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USS Paramount

California-class • NCC-75570 • Task Force 17

When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” — Carol Burnett

The USS Paramount (NCC-75570) is a California-class utility cruiser assigned to Task Force 17 under the command of Commander Nitus. Commissioned into service in late 2381, Paramount serves as a deep space resupply ship and a humanitarian aid ship that provides assistance to colonies and ships on the frontiers of Federation space.

Built on a tried and true frame, Paramount features all the late technical innovations. Being well equipped for any mission she may go on. With a renewed willingness to go see what’s just past the map edge – these are the voyages of the starship Paramount


The stories of the Paramount and her crew are rated:

RPG Rating 2 2 2

This is roughly equivalent to 16+

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19 June 2024

Act Two: Pulled In

USS Paramount: Episode 3 | Trapped Inside

The Paramount made with graceful ease a shift from faster-than-light travel to sublight speeds. As it came back to relative space and exited the warp field around it the fabric of space seemed to ripple momentarily before settling into a calm stillness. Navigational thrusters engaged in moving the [...]

18 June 2024

Act One: Detection

USS Paramount: Episode 3 | Trapped Inside

Nitus awoke and stood from the floor slowly. The emergency klaxon blared as she took in the disaster around her. The EPS modules across the bridge exploded and the consoles damaged as she made her way to T’Soni trying to check on the Vulcan executive officer. Enzo slowly sat up in his [...]

1 June 2024

Act Twelve: Response

USS Paramount: Episode 1 | Helping Hands

Captain's Log Supplemental. I have instructed Lieutenant Commander Davidson to conduct what ever repair she can do within the fiften minutes window we where given. I have also decided to convene the senior staff so that they could help me decided out next course of action. One will ensure we live [...]

1 June 2024

Act Eleven: Ultimatum

USS Paramount: Episode 1 | Helping Hands

“Hail them,” Eldus said to the officer stationed at communication. The officer scrambled to fulfill his leader's orders.“This is Commander Nitus of the Federation starship Paramount. You are to ease your assault on this system and surrender.” Eldus was shocked, he expted to the voice of a [...]