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[TLF Phase 1]: Triple Encryption


An encoded transmission has been intercepted from the Dominion. It has been found in pieces by receivers in multiple different areas, but Starfleet Communication is confident that the cipher can be re-assembled, the message can be decrypted, and the point of origin of the transmission can be located.

  1. It is recommended that you print the attached PDF or annotate it digitally as you proceed.
  2. Complete the acrostic puzzle first. 
  3. One of the words in the purple column from the acrostic puzzle—the column that runs through all of the rows and intersects with the last letter of the tope clue—is found in the cryptogram. The numbers are not relevant. Use your solution to the purple column as a hint to solve the cryptogram.
  4. Solve the cryptogram. You should provide the cipher (as in which number corresponds to which letter) as well. 
  5. Using the cipher from the cryptogram, convert this string backward from letters to numbers to reveal the coordinates of the transmission origin point: KGB-INV-TAO.
  6. Submit all of your answers to the linked Google Quiz. You will only be able to submit once, but you may edit your answer up until the competition closes. Your submission time will resubmit to the time of your last edit for tie-breaking purposes.


  • Correct answers to the acrostic clues will earn one point each.
  • Answering every acrostic clue correctly will earn 24 additional points.
  • Correct answers to the cipher numbers will earn one point for each letter.
  • The correct decryption to the cryptogram will earn 26 points.
  • Correct answers to the coordinate decryption will earn 10 points for each number.
  • Answering the entire coordinate decryption correctly will earn 20 additional points.
  • There are a total of 200 points possible.
  • Placement will be determined based on the highest score. Ties will be broken based on the time of submission.


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