Profile Overview

Alenis Anjar

Bajoran Male

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2371 Pre-Medical Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade
2371 - 2372 Pre-Medical Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2372 - 2373 Pre-Medical Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2372 - 2376 Medical Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2376 - 2379 Neurology Resident Starfleet Medical, Earth
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2380 - 2383 Chief Medical Officer USS Point Arena
2383 - 2387 Attending Physician in Neurology Starfleet Medical, Earth
Lieutenant Commander
2387 - 2390 Head of Neurology Starfleet Medical, Bajor
2390 - 2391 Medical Officer Starbase 72
2391 - 2394 Chief Medical Officer USS Honjo
2394 - 2399 Commanding Officer USS Honjo
2399 - Present Captain of Medicine USS Arcturus (NCC-84000)

Character Summary

Though sometimes cynical and even jaded, Anjar cares deeply about his work and his patients. Though he was the son of a vedek, he eschews traditional Bajoran culture in favor of assimilating with more mainstream Federation culture, which includes the order of his name and his refusal to wear a religious earring. Trained as a neurologist, Anjar has seen extensive service, with tours on planetary bases, starships, and hospital ships.

Current Assignment

Captain of Medicine
Third Officer
USS Arcturus