USS Ingenuity (NCC-97603)

While research and development activities typically occur on starbases and outposts within Federation territory, sometimes the greatest discoveries are made amongst the stars. This is the mission of the Polaris Squadron.


Pathfinder-class • NCC-97603 • Fourth Fleet

Polaris Squadron, under the command of Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes, is a mission unit associated with Bravo Fleet Command that principally supports the work of the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA), a specialized, cross-functional unit intended to fuel Starfleet’s innovation engine through discovery, investigations and interactions on the frontier. Polaris Squadron also provides rapid response for critical non-traditional events, from biological threats to spacetime anomalies, where the experience of ASTRA’s scientists, engineers and analysts are particularly suited.

The USS Ingenuity is a Pathfinder-class science vessel that provides the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity with small, flexible and nimble vessel for research. While often working alongside the full squadron, the USS Ingenuity may operate independently when the Polaris is otherwise engaged or when the large size of the flagship is a limiting factor.

The stories of Polaris Squadron are rated 2-2-2 for mature subject matter, including violence, language and sexual content.

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