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USS Ranger

Intrepid-class • NCC-74658 • Fourth Fleet

The USS Ranger (NCC-74658) is an Intrepid-class light explorer assigned to the Fourth Fleet and captained by Commander Thabo Xhakaza. As part of Sirius Squadron she is primarily based out of Gateway Station in the Midgard Sector, and is the designated survey vessel of the formation. The Federation’s knowledge of space formerly part of the Neutral Zone or Romulan Star Empire is limited, and operations out of Gateway are charged with exploring, charting, and studying regions, including some very close to the border that Starfleet has only recently been legally able to access.

With the modern and sophisticated USS Liberty in the squadron, the Ranger is rarely sent to the highest-priority exploration missions. She is, as such, posted to survey missions closer to Gateway, rounding out Starfleet’s knowledge of the immediate reaches of the sector. She is also dispatched to follow-up Liberty’s explorations, either investing time where the larger ship cannot, or where a higher priority situation has drawn her away. As such, the Ranger’s operations vary between routine study of local space to long-term surveys of locations of intrigue to secondary exploratory operations.

Many of the Ranger’s crew have been rapidly elevated after the critical loss of personnel from Frontier Day, including Commander Xhakaza, and several of the senior staff are less than a year out of the Academy. This young crew thus stands committed to upholding the Federation’s principles on this difficult frontier while seeking to prove their worth and forge their own path.

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Sirius Expeditionary Squadron

Sirius Expeditionary Squadron, also known as Sirius Squadron, is a squadron centered around the Odyssey-class USS Sirius under the command of Commodore Matt Rourke, based out of Gateway Station in the Midgard Sector on the Federation’s Beta Quadrant frontier. The squadron serves two missions: the secondary mission of supporting the sector-wide responsibilities of the Gateway Station, and its primary mission as a rapid deployment force beyond Federation borders.

In its expeditionary capacity, Sirius Squadron stands ready to deploy outside of Federation territory at short notice to respond to emerging situations across the galaxy. With multiple versatile and powerful ships at its disposal, the squadron is capable of operating independently and without support for extended periods, and is flexible enough to face a range of missions, including under volatile circumstances where objectives and conditions can quickly change.

Outside of such deployments, the squadron maintains readiness in case of need, and supports Gateway Station’s operations. From its HQ, its ships pursue Starfleet’s mission to maintain regional stability through diplomatic and humanitarian operations and pursue avenues of scientific research and exploration into the former territories of the Old Romulan Star Empire. Since the escalation of tensions with the Klingon Empire and their interest in the territory of the fallen Star Empire, Sirius Squadron has been a cornerstone of protecting both the Federation border, and Starfleet’s allies in the Romulan Republic.

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