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Part of USS Tokyo: M3: Follow The Broken Trail

9)The Choice

USS Tokyo - Shuttlebay
June 2401
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Good day. What you are about to read will certainly change your path within Starfleet. People will judge you upon this choice or praise you for it. But this choice is yours and yours alone. Tokyo’s command team will hold no grudge against you, so whatever you choose, we will support it. 


So what is going on? Upon failing our mission with the Borg, I will not sugarcoat it. It was a disaster, and I take most of the weight upon my shoulders for the sloppy work that came from it. We lost valuable members of our crew, not of our family. This has severely damaged our morale, and it is an understandable blow. Losing someone you know you care for is never easy. 


But recently, I have had recurring dreams, visions that are vivid and seem quite real. I checked with our Chief Medical Officer, and it seemed that the visions were real in some form and degree. They are a signal that I received with the remaining nano’s I had from our first away team mission at the Broken Cube. The message is from our First Officer, Commander Towalr. It only states, help.


Now here is the pickle I am in, I have made the choice to follow this signal, this message. But it means that I will against Starfleet orders, better I go rogue as I won’t report myself because the answer of Starfleet is obvious. Starfleet doesn’t want to provoke the Borg in any form or state. Yet, as the Captain of this vessel, I can’t ignore the pleading of my crew members, and I will go after them.


Your choice is simple. Are you with me, or do you not want to risk your Starfleet career? Because if you go with me, you might face a court marshal, you might lose your rank, and you might be reassigned to different locations, which makes it difficult to develop yourself. I will be in the shuttlebay today, if you desire to leave, pack your bags and meet me there. I will ship send you off and thank you for everything you have done for Tokyo myself. If you stay, continue your job, and we go to work quickly. 




Captain Yoon-Jung

Standing there with her hands behind her back, she waited. The shuttlebay was going to be the choke point of this upcoming mission. She needed the support of her people to be able to do what needed to be done. Even if it goes against everything that Starfleet stands for. But her mind was set on it, and on her way to the shuttlebay, she already saw people mumbling to each other about the message she had sent. 

“You’re nervous?” The voice of Viamame came, looking at her Captain.

“I would not be human if I was not nervous. I just basically told my crew that I would go rogue and defy Starfleet orders. The very organization they built up everything for, now the potential threat existed that it might be going down the drain,” Ko replied calmly, looking at the door. “The golden rule for me is, if the shuttles get too full, then I will cancel it, and I will go myself out of the Tokyo

Viamame narrowed her eyes, looking at the door. “Some people won’t agree with such action, right?” Taking a deep breath, “I feel obligated to go with you. I still have no idea what the impact of the nano was on your brain or nervous system. What if you shut down or turn over to the Borg when you are in range of them?” Viamame muttered a bit, “Whatever the case is, I will be at your side.”

Giving a firm nod to the loyalty of her doctor, “Thank you.” Ko briefly replied, “I got four shuttles here, ready to go.” She looked briefly over her shoulder, seeing the shuttles standing ready. The pilots that were in it already announced that they were not going to be part of the mission, and she thanked them for their service. She was looking back when she heard the door open and saw a group of officers walking into the shuttlebay.

“Here we go…” Viamame said, giving a nod to the approaching members. 

After a while, Ko looked over her shoulder and saw that three shuttles were filled with about twenty-five people. Meaning that she had about one hundred and fifty-five people still onboard the ship if she counted the people she had lost during their last mission. Ko looked at Viamame. “I guess this is it….we got a crew.” 

Viamame nodded to her Captain and looked at the shuttles. “They seem scared and worried, so they are at peace with their choice. Time to wrap it up,” She finally spoke, crossing her arms over each other. 

Walking to the back of open shuttles where the groups stood, they looked at their Captain. “I need to ask you all for a favor. This will not imply any danger to your career because you do not know. When you leave this ship, you will be unable to contact us, we will be shutting down our communication. You travel to Markonian Outpost; it is only a few day’s travel. You got enough rations to get there. If a ship picks you up of Starfleet designation, answer their hail. If they ask about the nature of our mission, you do not know.”

She saw everyone talking to each other as she bowed forward, “Thank you for your service to this ship and your fellow crew. I will recommend you all for a Medal of Achievement, even if I do not know if it will stick.” Ko raised her head, seeing everyone saluting her, as she looked confused at them.

An officer said, ” Everyone here has their own reason to do this. We do not think less of you. We thank you for giving us that option. Not only that, but we wish you the best of luck on your voyage and hope you can achieve your mission of retrieving our lost crew.” He smiled as the others nodded, taking the entrée into their shuttles as they spread evenly. 

The shuttles started to live off and moved into space as Ko looked at them leaving.

“There they go…” Viamame spoke, and paths her captain on the back.

She nods to that, seeing the shuttles disappear from her eyesight, and taps her combadge, “Yoon-Jung to the bridge.” Ko turned around and started to walk to the exit of the shuttlebay.

“Bridge here” 

“Cut the communication, plot the course, and warp,” She ordered.

“Understood, Bridge out.” With that, the Tokyo powers up its engine and aligns its course as it jumps into warp, starting its new mission.