Task Force 17 Report #1

May 25, 2024

On the brink of thrilling changes and the launch of the new Fleet Action Labyrinth, I have the exhilarating honor of kicking off this series with our latest reports. Without further ado, let’s dive into the incredible accomplishments our Seventeeners have achieved in the last quarter!

Task Force Updates

After the last Report, I stepped into the role previously held by our beloved Khim Samnang (Z), who took a step back for personal reasons. I’m thrilled to share that they are on the mend, and we eagerly await their return to our Lounge.

Orila Karai (Okstarz) briefly took on the TF17XO mantle, and although it wasn’t quite the right fit for them, we deeply appreciate their efforts and contribution! As of this month, I’m delighted that our very own Aaslin Braim (Annex) has now assumed the position, bringing his expertise to elevate Seventeen to new heights.

Exciting transformations are underway in Bravo Fleet, marking a significant milestone in our hobby’s evolution. In just a few days, the Asset & Prestige System will be implemented, and I’m proud to share that one of our own Seventeeners, Mamof, has played a key role in its development.

But that’s not all – Seventeeners have been actively making significant contributions. This quarter alone, we’ve seen the launch of two new RPGs and the STA Game USS Pioneer on the site. Jabir Tior (Deepalpha) has been involved with the Pioneer from the start, and now even Annex has joined in on this fantastic game. I highly recommend tuning in to their amazing adventures sometime!

The USS Valkyrie, originally spearheaded by Nitus (Kerbero), stands as a testament to his dedication and efforts despite having to step back for personal reasons.

Furthermore, I’m honored to be part of the team behind the USS Hathaway, working alongside Keziah Nazir (Kai), Brennan Zale (Heidi), Annex, and other talented individuals. This adds another layer to the impressive list of accomplishments within Task Force 17.

In short, There’s an abundance of reasons to feel proud, and I’m eagerly looking forward to witnessing the future achievements we’ll accomplish together!

Fiction Updates

USS Calistoga – Amidst a significant shift in leadership and mission profile, the crew of the Calistoga grapples with uncertainty and change. Remaining senior staff members, including Captain Eelkom and Commander Mayvilis, bond over a shared journey to the ship. As they prepare to embark on a new mission focused on humanitarian efforts, they navigate the challenges of building trust and camaraderie while facing the unknown together.

USS Lakota / Lakota Squadron – Fleet Captain Keziah Nazir receives intel from Captain Callen Varro on a coded distress call received from Quasaris, a planet in the old demilitarized zone. The Lakota responds and investigates a biofabrication center where they discover a slaughter took place. Upon review of logs, it is discovered that a virus was spreading among Cardassian colonies and the biofabrication center had been attempting to work on a cure. Glinn Darro, a Cardassian who had been infected by the virus, had killed and mutilated the workers of the center. He is discovered alive, contained and the incident is reported to command while a formal quarantine is established in the Quasaris sector. After being briefed, Captain Varro informs Fleet Captain Nazir that the Lakota Squadron is being disbanded. The Lakota undergoes some crew personnel changes as a result of the squadron disbanding. Shortly after this one of Lakota’s officers suffers an unexpected medical emergency. After communication with their people is established, it is requested that they are brought back to their homeworld for further support.

USS Hypatia – Captain Nazir catches up with an old colleague, Captain Kauhn, and surprises him with orders to take the reigns of the USS Hypatia. Captain Kauhn works quickly to mobilize a senior staff and crew for the vessel but his requests for staff does not spare Nazir having to choose one of her own to leave Lakota.

USS Resolute – Under the new command of Captain Brennan Zale, the Resolute embarked on a critical mission to investigate the disappearance of a diplomatic convoy sent to negotiate with a Hirogen tribe. Upon his arrival at Deep Space 17, Captain Zale, a Ract’l known for his predatory instincts, was briefed on the situation by Captain Callen Varro. Tasked with unraveling this mystery, Zale quickly familiarized himself with the Resolute and its crew, establishing a strategic partnership with his perceptive Executive Officer, Commander Reid. This mission challenged the crew to navigate the complexities of dealing with the Hirogen, emphasizing their strategic thinking and resilience. The Resolute‘s odyssey tested the crew’s unity and adaptability as they ventured into a potentially hostile encounter with one of the galaxy’s most formidable hunting species.

USS Blythe / USS Io Under Captain Silas Crowe’s command, the USS Blythe ventured into the treacherous Ciater Nebula, engaging in strategic encounters with Ferengi and Breen vessels. Their journey showcased the crew’s adept handling of diplomatic and combat challenges. Upon investigating unusual activity within the nebula, they encountered a complex array of alliances and confrontations. Ordered to retreat from pursuing a Borg Sphere, they head to Deep Space 17 for debriefing and R&R, unaware of the surprising reassignment awaiting them—a new adventure aboard the sleek USS Io.

USS Paramount – Led by a half-Romulan commander, the Paramount undertakes a mission to investigate a Borg Cube wreckage near chaotic space. The crew faces challenges in deactivating Borg technology and navigating interspecies relations at the Markonian Outpost. Their mission takes a dark turn when they encounter a flotilla of pirate ships destroying a planet, leading to a confrontation with the commander’s half-brother, who orchestrated the attack. Tensions escalate as the crew prepares for a confrontation testing their resolve and loyalty to Starfleet’s principles.

USS Galahad – Commander Orila Karai of the Galahad responded to a distress call from a rehabilitation colony on a distant planet. Leading an away team, she found the settlement ravaged by unknown attackers who seemed to materialize out of thin air. Dr. Elara Varen, a leader among the survivors, recounted the sudden assault, revealing the assailants’ advanced technology. As they provided aid and repaired infrastructure, Orila pondered the mystery of the attackers’ motives and their connection to their original mission.

USS Oroville – Commander Daniel Ramirez leads the Oroville on a mission to explore uncharted territory in the Gamma Quadrant. Their journey brings them to Stakoron II, where they encounter the enigmatic Stakoron civilization. Through diplomacy and scientific collaboration, they uncover an alien object causing environmental disturbances. Working together, the crew devises a containment solution to neutralize its effects, marking a significant victory for interspecies relations and mutual understanding.


Task Force Recognition



  • Mamof – Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander
  • Aaslin Braim – Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander
  • Elizabeth Foster – Lieutenant Junior Grade amd Lieutenant
  • SophidicusCadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade and Cadet Senior Grade
  • Nethaniel Titus – Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade and Cadet Junior Grade
  • Akira Aurora-Talsos – Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman and Ensign
  • Jtaah – Cadet Freshman Grade and Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Amber Fjord – Cadet Freshman Grade and Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Malediction – Cadet Freshman Grade and Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • DragonHero202021 – Cadet Freshman Grade and Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Angelo Valentino – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Horacio – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Andrew – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • LieutenantMarkus – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Ravenclaw – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Eric J. Hart – Cadet Freshman Grade


Having just witnessed the remarkable efforts of our Task Force, I am proud to have a front-row seat to the developments and creations of this extraordinary group of people! I eagerly anticipate the upcoming Fleet Action ‘Labyrinth’ in a mere three weeks, as well as the promising times that lie beyond. I am confident that things can only improve from here. I’m eager to share the remarkable achievements of our Seventeeners in my next report and to detail their triumph in the upcoming Fleet Action!
Audācēs nāvigāmus in altum!