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Bravo Fleet Command: Echoes of the Tkon

The Second Bravo Fleet Action

Mission Description

Omega particles have been detected across the galaxy, activating the Omega Directive. Some starships are on the front lines, their ship’s systems locking down with the Omega Directive until only the captain, bound by law to keep the existence of Omega a secret, lifts the lockdown and gives further orders. Other captains receive classified briefings to race to an afflicted region and either assist in evacuation, or in the safe destruction of the molecules. The stability of the galaxy is at stake as Starfleet rushes to resolve a crisis threatening all interstellar travel and communication in the galaxy.

But what has caused this unprecedented event?

About the Mission

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End Date

23 September 2021

The End and the Beginning

Bravo Fleet Command: Echoes of the Tkon

‘Commander.’ Kimathi’s voice was soft, but it was still enough to jerk Airex awake. He sat up on the small cot in the corner of the beacon chamber, ostensibly set up as a place to rest and wait and yet what had become almost all of his living space these past days. His throat was dry, and he [...]

10 August 2021


Bravo Fleet Command: Echoes of the Tkon

‘Chief?’ Deep in the Jefferies Tubes running through the bowels of the ship, the voice echoed around her so badly Kimathi didn’t recognise it. ‘I said I’ll be a minute! Get a grip without me!’ she hollered back at whatever latest engineer needed her to hold their hand through routine [...]

21 July 2021


Bravo Fleet Command: Echoes of the Tkon

Several hundred hours of zero-g maintenance under her belt didn’t stop Kimathi’s stomach from lurching when her boots secured a thudding lock on the hull. In one heartbeat, the momentum from her EV suit’s thrusters became the momentum of the gently spinning survey platform, and she gave [...]