USS Nestus (NCC-88014)

Currently assigned to 'Theta Squad', operating under starfleet security to provide investigation and 'management' of incidents of a scienctific nature, experiements gone awry & secure dangerous tech.


Raven-class • NCC-88014 • Task Force 72

Life on the Nestus is rarely dull, home to the roving Theta Squad the small ship allows them to slip in and out of areas where a large ship of the line might cause too much fuss. To facilitate the small squad the vessel is heavily automated and refitted with a wide variety of upgrades, some more official than others. With only a half dozen crew members aboard Nestus has become something more akin to the civilian traders that roam the starways, personalisations & adaptations cover the ship. Small adjustments like an extra cushion on the helm’s chair or some less than regulation modifications to the impulse manifolds make Nestus a unpredictable element, just the way Theta Squad likes it. Home to a crew of those who didn’t quite fit into Starfleet’s mould Nestus is flying laboratory, sanctuary and precision instrument packed into a somewhat cramped box.

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5 March 2023

Amongst the Weeds (Pt.2)

USS Nestus: An Alternate Way

The spices of a dozen different worlds still drifted through the corridors of Zaya’s spacious homestead; long after the sun had set over the verdant horizon and the cattle had been brought into barns, laughter and light still leaked from the oval windows of the home. Around a carved wooden table, [...]

23 January 2023

Secret Family Recipes (Pt. 1)

USS Nestus: An Alternate Way

A red rain fluttered across the open square as crisp leaves were lifted and tossed from the roofs of nearby buildings; the signs of a planet deep within its seasonal autumn as the meticulously tended plants of the courtyard found themselves swallowed by the tsunami of red and yellow. As a gentle [...]

19 January 2023

Star Like Disguises

USS Nestus: Lonely Lights

Maine looked to a casual viewer like an old mercenary. Sprawled on the large sofa that spanned the window side in Nestus’s aft facing observation lounge, now wearing olive fatigues combined with sturdy boots and trousers with one too many pockets, he could easily be mistaken for roving pair of [...]

27 August 2022

An Ensign's Greatest Enemy

USS Nestus: Who Packed This? Entry

“Khool H’jock pan Duumavaar! Ough! Wey! Kahless Ch’jan!” Maine’s tinny voice echoed around the small cave where he had set up camp a week ago as he paused to allow a suitable ovation from his audience. Rapturous applause chased him around the stone caves, shadows of adoring fans cast [...]