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With the dramatic resurgence of the Maquis and the danger posed in the former DMZ, Osiris is officially ordered to support Lakota squadron with relief efforts. Unofficially, a quest to uncover Cardassian involvement in the destruction of a Federation transport begins in earnest...

USS Osiris (Archive)

Task Force 17

USS Osiris is a Reliant-class frigate assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Lakota Squadron. She stands as a unique and revered addition to Starfleet, as she is the first vessel to bear this illustrious name, inspired by the Egyptian god of the afterlife and rebirth. In 2392, Osiris was commissioned as one of the pioneers of her class, symbolizing Starfleet’s commitment to maintaining peace and order along its borders and spacelanes. However, her journey through the cosmos was not without challenges. Engaging in several intense skirmishes with Dominion forces and enduring the harrowing events of the Frontier Day disaster, Osiris found herself in need of significant repairs and crew replacements. It was during this time that she underwent extensive maintenance at Avalon Fleet Yards.

A new chapter in Osiris’s history unfolded with the arrival of Captain T’Prynn, the previous commander of the starship Venture. This experienced leader brought with her a wealth of knowledge and strategic acumen that was well-suited to the challenges that lay ahead.

Osiris’s first mission under the auspices of the squadron sees her provide relief efforts to worlds in the former DMZ. Unofficially, however, a secret quest is soon underway to uncover the truth about Cardassian involvement in the destruction of a Federation transport…

Lakota’s Debut Mission     Buran’s Debut Mission     Osiris’ Debut Mission

The stories of Lakota Squadron are rated 2-2-2 for mature subject matter, including some moderate violence, language and sexual content.

Avatars in this squadron are personal commissions, or located at Sci-Fi Avatars or Free Use from STPMA.

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6 November 2023

A Possible Sighting

USS Osiris: Echoes of the Lost

Captain’s log, supplemental.   Lakota has passed the Ursa Astralis micronebula reported by Marlowe and has entered the Ziyafa sector. We are headed for the location of a rendezvous scheduled in the log of Lieutenant commander Voss. Sensors have detected a small vessel, believed to be the [...]

5 November 2023

Even Guardians need help every once in a while

USS Osiris: Sphere of Menace

“Report!” Striding into the Osiris bridge from the starboard turbo lift, Giarvar was practically at the command chair by the time Noli rose to her feet and stepped aside for him. Usually calm and collected, the Trill was looking weary and on edge. The command center was bathed in a warm, red [...]

29 October 2023


USS Osiris: Border of Secrets

He could still hear it, even now. After two long months, every time he lay down to sleep, the terrors of Frontier Day would take him. Where they took him, that was anyone’s guess. But they would take him. They would engulf him. They would cause him to wake dripping wet and pulse racing. Even [...]

29 October 2023

Tense Achievements

USS Osiris: Echoes of the Lost

Being responsible for the lives of nearly nine hundred souls across the squadron weighed heavy on Keziah’s usually broad shoulders. She hadn’t hesitated in stepping up just days ago when Admiral Grayson had ordered her to assume command of the unit from her new flagship, the Lakota, but a lot [...]