The Echoes of the Tkon

The 4th Fleet scrambles to respond to a galactic-level threat of Omega

Event Description

The Echoes of the Tkon is the second Bravo Fleet Fleet Action which will run from 24 July 2021 until 17 September 2021. The Echoes of the Tkon will consist of three phases and is primarily based around the Omega Crisis of 2399.


  • Phase 1 — 24 July 2021 until 6 August 2021
  • Phase 2  — 14 August 2021 until 27 August 2021
  • Phase 3 — 4 September 2021 until 17 September 2021


Each individual will earn five points per event they participate in towards their overall score for the Echoes of the Tkon event. Participation is defined as a valid submission for an event. Simply signing up for an event or uploading an unqualified submission will not count. You have to put in the effort in order to receive the reward.

Additionally, the top three individuals in each event will earn placement points. First place will earn four points, 2nd Place will earn three points, and 3rd Place will earn two points. Events will have modifiers based on their perceived difficulty/level of effort required: modifier for fiction will be 3, modifier for gaming will be 2, and no modifier will be added to puzzle and trivia events.

Grading formula: (Placement Score * Event Modifier) + Participation = Event Score

At the end of the competition, the individual scores for all three weeks will be added up, and the top three individuals will earn stars. The task force with the most points earned by its members will also receive a prize (!!), and of course, bragging rights.

Lore Office Guidance

Omega particles have been detected across the galaxy, activating the Omega Directive. Some starships are on the front lines, their ship’s systems locking down with the Omega Directive until only the captain, bound by law to keep the existence of Omega a secret, lifts the lockdown and gives further orders. Other captains receive classified briefings to race to an afflicted region and either assist in evacuation, or in the safe destruction of the molecules.


About the Event

Event Type
Fleet Action
3 phases
Start Date
24 July 2021
End Date
17 September 2021

Managed By the

Office of the Chief of Staff

This service is managed by the Office of the Chief of Staff. If you have questions about this service, please contact an office staff member.