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USS Constellation (NCC-91017)

The Constellation is a Constitution III-class explorer seeking to connect the dots between the mysteries of deep space exploration and uncertain diplomatic relations with the Romulan Free State.


Constitution III-class • NCC-91017 • Fourth Fleet

USS Constellation is a Constitution III-class explorer assigned to the Fourth Fleet. It is currently under the command of Captain Taes. A team of civilian scientists from the Romulan Free State is permanently assigned to support the Constellation’s investigation of scientific mysteries beyond the charted edges of Federation space. Although the crew’s search for knowledge is vital, their paramount mission is to improve diplomatic relations between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Free State through both crews learning to work as one.

Captain Taes’ earlier adventures have been told aboard the USS Dvorak (Season One) and the USS Sarek (Season Two).

USS Constellation Dedication Plaque

“We only see starlight because all the stars are bleeding.”

– Steven Hall

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Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Limited swearing, violence and sexual content may be present. It is intended for audiences aged 17 and up.

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26 November 2023

Or Sleep - 1

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Huddled together in the underground burrow, Ensigns Dolan and Addae had grown quiet.  Shortly after the mushroom creature had stopped speaking to them through Addae’s combadge, they had run out of anything else to say.  Addae had sighed fitfully and closed his eyes while Dolan struggled [...]

23 November 2023

The World - 4

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Dolan tried to speak, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was soil.   At least, he hoped it was soil, judging by the texture of it.  Dragged this far underground, he couldn’t see what had come out of his mouth.  He couldn’t see anything.  The light wouldn’t [...]

21 November 2023

The World - 3

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Wait. Listen. Shuffling through the forest alone, Dolan stopped.  He leaned against a tree trunk and closed his eyes.  He allowed his awareness to expand.  All he could hear was the trickle of water moving through a creek and the sound of his own heavy breathing.  That he could [...]

16 November 2023

The World - 2

USS Constellation: Change the World or Sleep

Materialising in mid-air, Dolan reached out desperately for whatever source of stability he could find.  His limbs flailed recklessly as soon as the annular confinement beam had released him.  Before he hit the ground, all his fist could grasp was a splattering of water.  The sky had [...]