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We Are the Borg

The 4th Fleet launches operations in response to a suspected Borg threat.

Event Description

Forget about all that weird shit on the Stargazer. The real Borg are still out there.’ – Captain Liam Shaw

Since the deployment of the neurolytic pathogen by the USS Voyager into the Collective, the Borg have been quiet. Clearly damaged, their aggressive expansionism ceased, even in the Delta Quadrant. Encounters such as that with the Artifact were rare. Starfleet believed that the Collective had been massively, perhaps irreparably damaged, their connection too heavily disrupted by the pathogen to continue existence in a recognisable form.

Even Frontier Day was orchestrated by a hobbled Collective, the Queen on one lone vessel operating through subterfuge and an alliance with Changelings to execute a plan decades in the making that itself predated the ravages of the pathogen. While horrifying to Starfleet, it was assessed to be a gambit of cobbled-together plans and resources, methods employed wildly outside of the Borg’s norm, and it failed. This was not the Borg’s adaptation. This was the Borg’s desperation.

Or some of the Borg.


In the months since Frontier Day, reports have reached the highest echelons of Starfleet Command that the Collective is stirring again. Rumoured ship movements in Delta Quadrant territories they were thought to have withdrawn from. Long-distance sensors picking up Borg signatures in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. There is no confirmed sign of aggression; no confirmation ships have been lost to the Borg – these are dangerous regions of space, after all, where vessels may have fallen to a myriad of fates.

At the same time, rumours have arisen from the criminal underworld that match reports from cybernetic researchers: Borg devices separated from the Collective are ‘waking up.’ From Starfleet labs to the Borg cybernetic black markets to the graveyards picked over by researchers and profiteers alike, Borg devices believed defunct are activating to transmit a signal, a simple homing beacon. This has triggered a race as Starfleet and other governments seek to secure these devices ahead of each other and black market racketeers. Some seek to learn more about the Borg. Some seek to understand why this signal is transmitting and how to stop it. Others seek weapons, power, and profit. And in the most distant edges of Starfleet’s sensor ranges, the homing beacons go silent as these far-off Borg signatures reach them.

Nobody in leadership wants to say it, but the truth rings silently in the halls of power across the galaxy, regardless: the Borg are awakening.

The Federation is wary of overreacting. Starfleet was devastated by the Borg mere months ago, physically and psychologically. Mobilising the fleet would be a massive logistical undertaking and risk allowing the mental scars of Frontier Day to cause as much damage as Mars, setting back the Federation’s recovery another generation. This could all be for nothing. As such, the Fourth Fleet has been mobilised to respond – not secretly, but quietly.

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Let’s find out soon if resistance is futile…


About the Event

Event Type
Fleet Action
3 phases
Start Date
27 October 2023
End Date
11 December 2023

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