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[Phase 3]: STO Scavenger Hunt


Log on to Star Trek Online and find these Omega related items in the Solonae Dyson Sphere (Allied Space, Contested Space, Undine Battlezone, Voth Ground Zone, Joint Command, Fleet Spire):

  1. Charge! The ion stream has a very bright one.
  2. One of the NPCs in the Joint Command area is labeled as if he is a vendor, but he does not have an icon above his head. Find him.
  3. Toggling this console on the Fleet Spire lowers a screen into place, and then raises it. The organizer of this event is embarrassed to say he has lowered and raised it multiple times every time he goes there since discovering this function.
  4. Spires are massive structures, engineering marvels like the Dyson sphere itself. There is only one species that has destroyed one of these structures: Species 8472.
  5. The engineering that went into the Dyson sphere is exposed at one part of the Contested Zone. See if you can angle yourself to get a clearer picture all the way down.
  6. The Voth Ground Battlezone is but one small part of the central spire in the Contested Zone. Perhaps taking in the scope of the scale of the area would be good?
  7. Hanging around the Contested Zone, really high up, is a lone ship with a message for you from a friendly contact in the Voth. Find this ship.
  8. Generally we don’t encourage trophy hunting, but getting a picture with a downed V-Rex is one of those few exceptions.
  9. There’s a floating city on a large platform in the Undine Battlezone, and it does not like to be buzzed by starships.

Tiebreaker question:

The Voth are arrogant to a fault because they believe they are the superior race and created all the best technology, including the Dyson sphere itself. Find out more about their doctrine in the battlezone by raiding their caches. The more screenshots you can submit of each of these, the better!


  • Submit screenshots of the items above, captioned appropriately with what you took screenshots of, for a single point.
  • The most screenshots of accurate items wins!
  • For the tiebreaker question, collect as many pieces of the Voth doctrine cache pieces in the Ground Battlezone. This will be used only in the event of a tiebreaker, but as many screenshots of this as you can get is best. In the case of a tie for the tiebreaker, the earliest submission will be declared the winner.


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