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USS Pioneer: Neolithic Auctions

Following their success in thwarting the Cardassian attempts to farm the Neo-Phage on Zercan 2, Pioneer finds themselves tasked with infiltrating a dilapidated Klingon base, where a sample of the virus is for sale.

Mission Description

The crew of Pioneer may never manage to get underway with their mission of exploration…

When Starfleet receives disturbing intelligence that a sample of the newly rediscovered Neo-Phage (an airborne pathogen that can reduce many beings to aggressive, primitive versions of themselves)  is being auctioned of at Valkoran Base near the temperamental Romulan border. As the only ones with experience with the new virus, the crew find themselves tasked with infiltrating the base and securing or destroying the sample. Unfortunately Pioneer cannot approach the base due to increased hostilities with the Klingon Empire and our crew must enter in disguise and without backup.


About the Mission

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Start Date

20 May 2024

S.O.S Need Assistance! (Pt. 4)

USS Pioneer: Neolithic Auctions

Previously on USS Pioneer A small team from Pioneer went undercover to Valkoran Base, a civilian operated, Klingon aligned base near the Romulan border. Following intelligence that a recently encountered devolution virus was being auctioned on the base they soon found their undercover ruse exposed [...]

9 May 2024

Have you noticed it's getting warmer? (Pt. 3)

USS Pioneer: Neolithic Auctions

Previously on USS Pioneer Our team have infiltrated Valkoran Base under the guise of smugglers to investigate intelligence suggesting that a sample of the Neo-Phage the team previously encountered on Zercan 2 (a virus that regresses intelligent beings to vicious primordial versions of themselves) [...]

7 May 2024

Good Luck Starfleet (Pt. 2)

USS Pioneer: Neolithic Auctions

Previously on USS Pioneer Torta, Fox and Brough have infiltrated Valkoran base under guise of smugglers and traders looking to sell high quality dilithium so as to investigate intelligence that a sample of the Neo-Phage virus is being auctioned of there. The base is heavily guarded by assets of the [...]

7 May 2024

I'd like to be called Darren (Pt. 1)

USS Pioneer: Neolithic Auctions

First Officers Log: I thought the events of Zercan 2 were behind us, the fact we almost lost three crew members to a Cardassian plot was bad enough but I took some comfort in the fact that the team were able to thwart their scheme and stop the sample leaving the planet. Unfortunately it seems we [...]