Profile Overview


Vulcan Male

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2392 Strategic Operations Officer Task Force 21
2392 - 2396 Strategic Operations Officer Starbase 110
2396 - 2399 Strategic Operations Officer Starbase 17
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - Present Mission Commander's Attaché USS Arcturus
Lieutenant Commander

Character Summary

After first serving with the V'Shar (Vulcan Security and Intelligence Service), Voral was commissioned into Starfleet as a Lieutenant in 2389. Since then, he has served in various strategic operations capabilities and now serves as the attaché to Rear Admiral Elizabeth Hayden. Even for Vulcans, he is unusually haughty and often finds it difficult to deal with species that he considers less mature and less advanced, such as Humans.

Current Assignment

Chief Strategic Operations Officer
USS Arcturus