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Astrid Vogler

Human Female

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Vogler


Hazard Team Leader
Outpost Houtman (Archive)


Astrid Lynn Vogler



Astrid Lynn Vogler (b. May 31, 2375) is a 6 year veteran of Starfleet with a specialty in command and engineering. She is a native of Denver, Colorado and has three sisters and one brother. She initially enlisted at 18 and earned her commission through the Academy’s remote learning program for non-commissioned officers.


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Astrid grew up in Denver, Colorado, Earth. She and her family spent most of their time in the Rocky Mountains, skiing in the winter, camping and fishing in the summer.  She has two older sisters, and a younger sister and brother.  Her mother was a homemaker, and was active in all the the school functions. Her father was a civilian contractor with Starfleet and spent most of his time in San Francisco.

Astrid wasn’t the smartest kid in her class, but she was the most dedicated.  She was often teased as a teacher’s pet. The teasing bothered her, but not enough to allow any of her older sisters to “take care of the problem”.  In junior high she joined volleyball and basketball which she carried with her to the high school level.  At high school she also joined Starfleet JROTC.  It was there she discovered that she made a “good soldier”.

When the time came she applied to Starfleet Academy.  However, her entrance exam wasn’t up to standards and she was rejected from the Academy. She didn’t know what else to do she enlisted in with Starfleet under the security track, and was sent to Perris Island for basic training.  Ground combat school was on Calib III.  Astrid took to the military structure like she had in high school JROTC and always earned praise from her superiors.

USS Audacious

Astrid spent her entire first four years aboard the USS Audacious.  The Intrepid class starship saw action on several occasions with rouge Klingon, Romulan, and Ferengi forces.  In 2396 she earned several medals for bravery at the Battle of Fortel where two Romulan ships had attacked the colony. She beamed down with fifteen other Starfleet crewmembers and held off an attack by an enemy that had superior numbers saving all of the colonists.

While on the Audacious she entered the Starfleet Academy remote learning program with a major in engineering and command. She wasn’t the smartest in her class, but she was the most tenacious.  She would study for exams all night long and then carry out her shift the next day without any sleep. She graduated in 2397 with a 3.8 GPA and was in the top ten percent of that class.   Shortly after graduating she left the Audacious where she attended the 12-week Officer Candidate School, and was commissioned as an ensign.

USS Brandywine

Astrid was immediately assigned to the starship Brandywine, an unassuming and very much outdated Excelsior class starship.   As such her two year tenure aboard the ship was mostly uneventful transporting Admirals and diplomats around the Federation.

But, her time there wasn’t wasted.   She learned how to integrate herself into the command of a starship.  She gained skills in working with officers and enlisted from every conceivable background.   While, the job itself was boring and for the most part a dead end it was an easy transition into Starfleet. She was also earned some valuable respect with some key officers including Captain Maybourn and Admirals Whatley,  and Sandoval.

USS Altai

In 2399 the Brandywine was ordered to Starbase 5 for decommission.  It was this opportunity that Astrid used to transfer to hopefully a more rewarding assignment taking on the mantle of Hazard Team Leader for the USS Altai.

In 2400 in recognition of their hard work in securing station S-Z1 and the USS Altai, Astrid was promoted to junior lieutenant.

Physical Description

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 138lb

Hair color: dark brunet

Eye color: hazel



  • George Vogler – born 2344


  • Heather Vogler (Smith)  – born 2346


  • George Edward (Eddie) Vogler Jr.  – born 2377


  • Carolyn Thompson – born 2370
  • Mindy Vogler-Carter – born 2371
  • Erin Vogler- born 2379

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Astrid likes to put on the appearance of button down strait laced officer, and as a general rule she tends to follow Starfleet regulations to the best of her ability, but she isn’t completely rigid, especially in regards to others. She prefers to lead by example, and tends to be laid back when it comes to confrontation.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Astrid is highly resourceful and adaptable. When things don’t go as planned she doesn’t allow it to effect her, and is able to quickly make a decision especially in the heat of battle and it is usually the right one. Astrid feels like she isn’t as smart as other officers around her, and will often leave them unchallenged. She can be a bit disorganized when it comes to her living accommodations and that can cause conflict with roommates and bunkmates.


She would like to made admiral someday, but for now she just wants to be the best officer she can be.

Hobbies & Interests

Astrid prefers outdoors activities such as mountain biking, hiking, camping and skiing.  She also has a guilty pleasure for the holo-novels of Dixon Hill and The Adventures of Flodder.  She is an avid reader and reads every night before bed, which are mostly fantasy with a little romance and science fiction, especially books published in the 20th and  21st centuries.

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Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 Enlisted Recruit Starfleet Basic Training
Crewman Apprentice
2393 Enlisted Recruit Starfleet Security and Ground Combat School
2393 - 2394 Security USS Audacious
2394 - 2396 Security USS Audacious
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2396 - 2397 Security USS Audacious
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2397 Officer Candidate Starfleet Academy
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2397 - 2399 Engineering USS Brandywine
2399 - 2400 Hazard Team Leader USS Altai
2400 - Present Hazard Team Leader USS Altai
Lieutenant Junior Grade