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Game Rules


  • Star Trek Adventures Quick Start – Player Guide
  • Star Trek Adventures Digital Character Creator
    • Available Here, please be aware this includes all possible options, please discuss any character decisions with the GM. Useful for testing character builds and exploring options.
  • Star Trek Continuing Missions
    • Available Here.
    • A community run blog hosting a variety of example posts, discussions and stat sheets for Star trek Adventures.

Character Options

      1. Rare and Unusual species such as Artificial Intelligence, El-Aurians, Androids, Medusans ect. will be considered by the Gamer Manager, in discussion with players.
      2. Following the We Are The Borg Fleet Action, there are instances of xB (ex-Borg) officers beginning to appear throughout Starfleet, they are likely to be rare and not high in rank at this stage.
      3. Characters from non-federation aligned species such as Romulans and Klingons will be considered by the Game Manager, in discussion with players.
      4. Characters will be built during a ‘Session Zero’, this will utilize the standard Star Trek Adventures sheet. No changes should be made to these character’s traits and skills without discussion with the Game Manager.
      5. The Game Manager reserves the right to refuse the inclusion of ‘non-standard’ elements and hombrew content but will attempt to make accomodations where possible.
      6. Where scenes require NPC’s, named or otherwise, players not immediately in that scene may be asked to play these generic characters, these are intended to be fun cameos.

Play process

    1. Applications should be made via the BFMS system, whilst a writing sample is not required this should include a short pitch of the type of character you are looking to play, including factors such as species, a short history and the role you’d be looking to play within the game.
    2. Due to the format of Pioneer as a live play TTRPG, our part is limited to 6 players in addition to a Game Manager, additional members may apply to join but will join a waiting list. Party Membership will be reviewed following each mission completed.
    3. Pioneer is intended as a live play TTRPG, therefore players are required to engage live with other members of the game via discord. This will involve live streaming audio but no video at this time.
    4. Whilst nervousness about live play should not barr members form applying, a certain level of comfort and enthusiasm with live play is expected.
    5. Play will take palce fortnightly via Roll20 and all players should use this platform to play the game. As noted above, all players should be able to join a discord audio channel to play, no video is requried at this time.

Content and Fair Gaming

    1. Upon joining Pioneer formally, all players will be asked to complete a confidential ‘consent in gaming’ form to highlight any content & subject matter they would prefer not to engage with. All attempts will be made to be sensitive to these requests by the Game Manager.
    2. At all times players should feel empowered to remove themselves from any situation they are uncomfortable with. As a result of the live play element scenarios can quickly develop with unexpected consequences, all persons at the ‘table’ must respect a request to stop. We will take a break and return once everyone is prepared.
    3. Inline with Bravo Fleet’s policy the game will follow a 212 rating, with infrequent and minor swearing, mild sexual innuendo and minor violence. Players should bear this in mind at all times when role playing with other members at the ‘table’.
    4. Any player with concerns over the behaviour of other players should contact the Game Manager in the first instance. Concerns may also be raised with the Operations Office at any time.
    5. Play wil take place fortnightly, scheduled in advance. Players who will not be able to attend a session unexpectedly should inform the Game Manager at the earliest available opportunity.
    6. Repeated ‘unexpected’ absences will result in a review of a player’s involvement in the game with the Operations Office.
    7. Where a number of players will be absent from a session, the Game Manager may cancel a session in the interests of stability and flow of the game story. Where possible we will always a attempt to run a short side mission.

As a general note, this live play RPG involves working together to tell a story collaboratively. As such, players should join this game in good faith and with the intention of working with their fellow members to play as a friendly group. Whilst there will be moments of tension, dissagreement and opposing values and thoughts, these should be approached reasonably and with openess.

We are, after all, here to have fun.