The Raptor’s Wings: [Week 3] Which Task Force?

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Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

Using three clues for each, identify the task force within Bravo Fleet, past or present, using the tools available to you (BFMS, Wiki,, etc.)

Task Force A
Clue 1: Was originally an anti-terrorism task force
Clue 2: Shifted from an orange logo to a black one
Clue 3: Was disbanded by the 4th Fleet on August 25th, 2386

Task Force B
Clue 1: Was headquarters for 4th Fleet Intelligence
Clue 2: Logo was the color grey
Clue 3: Was disbanded by the 4th Fleet in February 2385

Task Force C
Clue 1: Operated in what became known as “The Old Theater”
Clue 2: Originally known as Defense Force Delta
Clue 3: Was completed destroyed by opposing forces in 2384 and rebuilt years later


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