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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): The Golden Years of Vausees “Vax” Ves

Painting the City Red

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388
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The music was blasting from the open door of a building located downtown when both Vausees and Klair exit out of the shuttle. A grin crosses both of the ladies’ mouths as they look from the club to each other.

“Come on, lets paint this town red,” Klair states as she takes hold of Vausees hand and heads for the open door. A man dressed in solid black from the leather jacket he wore over a black skin tight shirt and what looked to be a rather expensive pair of dress pants. The only thing that seems out of place was the boots he wore. Black with silver studs. As they approach the man, he holds up a hand. “Hold on, you two!” he states with a very deep voice. “I need to see some identification.” His hand then reaches down and brings up a tricorder and a wand.

Vausees looks at Klair how brings out her badge. She looks at Vausees and smirks with a wink. She then lips out the words “StarFleet” and nods to Vausees purse. Vausees nods and reaches into her purse and produces her Cadet identification and shows it to the man at the door. He scans both of the ladies ID’s and nods as the tricorder beeps and shows him that they are valid.

“Have a nice evening ladies,” he states as he steps aside and returns his attention to the line of people that are waiting to enter.

Vausees gently pulls Klair aside. “How?” is all that she states as she looks at her friend.

A mischievous grin creeps back onto Klairs lips. “You don’t know that Fleeters get into almost any club without having to wait in any line,” she states as she leads Vausees to the bar that is in the middle of the club.

The flashing strobe lights and the pounding music melt away the embarrassment that Vausees felt for not knowing that bit of information. Leaning over the bar top slightly, she orders a Stardrifter and a Synthehol as a chaser. Turning to Klair, who had a Starduster in her hands, she raises her Stardrifter up to Klair. “Toast to our last night as civilians and a lustrous career as Officers in Starfleet.” She then gently touches the shots together and down is. She lets out a loud whooping sound as the drink slides down her throat and chases it with a hefty pull of her Synthehol.

Reaching over, Klair takes Vausees drink and takes a pull herself and then hands it back with a grin that reflected on Vausees own mouth. “Oh,

you are a cheeky woman,” Vausees says as she takes Klairs hand and pulls her onto the dance floor.

The pounding of the music mixes with drinks and with the musky smell of the other occupants of the club causes both of the women to feel a sudden euphoria as they move in time with the music and each other’s bodies.

Hours seem to pass before they realize that they have been drinking and dancing for far too long. A grin creases Klairs lips, and she leans over to Vausees and whispers, “Let’s get out of here,” her voice is slurred. Suddenly Vausees feels a slight warmth on the side of her neck as she feels Klair kiss her. A smile crosses her own mouth as her hand slips behind Klairs back and she drags her off the dance floor and out of the club.

Staggering slightly from the coolness of the night they wait on a shuttle to take them back to the hotel. As they stand there Vausees places her hands on Klairs waist as she tries to steady the both of them. Klair leans her head down onto Vausees shoulder with her eyes closed. Vausees slides her hand up Klairs back and rests it there as she tries to focus on their surroundings.