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Task Force 17 Report #1

February 10, 2024

New Frontiers

“…and once I board the USS Discovery, I’ll officially be halfway there.”’

Captain Khim paused in her dictation, resisting the urge to play word association and break into song lyrics.

“I’ve never been so glad to put Starbase 38 and the Delta Quadrant behind me. Waiting so long to hear from our ships on the other side is always nerve-wracking, and it’s so much worse when the Borg are involved.”

She was clenching her fists in frustration, and even though the message was voice-only, she knew her wife would still be able to tell when she listened to it.

“Not that our Beta Quadrant operations were a walk in the park, either. Captain Varro will be filling me in on that soon. You were right about him, you know. He’s turned out to be one of the most capable officers I’ve ever worked with–”

Her praise was interrupted by the shudder of the runabout docking.

“Shoot, gotta wrap this up. Love you, miss you, can’t wait to see you! Mwah! Computer, end message and send to Bituin Solon on Deep Space 17.”

The computer chimed in affirmation as she rushed out of the lounge and into the main cabin, just in time for the doors to whoosh open to the sights and sounds of the Discovery’s docking bay.

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Task Force Updates

Happy 2024 Task Force 17! I hope yours is off to a great start, but let’s go back to 2023 for a minute and talk about that Fleet Action. “We Are the Borg” was an exciting six weeks of focused writing, gaming, and competitions, and Task Force 17 came out of it with a score of 549.5.

It was a good effort by our small (but quickly growing!) team, and I’d like to thank Woozamagoo (Erill’Yun Mek), Orila Karai, Nitus, DeepAlpha (Jabir), Technovore (Cal-Dorn Prax), and of course Hurkxion (Callen Varro) for their participation!

We’ve also had some staff changes since our last report. Kai–who did a lot of work for our Task Force and did so much to help me as a member when I first joined–stepped down as TFCO. I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to David, our BFXO, for all his guidance as I prepared to take on the role. Also, a very big thank you to Hurkxion for joining me on the Task Force Senior Staff as my Executive Officer! As a writer, creative collaborator, and general gif master, he has been amazing to work with.

Sadly, personal obligations will be severely limiting my time with Bravo Fleet for the next couple of months, so I too will be stepping down from the CO position. Fortunately, our stellar TFXO Hurkxion will be continuing his great work for this Task Force as our Commanding Officer going forward with the support of our Operations Office staff. TF17 is in good hands.

Fiction Updates

USS Ahwahnee – The Ahwahnee was pursuing a Jem’Hadar ship into the depths of the Black Cluster when their quarry sent a polaron torpedo careening into a nearby pulsar. The shockwave sent the Ahwahnee careening through space and time, and the ship was badly damaged in the process. Meanwhile, Captain Vordenna’s perplexing Argosian physiology started presenting troubling but inscrutable symptoms.

USS Blythe – The Blythe, under Captain Silas Crowe, embarked on a detailed mission navigating the perils of the Ciater Nebula. This journey involved strategic engagements with both Ferengi and Breen vessels, showcasing the crew’s adept handling of unexpected threats and diplomatic encounters. The narrative unfolded with intricate tactical maneuvers, emphasizing the crew’s resilience and adaptability. As the Blythe investigated unusual activity within the nebula, they encountered a complex web of alliances and confrontations, testing their diplomatic and combat skills. Presently, the Blythe and its crew were ordered the fall back from a pursuit of a Borg Sphere and are en route to Deep Space 17 for a thorough debrief and some well-deserved R&R.

USS Gilroy – Under the command of Captain Telkir, the Gilroy received orders to visit the Shivolian homeworld for second contact. After a friendly reception, the mission concluded with a successful Starfleet/Shivolian joint medical intervention. Their next mission was preempted by orders to investigate a reactivated Borg defense outpost. After a tense journey through Chaotic Space, the crew of the Gilroy rescued eight former members of the Borg Collective and safely returned them to the Markonian Outpost before setting off for second contact with the Brunali.

Lakota Squadron – In the wake of Frontier Day’s devastation, the crew of the Hathaway and Arimathea were reassigned from their damaged vessels to ships in need of replacement crew. The Buran, the Osiris, and the Lakota became a new squadron under the leadership of Keziah Nazir, and were quickly sent out to investigate the disappearance of the science vessel Marlowe in the Ziyafa sector. The squadron was soon divided, however, when the Osiris was diverted to answer a distress call, and the Buran was diverted to investigate another Borg sighting along the Gorn-Federation border. The Lakota proceeded alone to the Marlowe’s last known whereabouts.

USS Paramount – The Paramount, under the command of a half-Romulan commander, embarked on a mission to investigate a Borg Cube’s wreckage near chaotic space, as directed by Starfleet Command. The mission led them to the Markonian Outpost, where they encountered various characters and faced the task of deactivating any remaining Borg technology to prevent the Collective’s return. This mission not only tested the crew’s capabilities but also revealed the complexities of navigating interspecies relations and the remnants of Borg influence in the region.

USS Resolute – The Resolute embarked on its mission, navigating the vastness of space, encountering Borg technologies, and confronting the complexities of the assimilated foes. Led by Captain Ryder Reese-Riggs and his new XO Commander Thais Thane, the crew faced internal challenges and the remnants of previous Borg encounters. This odyssey through space tested their strategic ingenuity, unity, and moral compass as they dealt with unforeseen threats and ethical quandaries. Currently, the Resolute resides at Deep Space 17 for some changes in its roster as well as its mandate.

Task Force Recognition


  • Lieutenant Commander Nitus – Medal of Achievement
  • Lieutenant Commander Jabir – Medal of Achievement
  • Commander Orila Karai – Medal of Achievement
  • Commander Callen Varro – Meritorious Service Cross and Star for Distinguished Service
  • Commander Khim Samnang – Meritorious Service Cross and Star for Distinguished Service
  • Captain Brennan Zale – Meritorious Service Cross and Star Cross


  • Rob Mackenzie – Commodore
  • Jabir – Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander
  • Nitus – Lieutenant Commander
  • Callen Varro – Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and Commander
  • Vynn – Cadet Freshman Grade and Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Elizabeth Foster – Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman and Ensign
  • Titus Fisher – Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade and Cadet Junior Grade
  • Cal-Dorn Prax – Cadet Freshman Grade, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade and Midshipman
  • Aika Mizuki – Cadet Junior Grade
  • Maximus – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Karl – Cadet Freshman Grade
  • Tivi Boagim – Cadet Freshman Grade


Even with the last Fleet Action in our rearview mirror, a lot is happening in Bravo Fleet right now. Our members have already run 34 competitions this year, with seven currently open and more upcoming. And in case you missed it, Starbase Bravo–our first sandbox RPG–is currently celebrating its two-year anniversary with ribbon races and other events. If you’re looking for mission ideas for your own command, be sure to check out the end of the story attached to this report. And, as always, be sure to check out our gaming office for opportunities to earn awards for playing Star Trek Online and other games. So many opportunities for our members to fulfil our most important mandate of all: HAVE FUN!