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The Lost Fleet

The 4th Fleet launches operations in response to the reemergence of the Lost Fleet in the Deneb Sector.

Event Description

In 2374, a Dominion Fleet from the Gamma Quadrant entered the Bajoran Wormhole. Had it arrived, it would have crushed the Federation Alliance forces entrenched in the Battle of Deep Space 9. Only the intervention of the Prophets, entreated by Captain Benjamin Sisko to act, stopped them, the fleet seemingly vanishing before it ever reached the Alpha Quadrant. For over twenty-five years, it was assumed the Prophets had destroyed them, and the so-called Lost Fleet became a favourite topic of discussion for armchair admirals and Starfleet historians.

Now, in March 2401, at the dawn of the twenty-fifth century, the Lost Fleet has returned. And with Starfleet Command failing to recognise the danger at their door, only the Fourth Fleet can stop them.

Lore Office Guidance

The campaign of The Lost Fleet is a series of independent stories all contributing to the greater narrative around the first 2023 Fleet Action. Members will write the stories of their ships and crews responding to the crisis, and the Intel Office will respond to these and advance the campaign’s events.

Any member is welcome to participate in The Lost Fleet. If you have a primary command, you can write the story of your starship and crew rallying to the defence of the Deneb Sector. You can start a Mission on BFMS under this fleet-wide Mission. If you want to write with another member, you can do so! Your ships or characters can work together on missions. BFMS supports this.

Event Missions Stories
Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Event Wide

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About the Event

Event Type
Fleet Action
3 phases
Start Date
5 May 2023
End Date
18 June 2023

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