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Sundered Wings: Fleet Action Briefing Arrives

May 13, 2022

In two weeks, on May 28th, the 2022 Fleet Action begins. You will be tested, you will be challenged, you will compete for personal glory and the glory of your respective task forces.

And there will be stories.

The Fleet Action isn’t just six weeks of competition. It is a fleet-wide narrative, where all members can get involved by writing their own stories of how their ships, crews, characters, shape a defining incident in the history of Bravo Fleet. There will be competitions on the extent of your writing, the quality of your writing, your engagement with the writing of others – and it’s a chance for you and your characters to leave their mark.

The keen-eyed among you may have noticed the fiction releases sprinkled across these weeks. That isn’t over – there are more twists and details to come – but as is our way, a fortnight out, the Lore Office is delighted to release the full briefing for the Fleet Action Mission. This should explain not just the particulars of Sundered Wings, but how a Fleet Action Mission works. And if you’re not sure? The Lore Office is here to answer your questions.

There’s a little more out there. Our wiki has a few new articles with key information and further context. These may be fleshed out in the coming weeks, but the fundamentals are there.

For veterans, I must stress: this will not be like Echoes of the Tkon, where the narrative changed wildly every phase of the FA. The whole of Sundered Wings will focus on the fate of the Velorum Sector against the backdrop of the chaos into which the Romulan Star Empire has fallen. Be braced for new developments, new faces getting involved – but they won’t turn everything on its head, and you can safely plan to be in this playground for the whole six weeks, with additions as extra spice, not an obligatory change of course.

In two weeks, it all begins. Take up your notebooks and your scrap paper and your Word documents, and get planning. It’s going to be a long one.