[TLF Phase 3] The 2800 Scavenger Hunt


As you are probably well aware, The Lost Fleet tries to answer the question about what happened to the 2800 Dominion ships that the Prophets “eliminated” in DS9 “Sacrifice of Angels”. STO already tried to do something similar years ago, with the story arc “Lost Dominion”, which has subsequently been retired from the main story arc for several different problems with the missions. You could tell they intend to return them some day, with some of the updates done, with a particular focus on the voice acting and retconning the missions to include characters that were not in it originally – Garak being one of them, to replace Rugen Styl. Strangely enough, this arc also gives a backstory to one of the main NPCs in the Victory is Life arc, and though we would expect it to be a matter of time to be reintroduced, Lost Dominion continues to be an anomaly. This scavenger hunt features this lost arc, testing your knowledge of something that is dated, somewhat out of character, likely to be retconned… and one of the most recognized and celebrated removed content that continues to be available.

For this scavenger hunt, you need to find the following:

  1. One of the more jarring things in Second Wave nowadays is the map of DS9. It was built this way to accommodate the third person perspective camera, which is admittedly the one thing that DS9’s new map has problems with at times, leading to some odd camera angles. But the version in Second Wave, being the original, has some problems in the conversion, one of which being that Quark’s Bar has none of the exterior seating. Find the place where it’s supposed to be.
  2. Another criticism of the DS9 in Second Wave is that the round airlock doors are sized way too big. Use your captain for a size comparison.
  3. There is a person giving a speech on a bench in Second Wave. Find them.
  4. Hathon, on Bajor, is a strange anomaly. It has many amenities, some of which even DS9 does not have, but strangely enough there is also a forklift on the map. Find the forklift.
  5. At the time of the launch of this arc, Operation Gamma showed the best wormhole graphics in the game. Take a screenshot of the cut-scene which shows off this the best in this mission.
  6. A few of the reasons why this arc has been removed is because the assets were used more effectively during newer missions; Facility 4028 is one of the obvious uses of this, as it was the basis maps for the prison in the Age of Discovery arc episode The Plausibility of the Possible. Find the character that is the same in between the two.
  7. The cells of Facility 4028 are filled with quite a rogue’s gallery of inmates, accused of and for the most part convicted of some heinous crimes. One of these though is actually not in this facility, because we know they are elsewhere in the Universe due to another mission. Find this prisoner.
  8. KURLAND HERE! This part of Boldly They Rode is the most parodied, meme’d and of course mocked parts of the entire game, because all the voiceovers say the exact same thing for Kurland. See if you can catch one in the wild.
  9. You may be in the middle of combat in Boldly They Rode, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be like Al Lorenzo. Take a moment and make him proud.
  10. Jeffrey Combs features a lot in this arc, but he’s notoriously absent from the last part of Boldly They Rode. Laris describes why.


  • Answer the Scavenger Hunt questions using one screenshot per answer
  • Submit all screenshots to this competition as one entry to this competition.
  • The most correct screen captures submitted wins.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person that submitted the most Action Ribbons during this phase.


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