will admit to the assault that you did to Klair. Or…” She slammed the man down hard.

A sudden gasp caused Vausees to look away from Jones and at a young woman who then turned and bolted away. “Damn,” she stated as she released Jones.

As she stood up two Security Officer’s entered the room and arrested her. “Cadet you are under arrest for assaulting another cadet,” one of the officers stated as she was escorted.

A moment later she stood before the Commandant. “Cadet Vausees Vax, you are here for assault on another cadet. I sympathize with you on behalf of the assault on Cadet Klair Valdez but you taking the law into your own hands was not the best course of action. As a result, you will be sent to solitary confinement for one month,” she stated.

Vausees held her head up as the sentence was given. She knew that her actions would have consequences and she accepted them. As she stood there in front of the Commandant a soft chime sounded off behind her.

“Enter.” the Commandant said out loud.

The door opened and the Chief entered. “Ma’am, permission to speak?”, he asked the Commandant.

Admiral Childs looked from Vausees to the Chief. “Granted.”

The Chief looked from the Admiral to Vausees and moved over to the woman. “I fear that this is my doing,” he stated as he looked down at her. Vausees looked at the Chief for a moment before she returned her attention forward.

The Commandant nodded her head as she continued to look at Cadet Vausees. “Chief, I see you have an influence over this young Cadet,” she stated, “ As a result, I am placing her under your mentoring,” she continued, and then turned her attention to the Chief. She then returned her attention to Vausees. “I am placing you under academic report. This will be placed on your record. You will report to the Chief weekly until I feel you have learned your lesson on taking the law into your own hands. Is that understood?”, she asked Vausees.

Vausees still stood at attention as she acknowledged the Commandant. “Yes, ma’am.”

Childs nodded and turned her attention to the Chief. “Chief please escort this Cadet to her room.”

The Chief nodded his head and looked at Vausees. She turned and looked at the Chief and exited out of the Commandant’s office. As the two of them walked towards Vausees quarters he stopped her. “What were you thinking?”, he asked her. She stood there for a moment before she answered.

“I felt that justice needed to be done,” she stated as she looked at the Chief. He looked at Vausees and his eyes narrowed. “Next time do not attempt to take justice as you put it into your own hands, Cadet,” he stated with slight anger to his voice. She nodded to him and they continued on towards her room.

As the door opened Klair looked at Vausees and the Chief. Her eyes narrowed at Vausees, “Was it worth it?” She asked. Vausees goes to open her mouth to speak but is cut off. “Chief is she in some kind of trouble?” The Chief looked at Vausees for a moment. “She is on the academic report and has to report to me weekly,” she stated to Klair. “Do me a favor Klair,” he turned to look at her. “Keep her out of trouble.” Klair nodded to the Chief and took Vausees by her hand. “You can count on it Chief,” she stated.

The Chief nodded and departed. As soon as the door hissed shut Klair turned and looked at Vausees. Anger reflected in her eyes. “I told you not to, and yet you did it anyway.” She turned away and stormed off. Vausees stood there for a moment, her eyes looked down as Klair spoke to her. She then walked over to the angered woman. “Klair, I had to do what I felt was necessary.” Klair placed her hands on the table with her eyes closed. She then turned about and looked at Vausees. She takes a deep breath before she would speak. “Do..Not..Ever..Do..That..Again,” she spoke each and every word emphasizing them as she spoke.

Vausees stood there and nodded her head to each word. “I promise.”

Klair would nod at Vausees as she stood there with her back to her. “I will hold you to that,” she stated.