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Profile Overview


Orion Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Hermira


The assumption that Hermira is not a threat is one that she is quite comfortable with. It lets her slip into places others find hard to get into, a smile and a tilt of the head is usually all it takes. When that’s not working her other talents come in handy. Quick, quiet and a master with computers Hermira gets in and out with the information before the alarms have even thought about sounding.

A member of Theta Squad, a detachment of starfleet asigned to descreetly handle dangers of the scientific variety, Hermira is an infiltration and computer specialist. There are very few locks that can keep her out and as her teamate Ole says “it’s because she can count much higher than the rest of us.”


Dark green skin with deep brown lagoons for eyes, matched with a loose flowing black hair give Hermira the impression of innocent youth. But behind that smile lies a wicked tounge and an even more wicked sense of humour. Smaller than average, she spends a great deal of time looking up at other people, which makes it even easier to slip things under their noses. Rightly proud of her looks, she can often be found applying scrubs, exfolients and potions from a multitude of worlds to give her emerald skin that special twinkle that gets her into places where she shouldn’t be.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Theta Squad - Computing Specialist USS Daedalus
Chief Petty Officer
- 2401 Specialist - Computing U.S.S. Nestus
Petty Officer
Specialist Daystrom Institute
Petty Officer 3rd Class