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Profile Overview

David Mitchell

Human Male

Character Information


USS Nestus




David Arthur Benjamin Mitchell

8th February 2370

Oxford, England, Earth


Tight black hair and a beard that strains the regulations are the first notable features of Mr. Mitchell, the curly locks tamed with gallons of gel and  grizzled beard giving him the visage of someone who has spent the night with one too many rakatakinos (and you wouldn’t be far wrong) . Born and raised on a large estate in a rural town amongst the rolling fields of southern England David’s tight British accent is the second most notable feature to a new aquaintance. His overly polite and adsent minded nature belies a complex and sometimes conflicted mind however, after graduating from the halls of Oxbridge with his degrees in astrophysics and quantum theory he turned to the nearest available method to get to the stars. Starfleet. Much to the distaste of his parents, who saw the entire body as little more than a military force with a nice smile, he quickly passed through the years graduating with distinction and shortly there after took a secondment to the Vulcan Science Institute as a research assistant under notable professor T’Danick exploring protostars with the expeditionary group. The first time David saw the sunrise on a different planet he cried, like a baby. The silence of Vulcan was a balm after four years of San Fransisco & the Academy and David, though not antisocial, found the peace and tranquility of the stoic Vulcan homeworld a wonderland for his own imagination. Soon enough though his project was over and he was returned to full duty with Starfleet, dispatched to Starbase Bravo to provide scientific support for the ongoing secondary exploration. Ambivilent to leave his quiet refuge it was with some hesitation David stepped aboard the shuttle.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2394 Cadet Science Track
Cadet Senior Grade
2394 - 2399 Project Assistant - Secondment Vulcan Starship Shu'Min
2399 - Present Science Officer Starbase Bravo