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[WATB Phase 2]: Character Mood Board


Mood boards are a great way to explore stories and ideas visually. They’re collages of different images that, together, tell a tale and paint a complete picture.

Create a mood board for one of your characters, with some consideration of what they might be going through during the Fleet Action (or have gone through in relation to the Borg).

Pinterest is a popular site to use for creating these – just Google ‘pinterest character board’ and look at the results for some inspiration! Images can be of characters themselves, of the clothes they’d wear, or objects they possess, of food they enjoy or places they care about. But they can also be more abstract and evocative – they can relate to the colours, elements, or feelings you associate with the character or the character associates with themselves, or even images containing snippets of relevant poetry quotes. Let loose and dig deep about who your character is.

You do not have to use Pinterest! A great source of mood board examples can be found here ( which shows different formats, some more dynamic, some more contained.


  • Submissions must include a link to a Pinterest board OR an attached image. They must also specify which character the mood board is about and link to their BFMS page.
  • Submissions will be graded on Originality, Suitability, and Aesthetics.


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