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Part of USS Heracles (Archive): The Golden Years of Vausees “Vax” Ves

Chapter One: The Decision

Starfleet Academy - San Francisco
MD - Aug 2388
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The Decision 

Vausees looked down at the flowing fields before her. Her brunette hair flowed around her face as she stood there in complete silence. The sun was close to setting, which gave the fields before her a hint of dark gold and green. She closed her eyes and squeezed the hilt of the Phase Rifle that she held in her hands. With her eyes still closed, she could feel the warmth from the sun that kissed her skin cooling. She opened her eyes as she glanced one more time before she blinked and sealed that memory away.

Vausees reached up. She grasped the sling on the rifle and placed it over her head and onto her shoulder. The rifle then nestled onto her back next to the sheath of the Bat’leth that also resided on her back. A soft sigh escaped her lips as a breeze would cut off the field and flow over her skin. This caused her to close her eyes once more, and memories from her past life’s surface from her Symbiont experiences. As the breeze wandered off, her eyes open, and she feels her instincts take over. She would move with a swiftness that most would see as being unnatural, but to her, it was second nature and felt completely natural. She lept overblown down trees that had fallen over an animal trail with simple effort and scurried up a tree and out onto a branch with a grace that she should not have had.

As she knelt on that branch, she looked between its foliage to a settlement tucked away in a valley below her. Her light blue eyes narrowed as she saw the settlers below in the valley. Her eyes darted from one person to the next as she started, instinctively, making notes of how each person walked and what they had on. She even noted which building they entered or from which building they left. She did not know why she did this other than it was part of her life now and she was thankful for this as it had twice saved her from being killed by some wild animal.

As she reaches the settlement, she greets her father, who places a hand on her shoulder and lifts her head. He nods to her, and they both head for a mode of transport off the planet. As they both sit in silence, neither one willing to broach the subject that both knew the other knew about Vausees tilts her head down. She knew where she stood in her parent’s eyes and with the Symbiont Council, but she also knew that both expected so much more from her.

As the transport lands at the ship port, Valul turns to his daughter and lifts her chin to peer into eye light blue eyes. A smile crosses his daughter’s lips as she looks into his own eyes. “May your ventures be as important as the ones you have experienced before this day.”, he states to her as she boards a ship bound for Trill, her homeworld. As she takes a seat next to the window, the ramp lifts off the ground and the hatch of the ship closes, and she looks out the window at her father standing there with his arm waving to her. A single tear slips from the corner of her eye and falls onto her chest.

“Be safe, my child.”, he thinks to himself as he watches the ship lift off into the air and then disappear into the clouds.

Standing before the Symbiont Council, Vausees has her hands behind her back and her head up as she waits for their decision on whether she could pursue the venture that she had informed them of. As she stood there, her mind became flooded with past memories of her Symbiont and its endeavors.

A soft clearing of one of the Council member’s throat brought her instantly back, and her focus was then on the matter at hand.

“We had deliberated and have concluded that you and your Symbiont would benefit from such an endeavor as you have requested,” They pause for a moment to allow what they have said to sink in. “we allow you to head to Earth and enroll within its Academy and learn from the humans there. May you, Vausees Vax, live a long and wonderful life.”, they state to Vausees as the Symbiont Council stand and bow their heads towards her.