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[WATB Phase 1]: Awesome Mix Vol. 1


Music is a great way to spark inspiration. So many of us listen while we write, create, chat, compete. But how much have you really thought about what you listen to?

Create a playlist for this Fleet Action. The expectation is that it’s inspired by the story you’re writing in the FA – but it doesn’t have to be. While the obvious choice is to craft a playlist for a Mission or character’s arc, you can theme it more generally around the Borg, or the Intelligence Office fictions released already, or even the competitions.

This playlist can use songs or instrumental pieces – movie scores (Star Trek or otherwise!) or ballads – and be of any genre. It could be the soundtrack that plays in your head during action sequences or the songs that make you think of your characters. Playlists still tell some sort of emotional story with ebbs and flows, and should not just be a mash of completely disparate tracks.

Whatever you select, you must explain!

A good example of character playlists and their explanations can be found here (, written by the players in the Critical Role D&D Live Stream for their characters. As you see, some track choices are very short – they just like the songs and think they’re a good vibe! – while others are deeper and more reflective.


  • Submissions must include a link to your playlist and an explanation of your track choice in the competition text box.
  • Playlists must be 5 to 8 tracks in length. They must be created on Spotify, YouTube, or any free-to-access, no login-required music platform.
  • The track explanation is a reflective piece of writing. It should explain each track, why it was chosen, and what it is trying to convey (to you, about your story, or about your character).
  • Submissions will be judged on the explanation, not the music itself. Any choice is appropriate if justified. Submissions will be judged on your playlist's (as-explained) Originality, Suitability, Narrative Cohesion, and the Clarity of your Explanation. There is no minimum or maximum word count, but too short and unclear or too long and rambling may suffer in 'Clarity.'


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