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USS Andromeda

Intrepid-class • NCC-74657 • Task Force 86

The USS Andromeda, an Intrepid-class starship, was commissioned in 2371 under the command of Captain Marina Rodriguez. The ship was designed for long-range exploration, science missions, and as a testbed for some of Starfleet’s latest technology. Throughout its early years, the Andromeda distinguished itself as a highly capable vessel, participating in numerous missions and assignments throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Andromeda played a critical role in the Dominion War, serving as part of the Ninth Fleet in several major engagements, including the Second Battle of Chin’toka. The ship suffered heavy damage in the conflict, and many of its crew were killed or injured. Despite these setbacks, the Andromeda remained in service, undergoing extensive repairs and upgrades at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

In 2401, after completing a major refit, the Andromeda was assigned to Captain Órlaith Murphy, and assigned to 4th Fleet’s “Valhalla Squadron” of Task Force. Given a second chance at command Captain Órlaith Murphy left Starfleet Academy as a pilot instructor.  Will this second shot at the center seat bring success to her and the Andromeda?  Only time will tell.

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7 September 2023

The Chantry Siblings

USS Andromeda: Mission 1: E Pluribus Unum

“No!” Órlaith said, exhaustion in her voice as she emerged from the gangway and into the Andromeda’s airlock. Despite being over twenty-five years old, the Intrepid-class had that new starship smell. “Come on, keep up,” Órlaith said, turning to look back up the gangway and into [...]

5 May 2023

A Shiny New Toy

USS Andromeda: Mission 1: E Pluribus Unum

Shipyards, undisclosed location – February 28, 2401 The warp core was dark and silent as engineers rushed about engineering carrying parts, tools, various other equipment, and sundries. Two Starfleet officers entered. A thin comely blonde was being escorted by a short dumpling of a man with red [...]