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Wren Walton

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Walton


Captain / Division Commander
USS Dragonfly


Wren Angelica Walton


Shirebrook Mansfield, United Kingdom


No nonsense, and ready for a long stretch in the center chair.  Long the problem solver with Starfleet Command she’s requested a more permanent placing.


Wren is an angular figure, lithe in nature.  Her hair is often pulled up, and her eyes are intense given her nature.  She’s known for keeping her uniform above standard and ensuring others do so as well.

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Wren is a time-tested captain and doesn’t put up with much – she’s direct, focused, and determined to do the best job she can for as long as she can.


Early Life (2361-2379)

Wren was born to William and Gwendolyn on 5.6.2361.  She was a fighter from elementary to middle school.  Her parents sent her to a reform school for her high school years.  After a rough freshman year, Walton found her groove and responded well to the discipline and rigor of the school.  She didn’t make many friends.

Starfleet Academy (2379-2383)

She was recommended for Starfleet and was accepted.  Her academy years are marked with mild issues when it came to working with others.  She started off her junior year dedicated to finding a way to do better at working with others.  Like her high school experience, she found a way direct her attention and emotions.  Her senior year is marked with several awards and accolades around her ability to lead a team and work well with others.

USS Rusat (2383-2385)

Ensign Walton is assigned to the USS Rusat as an operations officer.  Within a year she is Chief Operations Officer, and is working to assist other departments in focusing on bringing the crew together.  She receives a call from Starfleet Command in 2385 and is transferred.

Starfleet’s Problem Solver (2385-2401)

From 2385-2392 she was ranked at Lieutenant Commander and assigned to assist, train, and solve issues around Chief of Operations positions around the fleet.  She exceled at determining if officers should remain in their position or move somewhere else.  In 2392, she is promoted to Commander.

From 2392-2399 she trained other commanders and XOs in improving performance.  She is awarded several awards in her position and becomes known as a ‘Problem Solver’ from ship to ship.  In 2399 she is promoted to Captain.

From 2399 to 2401, she counseled and worked with captains and commanders to address issues with commands and relationships. She grew tired of moving from ship to station to ship, and in 2401, Walton applied for a command.

USS Mackenzie (2.07.2401-9.20.2401)

Assigned as Captain 02.07.2401.

USS Dragonfly (9.20.2401-Present)

In a surprise move, the crew of the Makenzie is reassigned to the USS Dragonfly.