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USS Dragonfly (Archive)

Task Force 47

“I’m inspired by how dragonflies are both tough and fragile; fierce and mild.” ― Cindy Crosby,

The USS Dragonfly, affectionately dubbed the ‘Fly,’ embodied the spirit of change, transformation, and adaptability. Launched in the year 2390, the Fly launched on a journey to the outermost reaches of Federation space, symbolizing Starfleet’s golden age era of exploration and diplomacy.

However, 2401 was the year when everything changed. The Federation faced a significant challenge with a devastating Changeling-Borg onslaught. The assault caused widespread destruction, leading to the majority of the Federation undergoing recovery, facing casualties, or sudden reassignments. Recognizing the urgent need for a swift recovery from this attack, Starfleet made the necessary decision to rebuild and revitalize a Federation left in ruins.

Assigned to Task Force 47 within the Fourth Fleet, the Dragonfly finds itself revitalized, a symbol of the renewed spirit taking over the Federation. Under the leadership of the newly promoted Elena Mitchell, the Dragonfly embraced its original mission directives with renewed passion, embodying the spirit of change and rebirth.

Starships to Bear the Name Dragonfly

HMS Dragonfly Dragonfly Gunboat (1937)
Dragonfly, NASA Rotorcraft lander (2028)
USS Dragonfly (NCC-2807), Constitution-class (2115)
USS Dragonfly (NCC-15078), Miranda-class (2341)
USS Dragonfly (NCC-72398), Olympic-class (2355)
USS Dragonfly (NCC-83008), Obena-class (2390)

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Eos Station Division

The Eos Station Division operates within the Alpha Doradus system, specifically at Eos Station (DS108), a Watchtower Class Station. The division is supported by the USS Edison, an Edison-Class starship assigned to border patrol duties. The primary mission of the Eos Station Division is to ensure border safety and provide patrol services, particularly near Freecloud and close to T’Met. The year 2400 marked a significant turning point for sector due to the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire of Rator and the ensuing Romulan civil war, which led to a revitalization of the station’s strategic importance. Eos Station Division now plays a crucial role in safeguarding the borders of the Federation against threats from the Romulan Free State and various independent Romulan factions.

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16 January 2024

Uncharted Alliances

USS Dragonfly (Archive): Starbound Gambits

Peter slowly walked as the two officers took in the sights and sounds of Starbase 72.  Sure, the Captain had seen the interior of numerous stations, but he hadn’t left Earth in so long that he had forgotten how unique civilian business areas could be.  The corridor was wide and filled [...]

10 September 2023

Echoes of Renewal

USS Dragonfly: Harmony Among Stars

Robert Abernathy stood looking out the large windows at his new home; taking a deep breath, he just stood there. The shadow of misfortune seemed to trail him, a mysterious companion that had cast a certain mystique around his persona. Yet, beneath the veneer of endurance, Abernathy carried a secret [...]

10 September 2023

Echoes of Solitude

USS Dragonfly: Harmony Among Stars

Reginald “RJ” James Walker stood at the threshold of a new chapter in his life. He gazed down the corridor, knowing a few more steps would lead him onto the USS Dragonfly. He’d learned about its history, yet he understood that nothing could fully prepare him for what lay beyond. Emotions [...]

8 September 2023

Echoes of Solace

USS Dragonfly: Harmony Among Stars

Sage’s breaths came in ragged, desperate counts, “1…2…3…4…5 and exhale,” he whispered, clutching the edges of the sofa. It had become his lifeline. He sought solace in these rhythmic breaths whenever the conversation veered into dangerous waters. But now, it wasn’t just a coping [...]