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[TLF Phase 3]: Captain’s Log


Captain’s Logs are one of the most iconic tropes in Star Trek, and they feature in many, many episodes to help set the stage for the audience. If written well, they can summarize why the story is starting, where it’s starting, and what the audience can hope to see next, all without spoiling the ending of an episode. For this competition, you should try to write the best captain’s log you possibly can. It should be succinct, interesting, and free of grammatical, mechanical, or stylistic issues. Remember in this genre that brevity is truly the soul of wit.


  • Your captain's log may be no more than 150 words long. The submission should include a phrase like "Captain's Log" and the stardate, but no other prose details, such as where the log is being recorded.
  • You should submit your log directly to the competition. If it is also posted into one of your stories, you should also link to it.
  • You may not use a captain's log from an earlier phase in this Fleet Action.
  • Submissions will be evaluated based on clarity, interestingness, style, and cleverness.


User ID Date Entry
Chris Rouse 17 2023-06-16 19:39:21
Imya Jori 10 2023-06-12 01:07:49
Harlow Mason 2080 2023-06-11 15:17:50
Andreus Kohl 2374 2023-06-11 11:13:17
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2023-06-10 14:17:13
Sky Athenos 2640 2023-06-09 14:47:24
Erill'Yun Mek 2187 2023-06-09 07:37:23
K'vagh 2671 2023-06-08 21:47:40
Ryoko Takato 2545 2023-06-08 20:00:22
Geronimo Fontana 2468 2023-06-08 17:44:58
2681 2023-06-08 16:07:33
James Neidlinger 1 2023-06-08 14:28:38
Aryanna Rigras 2486 2023-06-07 20:09:09
Varen Wyll 2419 2023-06-06 21:20:49
Tavek 2622 2023-06-05 22:14:31
James MacLeod 653 2023-06-05 20:43:53
Joshua Bryant 2586 2023-06-05 03:10:48
Aris Suin 2583 2023-06-04 23:09:43

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