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Stormbreaker: Week 4 Fiction Update

March 7, 2022

Welcome to the update for Week 4 of the Stormbreaker Campaign! My apologies for the tardiness; a truly murderous cold made a vicious attempt on my life during the weekend, but with guile, liquids, painkillers, and sleeping (lots of sleeping) I have evaded its cunning clutches. We’re entering into the final furlong now, with only two weeks left of the campaign. It’ll be time to buckle up for big endings, dramatic climaxes, and enticing aftermaths. But first…

Week 4 (26th February – 4th March)

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Endeavour

Negotiations for the refugee shelter on the planet Whixby take a turn when Lieutenant Rhade clashes undiplomatically with a local community leader. Meanwhile, on the USS Odysseus, trapped in the subspace rift, Commander Valance conducts a rescue mission for her officers taken hostage in Main Engineering by the Odysseus’s XO, Commander Templeton, who seems to have lost his mind. When the temporal anomalies of the region sabotage the mission, Templeton continues his efforts to destroy the ship, destabilising the rift and endangering the Odysseus, the Endeavour, and the whole of Whixby.

USS Arcturus

With the USS Amador City joining Arcturus, upgrades and evacuations at Sentinel Major outpost continue. Captain Okusanya continues to transition uneasily to command, much preferring to focus on the challenges of engineering – but new challenges await. The arrival of the scout Asbestos comes with new warnings: the storm due to hit them in four hours, with no way of completing their mission to protect Sentinel Major in that time.

USS Odyssey

Split into various timeframes, the Odyssey’s destruction may be near if Captain McCallister, Commander Jen and their recruits work quickly enough to make much needed modifications to the ship to bring it back into sync with the correct timeframe. Thanks to helpful chroniton-infused serum, McCallister and Jen’s teams work hard to get the work done. At first they all enter different timeframes from the ship’s past. For Vice Admiral Max Duncan and Captain Tomaz from 2421, they encounter Duncan’s father in Odyssey’s past. The former BFCO, Fleet Admiral Duncan, is touring the ship with its new chief engineer, who quickly deduces from his Betazoid abilities they are not who they are. Meanwhile Captain McCallister’s son, Commander Alfie McCallister, from 2421 arrives in 2390 with his friend and fellow officer, Commander Jorgeh Court-Duncan. Both use holographic camouflage to appear to be their fathers from this period, only to find the ship being boarded by crazed Remans. Working with another crewmember from the past, the two must deal with what is happening as they prepare for what is about to happen to the Odyssey.   


Task Force 17

USS Atlantis

Presented with the data of the storm’s increase in speed upon and it’s imminent arrival in the Port Arthur System, Commander MacIntryre is then accused, in lieu of the Atlantis itself, of being the cause of this a jealous significant other of an old flame. Mac for his part accepts that it’s Starfleet’s duty to resolve the problem, but that they aren’t the cause. Fore-planning now called to action, he rallies all his contingency plans and hands them off to a returning Atlantis as it makes ready for a final run to Highcroft. Now it’s a matter of hurrying up and waiting.

USS Santa Fe

The Klingon forces that have seized Santhea reveal themselves to be members of House Mo’kai, there to procure a recently developed weapon system that their intelligence assets have indicated was here. Interrogations proceed in a brutish manner with the Klingons learning the nature of the device they are after, but not gaining their prize just yet. That would have to come from someone else…

SS Vondem Rose

As raiders stumble across the Vondem Rose as she takes shelter in low orbit of another world in the storm wracked system, Revin finds herself without anything to do save stay out of everyone’s way. Naturally idle hands find some task to be set to and she finds herself in Klingon Master Chef Kevak’s kitchen before being dragged out and given a harsh introduction to klingon counselling. Citing her feelings of uselessness Kevak prescribes kali-fal and kitchen duty shifts. And as the master of the food stores aboard ships, his commands carry their own weight.


Task Force 72

USS Nestus

The USS Nestus, dispatched on her maiden voyage, has set course for the planet Haven following the USS Gheryzan to conduct an anthropological study into disaster management through the eyes of surviving Eldflaugar lunar colonists. Upon arrival, the crew begin to distribute supplies while Ensign Szerda attempts to get a better understanding of her captain and Lieutenant Rayco attempts to answer a series of questions neither he, nor any normal person could ever be prepared to answer.


Task Force 86

USS Challenger

Dr. Joshua Miller, Lieutenant Commander Alexander Mitchell and Chief Engineer Christopher Jackson beam down to the surface of the Coltar colony. They are tasked with upgrading the planet’s power grid before the shield generators are installed. Commander Jackson is remonstrated with by colonial administration over the Federation’s neglect of the colony. During the conversation, Jackson promises that a new fusion reactor will be installed. Captain Forrester expresses his exasperation with Jackson for promising something that the Challenger could well lack the resources to deliver. 

USS Denver/Zebulon Pike

Commander Talon is pleased that the apparently Romulan ship’s sensors have been deceived into thinking his ship is significantly larger than it really is. He attempts to provide a convincing cover story to Commodore Sukitha for the Zebulon Pike’s presence so far from home. He then sets course for Earth. Audren suggests that the ship has been transported through time by the rift opened by the Century Storm. Talon orders the crew to get a fix on the current date. Meanwhile, Commander Tomarah suspects Talon is hiding something, reporting as much to Commodore Sukitha. She orders a pursuit of the Zebulon Pike, and its destruction. Talon searches the Zebulon Pike’s computer for records of Tomorah and Sukitha, only to discover details of two very different people to those who appeared before him on the main viewer hours before. 


Task Force 93

USS Saratoga

The Saratoga has made it into the Nebula which has affected her long and short range sensors. They picked up a subspace rift or where there used to be one, which they had launched their Aquarius Class vessel, the Oneida. After a brief investigation, the Oneida returned to the Saratoga and the Odyssey Class vessel returned on course to Aarius VII.

The Saratoga arrived at Aarius VII. Unfortunately the crew have come to a conclusion that they have less time to evacuate the colony than they originally had thought. With the Saratoga and the Convoy now in orbit, the process of evacuating the colonists begins with the Oneida and many shuttles being prepared for launch.

USS Hydra

The Hydra crew is informed of the resurgence in the ion storm in the system they are in, and the very slim timeline they have to react to it. Fleeing the system would simply see them getting caught by the storm and set adrift at best and destroyed in the worst case scenario. Leaving the ship in orbit runs the same risk of destruction but would allow the crew to take shelter on the surface. With neither of those options being acceptable, the crew decides to take even more drastic measures, namely landing a vessel not meant to land on the surface to try and shelter it beneath a dampening field web to endure the coming storms.