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As consummate seekers, the crew of the science ship Dvorak goes boldly into the Typhon Expanse to seek out the undefined bonds that hold civilizations together.

USS Dvorak (Archive)

Fourth Fleet

The USS Dvorak serves as a Springfield-class science vessel assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Deep Space Operations, Task Force 17 in exploration of the Typhon Expanse.  With a crew compliment of two-hundred (and a sizeable portion of them science officers) the USS Dvorak operates as a mobile research platform. The ship’s mission module has been configured for the social sciences — specializing in mission of archaeology and anthropology.

As a purpose-built science ship, the Springfield-class’ specialized laboratories are available for nearly every scientific sub-division, each of them conducting independent research beyond the ship’s primary missions. Constructed in the expansive heydays of the mid-24th century, the Dvorak is a ship designed for comfort, maintaining its retro-resort aesthetic in carpeted surfaces and natural woods. The crew culture matches the interiors: as a whole, they tend to respect whomever has the most published articles, rather than who wears the most rank pips.

At the dawn of 2400, Captain Taes took command of the USS Dvorak, after an extensive refit and shakedown cruise under retiring Captain Aloysius Sefton.

Season One:

1) Storm in a Teacup

2) Sometimes Bones are Wrong

3) Turnabout Imposters

4) Let Them Eat Cake

5) Exes and XOs


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Be it scientific missions of exploration, research or diplomacy, the Dvorak crew seek out the undefined bonds that hold civilizations together.

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13 October 2022


USS Dvorak (Archive): Exes and XOs

Lieutenant Leander Nune held his breath.  Nune gripped the edge of the bridge’s engineering console to steady himself.  He softened his attention enough to monitor three different diagnostic panels at the same time.  Each of them told him every warp propulsion system was operating [...]

5 October 2022

Exes and XOs

USS Dvorak (Archive): Exes and XOs

“Am I in the right compartment?” Commander Elbon Jakkelb asked to anybody and nobody in particular.  He squeezed the PADD in his hand more tightly.   The captain’s ready room aboard USS Sarek was easily four times as wide as Taes’ ready room back on USS Dvorak.  Even with [...]

2 October 2022

A New Star to Steer Her By - 4

USS Dvorak (Archive): Exes and XOs

As soon as the turbolift doors opened to the bridge, the sight through the forward viewport was easily the most eye-catching.  The running lights on the hull of Deep Space 17 flashed far brighter than any LCARS panel.  With USS Sarek docked at the starbase, her bridge was otherwise [...]

21 September 2022

Interlude (Chase the Greener Road)

USS Dvorak (Archive): Exes and XOs

“Do not be disturbed,” remarked Nelli, that is to say Doctor Pimpinellifolia, in an approximation of a stage whisper.  The sentient-flora Phylosian had trot obstreperously into the suite.  That sound of their four leafy trunks clomping against the tiled floor had roused Leander Nune [...]