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[WATB Phase 2]: Resistance Will Be Annihilated


Star Trek Online dropped the Mirror Borg into the mix, and if you haven’t read up on them, please do so. They are terrifying – they’re harder to put down, they have expanded regenerative capabilities, and they target only people with tactical training and kill the rest. They’re also shown as incredibly tactical – they have special regeneration drones, they indiscriminately blow up spheres in kamikaze runs on groups of starships, and they’re shown as having objectives for assimilation. They’re as if your own nightmares weren’t exactly the nightmares they need, so they needed to come up with new ones.

By now, you’ve seen the missions and briefings for this Fleet Action. In this competition, we want you to write a briefing as if instead of our Prime Borg are involved, write one as if the Mirror Borg from STO are involved instead.


  • Write a mission summary, no more than 500 words, for a mission for this Fleet Action, involving the Mirror Borg instead of the Prime Borg. Missions will take place in the Prime Universe, not the Mirror Universe.
  • Points will be given to the most creative mission using the Mirror Borg from Star Trek Online.


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Imya Jori 10 2023-11-22 16:10:43
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