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Profile Overview

Sezra Prad

Joined Trill Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Prad


Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Eos Station


Sezra Prad

March 8, 2372

Mak'ala, Trill


Sezra Prad serves as the Chief of Security & Tactical for Eos Station. Sezra Prad was born in the lively city of Mak’ala, the capital of the planet Trill.


  • workaholic
  • driven
  • passionate
  • trouble with the different personalities from the symbiont
  • gets confused easy, takes lots of notes on her padd
  • needs to learn to let her hair down


History of the Prad Symbiont
Ariella Prad (2187-2254)
Years Joined: 46(2208)
Ariella Prad was a diplomat who negotiated several peace treaties between neighboring star systems during her lifetime. She was known for her calm demeanor and excellent negotiation skills.
Joran Prad (2229-2267)
Years Joined: 13(2254)
Joran Prad was a scientist who specialized in quantum physics. He made significant advancements in Trill’s subspace communication.
Lirra Prad (2244-2272)
Years Joined: 5(2267)
Lirra Prad spent her life exploring ancient civilizations across various planets. Lirra died in a shuttlecraft accident.
Tharin Prad (2245-2322)
Years Joined: 50(2272)
Tharin Prad dedicated his life to preserving the history and culture of the Trill people. He authored several acclaimed books on Trill history and was instrumental in safeguarding historical artifacts.
Etena Prad (2299-2377)
Years Joined: 55(2322)
Etena Prad was a brilliant engineer. Her innovations significantly improved the efficiency and speed of warp travel for Starfleet vessels.
Kael Prad (2353-2400)
Years Joined: 23(2377)
Kael Prad was a Starfleet captain who served with distinction for many years. He was known for his courage and tactical abilities. Kael lost his life in the events of Frontier Day.
Sezra Prad (2372 – current)
Years Joined: 1 (2400)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2394 Cadet Starfleet Academy: Sociology Major
2394 - 2397 Security Officer Starbase 1
2397 - 2401 Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Rome
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Security/Tactical Officer Eos Station (DS 108)
Lieutenant Junior Grade