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Profile Overview

Vausees Vax

Trill Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Vausees Vax or Vax


Commanding Officer
USS Akira (Archive)


Vausees Ves







Captain Vausees “Vax” Ves is the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Heracles.

She used to be the Chief Security and Tactical Officer on the Mithrar Anchorage in the Delta Quadrant. Before that, she happened to have been on Deep Space Nine as a Security Officer for several years.

IS currently engaged to be married to Debrah Fergouson. On a personal note when Vausees was younger and still at the Academy, she was involved with another cadet who was killed in her arms.



Species: Trill
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Ht: 5’9 (175.26cm)
Wt: 115lbs (52.16Kg)
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Light Blue


Vausees is a by-the-book kind of person but she also tends to bend the rules when she sees that the rules and regulations do not fit the circumstances and would cause more harm than good.

She treats her crew like she would a family; more than as tools at her disposal.


Valul Ves, her father, and Vura Ves, her mother, gave birth to her on Trill in 2364. When she was born, it was mid-summer Solsust, and the night was cool because the sun had just set. Vausees had not cried when the doctors extracted her from her mother’s womb. This action, or rather lack thereof, perplexed the medical team who had delivered her. Concerned about her mental state, the Doctor took her away from her parents and performed a battery of tests to determine why she had not made a sound when she was born. They couldn’t find an answer to this perplexing question after several days of constant testing. They returned her to her parents after finding no answers and advised them to keep an eye on her for a few months.

After a year, they dismissed the notion that their child had a medical problem and began her training. Simple tasks at first, but they gradually became more difficult as she became more accustomed to them; it helped that Vausees was rather quick at not only picking up the tasks, but also figuring out how to do the same task differently.

Valul, her father, discovered Vausees scaling a cliff face of a nearby mountain range one day after her 15th birthday, and as he stood there watching her, he noticed how graceful and precise her movements were. From her hand and foot placements to the upward movement of her body as she reached for a handhold. He even noted that there were no hand or footholds near where she was splayed against the cliff face at times. He’d watch as she propelled herself nearly five feet up the cliff face, grabbing a crack or protruding rock with ease.

Vausees told her mother on her 18th birthday that she planned to petition the Symbiont council to allow her to compete for the right to join with a Symbiont. Her mother advised her to think long and hard about this decision because if she was not ready and failed the joining, it could mean the end of her life and the life of the Symbiont. She was aware of the risks, and after weighing the risks and rewards of joining for a few weeks, she informs her mother of her decision, petitions the Symbiont council, and begins her training, both mentally and physically, unlike anything she had ever trained for. From academic instruction on how to survive on a foreign planet to identification of the terrain and its many facets. Her body evolved into its own weapon, much to the chagrin of her father and mother.

She trained and studied for three years before going before the council on her 21st birthday and presenting her knowledge and skills to them. Every member of the council agreed that she would be an excellent candidate for a Symbiont. They asked if she knew which one she wanted, and she nodded and recited the name Vax, a Symbiont known for its superior knowledge of survival and tactics. As well as extensive knowledge of all types of weapons.From Starfleet phasers and pulse rifles to the Klingon Batleth. The Vax Symbiont also had a compassionate side that would enhance Vausee’s already compassionate side, allowing her to know exactly how and when to take down a person or be tender and care for a sick or dying person.

Vausees could feel the Symbiont guardians and council members staring at her as she lay on the table draped in the customary shroud, judging if she could, in fact, handle the joining. When the Vax Symbiont was inserted into the pouch in Vausee’s abdomen and the connection was made, she felt a joy she hadn’t felt in a long time. Her mind was flooded with all of the Trill who had shared this Symbiont before her, and a single tear seeped from her left eye.

Three years later, after returning home from a knowledge and training adventure, she stood before her parents and the Symbiont Council and informed them of her desire to join the Starfleet Federation. There was some debate among the Council members, but in the end, they all agreed that it would be best for her to follow the wishes of her Symbiont, and that it would be beneficial to both of them. So, with her parents’ and the Symbiont Council’s approval, Vausees Vax embarked on her journey to the Earth and Star Fleet Academy in San Francisco.

Vausees was astounded by the Cadets’ training while at the Academy, where she was under the tutelage of several professors. In her fourth year at the Academy, she excelled in survival training and was even allowed to study abroad on a recognizance ship as it kept an eye on several species that seemed to be at odds with each other. This excited her, but it didn’t fill the void she felt until the ship docked at DS9. She discovered her calling while onboard the station. She witnessed the station’s wildness as well as its tranquillity.

Several species on DS9 once thought it would be a lot of fun to cause some trouble. Her instincts told her to intervene, but the group surrounded and apprehended her before she could. Vausees’s feeling compelled her to report to the Captain of the ship she was on and request training as a Security Officer. The Captain gave her a look and nodded in response to her request. He promoted her to the rank of Acting Ensign and ordered her to report to the Chief Security immediately for duty. While onboard the ship, she kept an eye on the others, particularly the Chief, and how she managed her crew.

Vausees was on duty on the bridge one night when she was called to the Mess Hall for reports of a fight breaking out. When she arrived at the Mess Hall, she was met with cheers and celebrations rather than violence. She burst into tears as she stood there, having almost forgotten her own birthday because she had been so preoccupied with her studies and her temporary duties on the ship. Several members of the ship’s crew approached her, placed their hands on her shoulders, and congratulated her on her 28th birthday, despite the fact that her Symbiont was nearly 286 years old.

Six months later, Vausees was aboard a ship returning to Earth while the recon ship remained in deep space. When she returned to Earth, she was summoned to the Commandant’s Office and given privacy due to an urgent call. While she was listening to the man speak to her, her mind was turned off to the news that her parents had died in an accident. Vausees’ Symbiont attempted to show her that there was another way to channel her fury and guilt at being the last Ves to live. She was given an Administrative LOA and returned to Trill to attend a formal funeral for her parents, which consisted of a plaque with their names on it because no bodies had been recovered.

Vausees graduated at the top of her class and was given the freedom to choose any assignment she wanted. She applied for DS9 and was assigned as an Ensign to the Station’s Security Staff. She was honored for her many performances, including the repulsion of a secret Cardassian rouge element plotting the destruction of DS9. This would have earned her a promotion to Lieutenant, but she declined because she felt she hadn’t earned it yet, based on her assumption that any officer, given the same circumstances, would have done what she had done.

She had been on DS9 for seven years and had turned down three promotions. It wasn’t until her orders were changed that she received her final promotion to Lieutenant, along with orders to accept the promotion and transfer. She graciously accepted both, and was transferred from DS9 to the Mithrar Sector in the Delta Quadrant, where she boarded the Mithrar Anchorage.

Two months later, she is ordered to report to Starfleet Headquarters for further instructions on her next assignment. She will spend the next three weeks aboard the USS Paladin, assisting where she can. When she arrives on Earth, she is greeted by one of the Admiralty’s secretaries and told to return home and that she will be contacted in a few days. For the next two months, she waits for orders, calling Starfleet HQ for updates on a regular basis.

While on vacation with her best friend Trance, she receives orders to report to Starfleet HQ, where she is assigned as the Commanding Officer of the USS Heracles. She is also awarded the title of Captain.

Three weeks later, while on patrol between the Cardassian and Klingon borders, she and her team uncover treachery within Starfleet. After sending in a would-be assassin, her Chief Tac/Sec Officer, to find out what was going on, the assassin’s father, who happens to be an Admiral for Starfleet, shows up and it is discovered that he is one of the people involved in a plot to stop the Heracles or, if all else fails, assassinate her Captain. The crew of the Heracles intervenes, and the Admiral and the Commanding Officer of the starbase to which the Heracles was assigned are charged with treason and returned to Starfleet HQ for further questioning, along with the evidence to back up the accusations.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2392 Cadet Earth - Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2392 Security Officer Cadet Cruise aboard a reconnaissance ship near the Bajor Sector, Acting Ensign
2392 - 2399 Security Officer Deep Space 9
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 Chief Security Officer Delta-Bravo
2399 Shore Leave Earth
2399 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Heracles
2400 - Present Commanding Officer USS Akira {Akira Squadron}