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After the conclusion of the Lost Fleet, Frontier Day and the appearance of the Borg, the USS Tokyo has to endure the heavy changes that had occurred. Commander Yoon-Jung is now faced to follow a breadcrumb trail... while Starfleet searches them.

USS Tokyo

Task Force 86

“I learned courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

~ Nelson Mandela

The USS Tokyo has returned to Deep Space 47 after surviving the Frontier Day at Avalon Fleet Yards. But it came with a price, as Captain Jameson was killed when the Borg tried to take over the ship. However, the crew doesn’t have room to mourn their losses as Task Force 47 needs them back in the field. After the trials in Deneb, Tokyo is reassigned to Task Force 86 and sent on a dangerous mission. The conclusion is that Borg claimed its prices, leaving Tokyo behind. But now a weak broadcasting signal has changed everything for.

The Tokyo is traveling the path of the unknown while being hunted by none other than the USS Mariner. Will Commander Yoon-Jung is holding onto the quote…one for all, all for one.

Mariner Science Vessel Division

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18 February 2024

10) Our path

USS Tokyo: M3: Follow The Broken Trail

The senior staff had gathered in the conference room to wait for the next step in their dangerous path. One that could inflict damage to their career, to their lives, and maybe to others. This gave off a tense and uncertain vibe in the room that couldn’t be calmed down; they all accepted [...]

16 February 2024

9)The Choice

USS Tokyo: M3: Follow The Broken Trail

Good day. What you are about to read will certainly change your path within Starfleet. People will judge you upon this choice or praise you for it. But this choice is yours and yours alone. Tokyo’s command team will hold no grudge against you, so whatever you choose, we will support [...]

12 February 2024

8) Down the rabbit hole

USS Tokyo: M3: Follow The Broken Trail

The mess from the ready room was still in the same state after the event went down with the Borg. Messy was chaotic, yet one soul could get her peace in that chaos. The counsel department had a field day with the mind of their Captain. Yet no one could give her the desired answer: what were these [...]

7 February 2024

7) Time is Ticking

USS Tokyo: M3: Follow The Broken Trail

Engineering “So I am very honored to take over Commander Deem’s position even under these rough situations,” Cezs spoke in high spirits. The tellarite was quite proud of the fact that she made the step-up to become a Chief Engineer of Tokyo. She looked at Ko with a neutral [...]