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SS Viridian Expanse (Archive)

Task Force 93

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
ID: 2109
First Mate
ID: 2109
Chief Engineer
ID: 2109
ID: 2109
ID: 2109
ID: 2109

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17 June 2023

#5 - Who Invited Them?

SS Viridian Expanse: The 34th Rule

==Viridian Expanse – Bridge ==   No matter what the circumstances, it was rather difficult not to be on edge when there were several warships bearing down on you. It was harder still not to be on edge when those warships were manned by some of the most fearsome warriors in the galaxy. [...]

29 May 2023

#4 - Ghosts of Mars

SS Viridian Expanse: The 34th Rule

==Viridian Expanse – Bridge == It was fairly unusual for the bridge of the Expanse to be fully manned. Under normal conditions, only one or two of the command crew would normally be on the deck to make sure things were operating normally. However, as they were approaching their destination and [...]

18 May 2023

#3 - The Limits of Curiousity

SS Viridian Expanse: The 34th Rule

==Viridian Expanse – Bridge == Timek was not the sort that typically showed any level of anxiety. That was pretty normal for a Reman, particularly those that remembered what life was like before the supernova. Showing any sort of weakness was liable to be exploited either by the other Remans or [...]

11 May 2023

Hear All, Trust Nothing

SS Viridian Expanse: The 34th Rule

==Viridian Expanse, Bridge == There wasn’t much more boring than transiting deep space. Shiren had always held that opinion, even during his time in the Star Navy. No planets, no nebulae or gas clouds, not even a monochromatic asteroid to look at. Just the infinite expanse of black accented with [...]