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Something has survived part 3

Starbase Bravo
May 10, 2400
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He received a reply from Lt. Cynndle as he got ready to check in with Chief Valin, he also received the updated reports from the transporter rooms that he now found himself in charge of.

“Well ok, like the LT said things do happen in mysterious ways. Hopefully, they wait till we get there before they power that transporter up.”

He sent a quick message to Chief Valin “Senior Chief, the medical emergency in Docking Bay Medical Ward One asked for transporter help. LT. Cynddle is the operations point of contact. Head over and check everything out? Assign a couple of crew to oversee the transporter operations, and make sure that all shifts are covered. Once the communication center lieutenant is informed I’ll head down.

Sent another message to LT. Cynndle and Dr. Longfellow “Lieutenant, received your reply. On the way as soon as these last couple of communication reports are cleared up. Instructed Senior Chief Valin to go down and help set things up. We assigned transporter crewmen to the area giving around-the-clock coverage. Dr. Longfellow, as for the medical issues, is there anything else we could help with? Any needed equipment to be put in place as far as the transporter is concerned?

He put down his PADD and looked over the comms console on his desk to make sure that everything was being analyzed by the comm center crews and that nothing new or pressing had come through the center that needed lieutenants immediate attention.

He knocked on the lieutenant’s office door, hearing the acknowledgement he opened the door and entered. “Ma’am, I reached out to LT. Cynndle in the docking bay medical ward, he is the operations point of contact for the emergency. He stated that they have looked at and are in the process of setting up a transporter array to help get medical crews and equipment to the affected ship. LT Cynndle and Dr. Longfellow has requested that I come down so we can put our heads together on the issue, concerning transporter operations in a situation like this one. I sent a message to Chief Valin to head that way and that I’ll be on my way. Everything looks good up here, nothing new or pressing has come through the various channels. I have asked the various sections to send their reports to me via my PADD“

“Very well Ensign, let me know if there is anything We can do to help.”

“Will do ma’am”

He left  the office, closed the door behind him and stopped at the duty desk on his way out. “Chief, I’m heading down to docking bay medical ward one. If anything comes up that needs my attention, have it forwarded to my PADD.”

“Yes sir”

He headed out of the Communications Center and made his way to the turbo lift. “Medical ward one, docking bay

Central Hospital 1 – Docking Bay – Ward 1 – 0800

He exited the turbo lifts and couldn’t help but notice what could only be called control chaos of an ongoing medical emergency. He Looked around medical ward one and noticed an officer in teal. “Well gotta ask someone and they look like they are part of this so might as well start with him.”

Longfellow looked up to find S’Atilen headed his way.

He walked up to the officer in teal “Excuse me sir, I know you guys are quite busy down here but a Lt. Cynndle said I should meet him and a Doctor Longfellow to discuss transporter operations and how we can help. I sent my chief down here a few minutes ago. Could you point me in the direction of the transporter array that is being set up or tell me where I could find either Doctor Longfellow or Lt. Cynndle.” A tail of blond and white coloration flashed behind him as it flicked this way and that way, obviously trying to not get stepped on, ears twitched as they responded to the sounds around him hoping to detect a name or a voice that he recognized

Henry chuckled quietly, “You’ve found Dr. Longfellow.”  He gestured to himself and then nodded to the officer, “You are Ensign S’Atilen.”  He pointed towards the area by the docking bay, “They’re making progress on getting a unit set up to assist in decon when our folks come off the ship.”  He frowned, “You may need to track down Lieutenant Cynndle – I haven’t seen him in a hot minute.”

S’Atilen reached out a hand. “Yes sir, Ensign S’Atilen. Currently, I am wearing two hats. I’m the temporary officer in charge of transporter room four and cargo transporter room five and I’m also working in my primary field which is communications. I had my transporter room Chief come down, hopefully, he has already made his way to the transporter array. Doc, I do have one thought though. Have you tried the bio filter in the transporter to see if that removed the contaminate?”

Longfellow shook his head, “We worked that scenario out – the danger is in the bio filter becoming contaminated itself – we would need to engage biohazard processes on each transport to ensure the filter is changed on each person.  We’re also not fully clear on how the infection works – the danger is too great to tempt fate.  It’s a solid idea…and it would make things far easier than they are…but I’m not willing to take the risk unless we have 100% confirmation it’s going to work without any kind of issue.”

Outside the doorway leading to the docking bay – Medical Ward 1 Transporter Array – 0815

Chief Valin had just approached the door to the docking bay medical ward one transporter array and was getting ready to hit the chime when the door opened and a young female LTJG came flying out. “ Excuse me, ma’am, I was just going to ring. I’m Senior Chief Valin from transporter room 4 and cargo transporter room 5. My OIC sent me down here to take a look at the array that was set up for the medical emergency. Is this where it is located?” Took a quick look in the door “Yes, this seems to be the place. Thank you, ma’am.”

Neva wiped her forehead with her sleeve and heaved a long sigh. Progress on the refit was going well, her mad engineer skills helped only so much. Ahh, how she would’ve given her left arm to know ANY of Captain Scotty’s “tricks” to make this go faster!  ‘Please, Captain Scott! I channel you NOW!’  she thought, shaking her head, as she looked around for Doctor Longfellow and Lt. Cyndelle. Finding the doctor, she made her way toward him.

Longfellow looked up and found Neva walking up to him. “What’s the latest?”  Neva gave him the latest update and they both discussed the next steps.

Corridor outside Central Hospital 1 – Docking Bay Ward 1 – 0845

Cynndle walked down the hall towards Central Hospital 1 as he finished speaking to several operations officers. In general, it was good news. The stations would have more than enough Hazmat suits for what was needed. They easily have 200 on hand spread around the station in various emergency lockers. The bad news was that 150 of those were needed where they were, just because there was one emergency didn’t mean there couldn’t and wouldn’t be more. This was a sentiment he fully understood. As of now the remaining 50 suits were being pulled out of storage and assessed to ensure their integrity was intake. He had instructed the engineering team in charge of the multiple industrial replicators to make at least another 50 with a possible need for many more. Turning into the hospital he stopped and look at all of the commotion taking place around him. “Best go tell Longfellow about the suits, catch up with Neva and find S’Atlien,” he said out loud as he entered the fray.

Longfellow looked up to find Cynndle walking into Ward 1.

Seeing Longfellow before him, Cynndle nodded in recognition and walked over to him. “Doctor, how are things going here? I trust that Neva has made it back with her Engineering team to begin work on the decontamination area outside the airlock?” Without waiting for a response Cynndle continued as he looked around the ward. “So I have been able to secure 50 hazmat suits which should, in theory, give full protection to the teams, there are others but they need to remain in their emergency locations but the team at the industrial replicators are making a further 50. Will this be sufficient?”

Henry sighed quietly, “Ain’t that something.  We’re going to have to do what we can do with what we have.” 

“That is true enough Doc,” Cynndle said with a sigh. “The suits should be read in the next hour or two. Some of the crew are currently assessing them to ensure their integrity. They will be brought here when ready. Anything I can help you with? If not I will go catch Neva.” Cynndle turned to leave before pausing, “Ensign S’Atilenm…I assume he is checked in with you he messaged me and I sent him your way?”

Longfellow looked around, “He’s working on the transport part of things I believe.”

“Great. I will catch up with him soon. I’ll go check with Neva to see if she needs a hand on the decontamination area before I check in with Ops.”