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Currently assigned to 'Theta Squad', operating under starfleet security to provide investigation and 'management' of incidents of a scienctific nature, experiements gone awry & secure dangerous tech.

USS Nestus (Archive)

Task Force 47

Life on the Nestus is rarely dull, home to the roving Theta Squad the small ship allows them to slip in and out of areas where a large ship of the line might cause too much fuss. To facilitate the small squad the vessel is heavily automated and refitted with a wide variety of upgrades, some more official than others. With only a half dozen crew members aboard Nestus has become something more akin to the civilian traders that roam the starways, personalisations & adaptations cover the ship. Small adjustments like an extra cushion on the helm’s chair or some less than regulation modifications to the impulse manifolds make Nestus a unpredictable element, just the way Theta Squad likes it. Home to a crew of those who didn’t quite fit into Starfleet’s mould Nestus is flying laboratory, sanctuary and precision instrument packed into a somewhat cramped box.

Crew Manifest

  • Bib

    Commanding Officer / Team Leader

  • Maine

    Former Team Leader - Tactical specialist

  • David Mitchell

    Science Officer

  • Log

    Ship's Engineer

  • Hermira

    Computing & Technical Specialist

  • Ole

    Demolition & Engineering Specialist

  • Zaya

    Cardassian Union Liason

  • T'sal

    Former Pilot/Conn Officer

Recent Stories

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16 June 2023

An Ocean of Memories (pt. 9)

USS Nestus: Lost Memories

The bright yellow orb of 40 Eridani beat down unrelentingly on T’Sal’s bare-back whilst the orange tinged sky rolled on eternally into the distance. The tall Vulcan took a final step onto the overhang. Hovering at the edge, his chest swelled, drawing in a portion of the thin, dry air that would [...]

14 June 2023

Empty Threats (pt.8)

USS Nestus: Lost Memories

The wait at the massive blast doors had felt like an eternity, crouched down behind a large crate Maine had listened to the breaths of the four team members as they quietly whistled through the empty corridor. The sighs and frustrated mumbles of Hermira the only interruption in the otherwise silent [...]

14 June 2023

Absent Footfalls (pt.7)

USS Nestus: Lost Memories

Breen Base The piercing siren rang through the corridors, screeching around corners and through bulkheads it sliced through the gloom of the Breen base. The high pitched tone pursued the small squad through the dim, green alleyways and gulley’s as they attempted to evade the security forces now [...]

6 June 2023

Beneath the suns (pt. 6)

USS Nestus: Lost Memories

The dark green hull plates creaked with a deep groan as they struggled against the titanic tides of gravity that wrestled for control of the small space station. Balanced between the two young and energetic stars at the heart of the Oromal cluster, the secret Breen base was held in a perpetual [...]